My Opening Statements: How Did Nikki LaDue January Die; Murder or Suicide?

Disclaimer: These posts are meant to be interactive. You can read and surf away if you want. Or you can participate. Read carefully about what is said or is claimed to be known. And then weigh in. Your words could have the power to solve these mysteries that continue to torment the families and friends of the victims. Feel free to pass this blog along.

OK, let’s get going. After spending two whole days in court, I feel like I have passed the bar exam and am at least qualified to present an opening statement on what will become a multiple entry blog on the life and death of Nikki LaDue January.

What you will hear includes Nikki’s fear of guns and her odd request to her husband to leave her his pistol when he went on a trip.

The Chief Investigator himself saying, “the location of the weapon under her leg is a little odd.”

That same investigator closing this case without looking at all the facts.

A first responder who said, “the investigator that worked it (the case) was no spring chicken, and didn’t like to work.”

You will hear about a letter left on Nikki’s computer that may or may not have been written by her. By all accounts it seems to be a cry for forgiveness and a plea to regain Phil January’s trust in her. That would be a plea for the future. Yet the Chief Investigator says the note is a suicide note because, “the letter does not say she is going to commit suicide, but read in its entirety that is where it is leading.” I read the entire letter. It’s long and even trying to read between the lines I do not believe this was a suicide note. I’m not even convinced it was written by her.

You will hear about Phil January’s encounter with coroner Gary Hargrove who told him when asked for more information about Nikki’s death, “I did my fucking job. I answered your fucking questions. Now what more do you want?”

You will hear of unprofessionalism by all the so-called investigators in this case and you will see why Nikki LaDue January did not kill herself. There is a murderer on the loose and by now it may be too late to bring him to justice. Or is it?

Much more to come.


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  1. Nice!! Can’t wait to read your future posts on Nikki! Such a tragedy and no way was this suicide. Feel for her son!

  2. I hope the person responsible for her murder is soon brought to justice. I am happy to say that I was a friend of Nikki’s and even moved into her apartment after she moved out. When I first moved to Gulfport and started working at Grand Casino, I did not know anyone, Nikki was one of the first people to talk to me and make me feel welcome. She was always happy, fun to work with and just fun to be around. I never felt like her death was a suicide, and I know I am not alone.

  3. Well, I like what you have said this far and I may be jumping the gun, but the fun in between her legs is awkward because if you look at the position of the gun handle pointing to her inner left thigh is no way a person who just shot herself using her right hand and than after putting a bullet in her right temple dropped the weapon or Placed it between her legs. A right handed shooter would have placed the gun with the grip pointing to her inner right thigh.

    What needs to be done is for pressure to be laid in the DA with enough reasonable doubt as to the inadequacies of the investigation of Nikki Ladue and the almost immediate resolution the case was a suicide!!! Wow, look at the vast amount of evidence that they found In the even inadequate investigation that should have led these so called investigators to only one conclusion, OPEN UP A HOMICIDE INVESTIGATION!!! But noooo they couldn’t do that!!!

    Of course the blood splatter is another point I hope you discuss.



  4. There was an odd message left on the tipline today. Either messed up cell or jokester.

  5. Nikki LaDue January.
    i see a wrong marriage ,is not equal marriage,i see this man is from Scandinavian origin ,Scandinavian areas ,White man,blonde eyebrow color to white,high. red skin ,short hair, blod
    little belly 90kg.54 yeas old.
    had relation with her about 7 years,I see Nikki nervous,she is feeling Something ,This man tried to kill her tow times.the first time ,when the air conditioning broken by him , he arranged to introduce poison gas in air conditioning I see Nikki at the window breathing hard and vomiting,was at the hospital and confirmed that she had blood that entered the home that the air conditioner does not work they have put poisonous gas ,in agreement with him.I see them near the ocean, i saw a smaller boat with motor and with Sail,I see a flag blue red white.I see her next door window i see blood over her eyes and all face.I did not seen the person who killed her but was sure his hand behind the crime. she was killed from outside the house.was a professional crime.

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