High School Friend Remembers His True Love: Nikki LaDue

From time to time, I look at some of the comments that are made and think…wow, I hope everyone saw this. When I do, I will “promote” the comment to an actual post. This one comes from Timothy Donald Fisher. Enjoy.

Nikki LaDue

My name is Timothy Donald Fisher. I have for the last 11 years gone by Don my middle name. 20+ years ago Nikki knew me in high school as Tim. We met at Lamoka Baptist camp. (It is a summer sleep over church camp and I have so many great memories of camp.) We fell quickly in what we thought back then was love and even now I feel was true love :) . We continued to date for about a year. The distance between us of over 2 hours was the main thing that split us up. Then years went by and it wasn’t until 2005 that I even gave it/her us any thought. I was married to the wrong woman and got divorced in 2004. I happened to be going by Angelica in the summer of 2005 and for what ever reason that weekend I thought of her. When I happened to inquire about her at the gas station/ general store there was an instant buzz about, so first someone asked who I was and then after I told them they told me she had taken her life. I was immediately greif stricken. I expected to find her happily married with children and living a perfect life. I was in instant denial that this could have happened to her! In the back of my mind was the hope that she was single and we could reunite. At that time I was a very accomplished and successful businessman. My work of electronic chip distribution has taken me all over the world. I have seen a lot of things and been enlighted by a lot of different points of veiw on things. From what I have read and seen and from what I remember of Nikki there is NO WAY she killed herself! I am thoroughly convinced she was murdered! Besides the fact she loved life she was a mom and as a mom the natural maturnal instinct kicks in. Then with her belief system I simply do not see it!    I could totally see someone having something on that crooked convicted dirty cop and getting him to help cover it up. If you read between the lines it really looks like there is a serious cover up here! I have already said several prayers that justice be done here for her and for her family. My heart goes out to her whole family. From what I remember they were really great people! She also knew my family a little bit and they are also saddened to hear that this has happened. I think what you are doing with this blog is SO AWESOME! If this doesn’t post all over the place please make sure it gets posted to here! Warmest Regards, TD Fisher

PS I did remarry in 2009 to a wonderful woman and am very happy with my life has turned out.


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  1. Jennifer Guenter

    The more we tell her story, the closer we get to justice. Thank you TD Fisher.

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