Brandi Laurent: Through A Blogger’s Eye Part 4

Finally, the last installment.

Posted by Holliston at 2/12/2008 11:05 PM
Was Leo Laurent on the run after Brandi was found?  There was talk he was in Florida, Texas, Louisiana and yes even his home state of Mississippi.  New reports indicated he was in Florida and was applying for jobs and housing under an assumed name.  My last contact with him was on November 21 when he sent me an email to say he and Brandi’s mother Anita had agreed on Brandi’s memorial service.  Despite many attempts to get in touch with him after that, there was nothing.Then out of the blue, he phoned me on December 5.  He was concerned because I had posted I made several attempts to email and phone him with no luck.  He said he must have deleted my emails and he had recently changed his phone service which would explain him not getting messages.  I asked him where he was and he said he “was in town.”  I asked him to clarify that…did he mean Kiln?  He wouldn’t get specific other to say that he was in Mississippi.  He said the only time he went out of state was with family for Thanksgiving.  We know now that was not true.  He also claimed that despite news reports that said local law enforcement didn’t know where he was, he was in contact with police.  He followed that comment up by saying, “But they have stopped returning my calls.”  He also wanted to respond to rumors that he wasn’t going to attend Brandi’s memorial service that weekend.  “Not true,” he said.  “I helped plan it and I will be there with Peyton and Bailee.”

He then asked what the “gossipers” were saying about him.  It always came back to that.

He was to meet later that day with a local reporter to prove he was in town.  He didn’t keep the appointment.

Leo’s stories, as flawed as they had been to this point, just started to crumble.  He didn’t attend Brandi’s memorial service.  Remember, he said “I helped plan it and I will be there…”  After seeing the post about him not attending, he contacted me again.  “In your article that I did not attend the service you are correct.  There was no time limit put on when I can pay my respects to my wife in peace without the public judgement around me.  This was meant to be for Brandi and it was kept that way.  I spent the prior day at the funeral home and helped set up the service right up till it started. More violent threats came in, and I didn’t feel like taking a gamble with Peyton having no parent to raise her was a good idea.”

What he left out was his report the Friday night before the memorial service of being shot at.  This was the “shooting” where he claimed two black men drove up to him while he was walking and shot at him.  The bullet passed through the front and back of his shirt but miraculously missed Leo.  He has since plead guilty to filing a false report.  The ruse was to give him an excuse not to attend Brandi’s funeral.  As being “shot at” wasn’t new for Leo, it seemed plausible to him.

I asked him to comment on the shooting and asked him why he didn’t tell me about it when we had talked.  He said he didn’t want to talk about it because it would piss off the local police.  Thanks to the magic of MSN Messenger, I have our conversation saved.  Here it is:

12/13/2007  5:24:31 PM   Holliston  Obviously one of the things that got people’s attention is what happened to you Friday night. It didn’t help that the newspapers quoted police as being skeptical. So, let’s clear that up. What happened?

12/13/2007  5:26:01 PM  Leo   that was reported incorrectly hold on let me get the babt 1 sec

12/13/2007  5:26:31 PM   Holliston  ok

12/13/2007  5:30:41 PM  Leo   I dont want to say a lot about that night as it would fuel the bashers and bash the PD.

12/13/2007  5:32:32 PM  Leo   Everyone wants a lot of answers, and quick justice, but only a handfull of times have I seen people ask for correct justice. 

12/13/2007  5:34:11 PM   Holliston  I understand what you are saying…and I understand why you don’t want to talk much about Friday night too…but you said there was some incorrect reporting done…I just want to get the word from the person who was there instead of what they do….getting it second…third hand…and sometimes incorrect

12/13/2007  5:37:14 PM  Leo   As far as the funeral goes, I think I would have got more of a bashing had I made it private and let no one go. I took it like this. Peyton and I could pay our respects when we wanted. Then we would have a piece of her the rest of our lives to share our lives with.

12/13/2007  5:40:02 PM  Leo   The lies about the parts we all played and what was done and not done need to be cleared up as well. I was asked for pictures of Brandi to be blown up by Anita weeks ago. I told her to pick which ones from the web site (deleted) where I scanned every picture I had of her

12/13/2007  5:40:57 PM   Holliston  Good..because THAT’s what I want to do..clear up things that were said that are untrue.

12/13/2007  5:42:02 PM  Leo   She had 2 weeks to have this done, but I got a call 1 hour before the service saying they had no pictures done yet. I then got on the computer and uploaded the best pictures to had them blown up and ready in 15 minuites, all they had to do is pick them up

12/13/2007  5:42:45 PM   Holliston  See, that was never said…did they pick them up?

12/13/2007  5:44:22 PM  Leo   I also had the arrangement sent for the urn as well as 3 other arrangements.
12/13/2007  5:45:03 PM  Leo   There was arrangements for them to pick up some equipment at ABC Rental for a fountain and a fogger for the ceremoney and they did not go get it. 

12/13/2007  5:45:28 PM  Leo   All of this was paid for by myself and some friends.

12/13/2007  5:45:35 PM   Holliston  By they…you mean Anita and family?

12/13/2007  5:46:02 PM  Leo   Yes.  And I don’t think any of it was used.

12/13/2007  5:46:56 PM   Holliston  And you were there the day before and the day of as well right…privately?

12/13/2007  5:47:24 PM  Leo   Yes

12/13/2007  5:47:37 PM  Leo   Making sure it was all set up and ready

12/13/2007  5:47:46 PM  Leo   Paying our respects

12/13/2007  5:48:04 PM   Holliston  Peyton was with you?

12/13/2007  5:48:14 PM  Leo   No only in heart

12/13/2007  5:48:24 PM  Leo   I would not bring her to the circus

12/13/2007  5:48:52 PM  Leo   as you can see by the people on the net with the threats etc. I was not going to put her through that

12/13/2007  5:49:55 PM  Leo   I made sure she was clear of the state as even one of the family members made a statement he was about to go to prison and had nothing to loose he would get me.

12/13/2007  5:50:39 PM  Leo   not many others liked my decision but her best intrest is my only concern right now

12/13/2007  5:51:03 PM   Holliston  Given her age and everything going on, it was likely the best decision.

12/13/2007  5:51:29 PM   Holliston  Especially since you had just been shot at two days before

12/13/2007  5:52:27 PM  Leo   well it was decided even before that when there was threatening calls and internet posts.

12/13/2007  5:55:38 PM  Leo   it is kind of funny how all these people know me and knew me for so long and post under aliases these threats. Also for the ones that claim to know me since grade school, I’ve never failed……shows how well they know me right.

12/13/2007  6:00:22 PM  Leo   thats what turns this from zero gossip to all gossip…lol……If some would be sensible and have legitimate conversations with those who have opinions in either directions then it would be more open and interesting. I actually have another site that I do answer on regularly to the people and it is a large group of open minded people. It seems that the crowd wants to rule out all other options in the world except for the ones in the current news.

12/13/2007  6:04:03 PM  Leo   And to whoever got on there to try and act as Kim tell them nice try but they missed a lot of facts. 

12/13/2007  6:07:27 PM  Leo   I figure they can say what they want I have a life to live with my daughter, and I am going to make the best of it for us. We have plans and goals and we are meeting all of them daily.

12/13/2007  6:07:51 PM   Leo  That’s all you can do.

12/13/2007  6:09:23 PM   Holliston  Can you at least clear up what was reported incorrectly in the paper? Like I said, I want to put the correct info out there. I will make sure people know what you did do regarding the arrangements.

12/13/2007  6:14:27 PM  Leo   I have been in contact with several people involved and when I am given the go ahead…I will clear it up. I dont want to sound so short on it but there are some things that were not quite right. 

12/13/2007  6:14:54 PM   Holliston  that’s cool…when you can, let me know

The next day he contacted me again to make some corrections.

12/14/2007  9:31:00 AM  Leo   hey u there?

12/14/2007  9:41:09 AM  Leo   When u get this there are two corrections to the statement i need made when you can. 

12/14/2007  9:41:44 AM  Leo   I did not go to the funeral home the day of. Only the day before. I was with Peyton the day of.

12/14/2007  9:42:29 AM  Leo   Also they are misreading the way the statement says, I was asked for pictures of Brandi to be blown up by her mother Anita weeks ago.

12/14/2007  9:42:31 AM   Holliston  OK…thanks, I will make that correction

12/14/2007  9:43:56 AM  Leo   She asked me for pictures to go through and for herself to have blown up. I scanned them all and posted them. She wanted the control of all of this and I let her. She still has not gotten the Urns for the remains.

12/14/2007  10:53:51 AM  Leo   Mention also on there that the fog machine and the fountain were at the request of Anita her mother.

12/14/2007  12:45:37 PM  Leo   That seems to be their big concern.

On December 29, I saw that he had signed onto MSN Messenger again.  I had sent another email earlier with more questions which he hadn’t responded to.  Again, he was concerned about what was being said about him.

12/29/2007  6:15:34 PM   Holliston  Hey Leo, are you there?

12/29/2007  6:16:17 PM  Leo   briefly

12/29/2007  6:16:27 PM  Leo   running in and out 

12/29/2007  6:16:32 PM   Holliston  Just wondering if you got the questions I sent

12/29/2007  6:16:48 PM  Leo   no i didn’t 

12/29/2007  6:16:58 PM  Leo   may have been sorted out

12/29/2007  6:17:05 PM  Leo   in the bulk or junk

12/29/2007  6:17:11 PM  Leo   dont check them too ofter

12/29/2007  6:17:16 PM  Leo   resend

12/29/2007  6:17:19 PM   Holliston  ok…I will

12/29/2007  6:19:10 PM   Holliston  ok..sent…

12/29/2007  6:19:27 PM  Leo   i will try and look at them when we get back home this eve

12/29/2007  6:20:26 PM  Leo   haven’t been on in a while they butcherin me on there?

12/29/2007  6:20:55 PM   Holliston  Actually no…it’s been very quiet…

12/29/2007  6:22:05 PM  Leo   lol yeah right…..these people are hypocrites to the max…..but ill leave that alone for now….maybe if you are on later we can chat

12/29/2007  6:22:20 PM   Holliston  ok…will do

That was my last contact with Leo.  He turned himself in on the pending embezzlement charges and was imprisoned without bond.  It wasn’t long after when he was charged with Brandi’s murder and the false shooting report.

Looking back at everything he said and did…even, and this may not seem like a big thing, but using “lol” in his messages knowing what happened tells a lot about his character.  His had deep concerns about what was being said about him even though he said on several occasions he didn’t read the internet anymore.  He was very upset when I took off the comment moderation.  He felt people were being too critical of him.

This will wrap up my Leo recollections.  I highly doubt I will be speaking with him again soon, if ever.  I’m not sure what good it would do.  While I felt he was lying to me when we talked, I didn’t know for sure he was or rather, which parts were true and which were false.  Now, he could tell me his name was Leo Laurent and I wouldn’t believe him.

Leo Laurent

Final Note:

Leo Laurent currently resides in the East Mississippi Correctional facility where he is doing a life sentence. He was convicted of murdering his wife, Brandi.


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