Brandi Laurent: Through A Blogger’s Eye Part 3

On we go…Part 3

Posted by Holliston at 2/11/2008 11:31 AM
On November 9, the wonderful group of volunteers known as Texas Equusearch began their search for Brandi.  There was a lot of excitement the group was involved, which to me was a little confusing because if they were successful, it would be because Brandi was found dead.  But I understood the need for some sort of closure.  I contacted Cindy Wisdom from TES and explained there were people around the country who were interested in this story and asked if I could get search updates from her.  She agreed providing that I didn’t release anything until the family was fully briefed.  These searches generally take more than a day.  Sometimes people are found, often they are not.  Cindy was confident they would be successful.
With the search scheduled to begin at 9 a.m. in Kiln, we agreed I’d call at 10 for the first update.  I called expecting to get information like the number of searchers, the weather, etc.  I was not expecting to hear what I heard.  “We found her,” Cindy said.  I was speechless.  It would be another 90 minutes before I could say anything.Leo was rumored to be at a soccer tournament.  He had told me as much in an earlier interview.  He since recanted that and said he was in an “undisclosed location” nearby monitoring the search.  A meeting was set up between him and the father of missing student Natalee Holloway who was present at the search.  It was at that time Leo was met by police.  He was not taken into any official custody, rather just talked to.

My thoughts, to be honest, given all that had gone on was Leo had to be involved.  I sent him an email.


I’ve always been up front with you.  Let’s clear the air on really what happened that night.  It may very well, in some way, give you some peace.  I do hope that for you.

To my surprise, he answered.  He didn’t want to do it by phone.  He wanted questions emailed to him which I did.  Hindsight is 20/20 and some of his answers, knowing what we know now, are chilling.

You said before you thought Brandi actually came back to your home to write the final blog and took some clothes.  Now that circumstances have changed, what do you think now about that?
Circumstances of that night have not changed.  I still have my beliefs that she was in the area that night because the clothes were definitely missing and she was the only one who knew where the key was.Keep in mind, he answered this knowing exactly what happened.

On the phone you told me you were one of the first on the scene.  But in your email response, you said you didn’t go specifically to the scene but rather met with TES and the investigators.  When did you actually go to where Brandi was found?
I did not go exactly to the spot where the body was found.  I met with TES close to the site and went to a station with them.  I did not want to visit the location she was found or see the pictures of the scene, as I want to remember the pictures I have in my head of her.I had called Leo after Brandi was found.  He told me he was one of the first on scene after he was told.  Then he stopped the interview and asked if I could email him questions.  As you can see, he changed his response as to whether he went to the scene.

You said you yourself had searched that area.  Can you recall if you searched in the exact location she was found?  Do you think she was there all the time or perhaps she was recently placed there?
I did say I searched the wooded area around where her body had been found.  It’s hard to say whether or not I visited the exact location where she was discovered.  It seems odd to me that many people searched that particular area and the surroundings and no one found any evidence that she was there.  But, then when TES came, it only took 10 minutes to locate her.

It’s pretty safe to say he had been to that exact location…when he buried Brandi.  It almost seems like he’s bragging no one found her before this point.

How do you think the public’s perception of you has changed since you’ve come out and spoke with the media? 
I am more concerned with finding out what happened to Brandi than the public’s opinion of me.  It seems that people are being more open minded to the whole story.

Or more concerned people will find out what happened to Brandi and the resulting public opinion of him….

How are the children doing?  They know now that their mother didn’t walk out on them but at the same time, they know she won’t be coming back.  How are you helping them through this?
Peyton is really too young to completely understand what happened to her mother.  I dread the day when I will have to explain everything to her….Let’s hope he never gets that opportunity.In Part 4, Leo leaves town…or does he?


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