Reader Comment Promoted to Post: Nikki’s Death Staged?

Sometimes readers comment on a post and it gets lost. The writer who goes by the name “Logical Engineer” has written a number of very interesting and eye-opening comments. Here is just the latest. Dig in for more. That’s what this is all about. An exchange of ideas and communication so maybe, just maybe, someone in authority in Mississippi whether it’s the local police, local congressman, state senator, attorney general…whomever takes another look. Thank you Logical Engineer and I look forward to reading more from you.

I’m sickened by what I’ve reviewed in this case — it sure looks like a sham (staged event). I truly believe that Nikki was murdered, and it makes me mad as hell that law enforcement is not treating this case as an unsolved murder. I have a daughter, and if someone took her life, I’d hunt the SOB down till I found him — irrespective of law enforcement’s willingness to pursue it. I can’t pretend to imagine the pain her family has gone through, and continues to go through each day.

In terms of requests for assistance, have formal letters been written to: (1) MS Governor, (2) MS Attorney General, (3) MS Senators, (4) MS House of Reps, or (5) FBI? I am inclined to start contacting officials at a high level to bring needed attention to this case, particularly since the local police force is either inept or corrupt?

First, I would want suicide to be removed from the cause of death. “Suicide” implies that Nikki broke the law, and acted criminally. It bothers me immensely that a victim of a heinous crime has, herself, been labeled a criminal for expediency.

Second, I want the case re-opened as a murder investigation. This will be harder to achieve. However, I don’t think it’s impossible. In a perfect world, I would love to see the UNSUBs and the investigating police officers subjected to a lie detector test by the FBI.

It has been stated that one of the police investigators acted very peculiar when questioned — given this, I bet he’d fail a lie detector test.

It would be great if we could get a TV show to air the details of this case — providing national attention and putting additional pressure on MS authorities to seek answers to many of the unanswered questions. At this point, any exposure is good exposure.

There is a murderer still enjoying freedom that needs to be brought to justice.


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  1. I have seen a previous photo of Nikki after she killed herself or was killed. We were told my a retired policemen that when you shoot yourself, your hand and arm would be flung outwards after the shot. I very much doubt that the gun would be laying between your legs and your hands too. I don’t believe she killed herself.

  2. logical minded engineer

    Wow — that’s flattering! I have another comment ready from the “Logical Minded Engineer.” I spent my lunch hour today doing a bit of research and learned something new that others should be aware of as they contemplate the facts in this case . . .

    Title: When does a 9mm casing equal a .380 Auto casing?

    When I learned of the details surrounding Nikki’s death, I couldn’t reconcile how the caliber weapon deemed responsible was a .380 Auto, when the shell casing recovered in the pool was reported as 9mm. As an owner of both a .380 Auto and 9 mm handgun, this simply didn’t add up. Comparing the .380 Auto and 9 mm cartridges in my gun safe, the 9 mm shell casing is clearly longer (by about 2 mm). Website commentary on Nikki’s murder by various internet posters conveyed that a 9 mm round could not be fired by a .380 Auto, further bolstering the possibility of foul play. However, after researching this seeming inconsistency further, I have found there is no discrepancy at all. When I buy a box of 9 mm ammo from my local retailer, I’m buying the world’s most popular handgun cartridge — a 9 mm Luger round (also known as a 9×19 mm Parabellum). However, just because the 9x19mm Parabellum is the most popular variant of the 9 mm cartridge, readily available at retailers, doesn’t mean it’s the only 9 mm variant. Today, I discovered there is a 9x17mm, 9x18mm, 9x21mm, 9x23mm, 9x25mm, etc — in addition to the popular 9x19mm. Why is this important? Well, the 9x17mm also goes by the name of .380 Auto or .380 ACP. In fact, there are many names for the .380 Auto cartridge (depending on the country of origin), many of which begin with 9mm. Here are some other examples: 9mm Short, 9mm Kurz, 9mm Court, 9mm Corto, 9mm Scurt, and 9mm Kratak (in case you’re wondering, you now have learned to say the word “short” in numerous languages). So, in answer to the question –“Could a .380 Auto caliber handgun have fired a 9mm cartridge?” – the answer is “Yes” if it was a 9mm Short and “No” if it was the popular 9 mm Luger. Given this, it is possible that the recovered shell casing was, indeed, stamped 9mm on the head stamp and was fired from the Sterling .380 ACP handgun found at the crime scene. I’m now more interested than ever in learning of the weight of the recovered bullet (was it consistent with the 9 mm Short or 9 mm Luger — the latter, of course, can weigh more).

    Logical Minded Engineer

  3. logical minded engineer

    One more thought before I drift to sleep . .. .

    The death of Nikki was quickly deemed a suicide by investigators. However, much of the evidence relevant to her death, upon which this decision was based, has vanished. Is this normal protocol for a competent police deparment? I’d like to test this theory, using the Pass Christian police department as the test case. If we reviewed the police records and evidence retained for the suicide victim immediately preceding and post-dating Nikki’s death, is the data retention consistent with Nikki’s case? Or, was Nikki’s case unique in terms of lost evidence / records (i.e. the disposition of the weapon, bullet, shell casing photo, etc) and the time required to establish suicide as a motive? Also, why would the Medical Examiner order a toxicology report (which I believe takes days to get results back) after quickly ruling the death a suicide?! If Nikki’s death was obviously a suicide (the investigating “professionals” arrived at this conclusion within hours), what was the purpose of the toxicology report? Was it to prove that Nikki was under the influence and not of sound mind . . . ? I’m suspicious that investigators in this case had a forgone conclusion (suicide), and then simply attempted to gather and document (or fabricate) evidence that supported this conclusion. The facts reported in this case do not seem to support an objective analysis.

    Logical Minded Engineer

  4. I was informed that Phil, on the record, noted his gun was loaded with FMJ w/o casings. Since there was no ballistic testing, how does anyone know if the casing found allegedly at the bottom of the pool by the Condo manager is even relevant?

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