Day 5: No power, heat, water, and worst of all, toilets!


Total: 546,668 CL&P

I keep reminding myself that there are others who live like this as a part of their normal life. And for those people, my heart goes out to you. But I am human and human’s are inherantly selfish so yeah, I feel bad for me too! It began as a couple of flickers during the freak autumn snowstorm in the Northeast. The lights would go out for a second…sometimes a minute and then come back. Then came the fatal blow. Around 8p Saturday night, they flickered no more. It’s Wednesday now. I’ve showered with old men in gyms (awesome) and poured ice cold buckets of water over me for showers. While I have no problem trudging through the snow, finding a tree and peeing, others in the house are more civilized than I am. As a result, the house smells like a cesspool. The best part of the day is wrapping up in a parka and going to sleep with the hopes there will be light in the morning. Today, we were informed that day won’t be until late Sunday or Monday.

At least I can come to work and use the internet…and phone…and drink coffee!


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