Phil January: I Lost Everything when Nikki Died

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There’s been a lot written about Nikki LaDue January’s death…mostly blogs, which is great, but almost nothing in any of the main stream media which is a shame because there are a lot of great crime reporters in Southern Mississippi. But I digress. In the blogs and comments that are out there, there’s an eye of suspicion cast at Nikki’s husband, Phil January. I talked to him over the weekend and like I did with Bonnie’s entry, I’m going to relay to you what Phil told me without any observations or opinions from me. The conversation lasted a bit over an hour and was emotional at times. He said he lost everything when Nikki died.

Phil January worked security at the Grand Casino in Gulfport, Miss.  He was in his mid-40’s when he came across Nikki, who also worked at the Grand. She was about 27-28 at that time.

Nikki and Phil January

“The first time I’d seen Nikki she was coming in on a day off when I was still a security officer and I carded her…asked her for her ID. She took offense to that. But from then on, we’d say hi to each other. One day, after she had her breast enlargement, I happened to be standing at the security podium and Nikki was talking to the shift manager about it. And she looked over at me and said, ‘And there’s my body-guard,’ and I said, ‘yeah from what I understand, there’s more body to guard!’ From then we just got friendlier and friendlier. The custom in the south is to give people a hug. One day she gave me a hug and gave me a peck on the cheek. Then I had to deal with a situation on the floor with a player of hers and I asked her for his phone number and she gave me her phone number. I thought she was just joking. Nikki was gorgeous and friendly. About a week later, she said, ‘You never called me.’ I told her I thought she was kidding but she said she wasn’t. So we would talk on the phone or meet on breaks to talk. One thing led to another and a few months later, we moved in together and decided to get married. To be honest with you, I’d been divorced and single for 16 years before that and I had 2 or 3 serious girlfriends but when they started talking about marriage, I’d be out of there. But after 8 months with Nikki, it was the right thing. She was one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met in my life. We were married just under 2 years when she died. In fact we were talking about what we were going to do for our anniversary coming up in August.”

In April 2002, you may recall Nikki’s mother Bonnie said she received “the phone call from hell.” Phil explained. “That’s the day she came clean to me about her addiction. She stayed out all night and didn’t come home. And finally about 6:30 or 7 in the morning I went out and found her as she was coming out of a bar with a bunch of people. She said it was somebody’s birthday party. I told her to get in the car with me and Nancy drove Nikki’s mustang and followed us. I told Nikki that if this is what she wanted to do then fine, I will leave. So I packed up my clothes and left for a couple of hours. And when I came back, there was the note. I was floored. It was devastating because I didn’t know anything about it. I didn’t even know if that was my wife anymore because it was such a double life. She kept wanting to leave because she was upset that I was upset about it. I took her car keys because I didn’t want her driving in that state. And finally I just walked over to her and looked at her and said I love you and we’re going to get through this and we’ll do whatever to get through it.”

Did Phil ever see Nikki under the influence? “I never knew until that day. I had no idea. She told me she used to get out of work early and go to a friend’s house and sit around and get high and then she’d come home. She said she was just taking pain pills but the day she came clean, she told me she had done some cocaine that day. But it was more of a pain pill addiction.  She started going to AA meetings the next day, we spent more time together. She quit skipping out on work. If she got out early, she came home. And she didn’t hang out with those people anymore. She tried to distance herself from them. She would call me during most of her breaks so she wouldn’t have to be around them. She was changing her life. She was trying to get herself clean.”

Here is that note which Pass Christian police investigators later called a suicide note. They didn’t look at when it was written.

Nikki letter found on computer

One of the things Phil made Nikki do was call her parents and read them the note. Bonnie said she could hear Phil screaming at Nikki in the background…obscenities and terrible names. I asked if Phil had lost control. “No I don’t remember yelling anything at her. That was one of the things we talked about when we decided we were going to move forward. That she had to come clean with everybody. And that meant letting the people close to her know what was going on. I don’t remember screaming anything at her. I don’t know why I would. She was coming clean. I very seldom even raised my voice with Nikki. It’s just not my way. I don’t remember it that way at all. In fact Nikki told me that she called her mom later and said she needed her and Bonnie told her ‘you don’t need me. He’s who you need right now.'”

You make ask why AA instead of something like NA. Phil said Nikki talked to his father who was a recovering alcoholic and I think that’s where she got the idea to go to AA.

Through private investigations and Nikki’s mother Bonnie’s own investigations, people who worked with Nikki said she would come to work and often would be seen crying or upset. I asked Phil to explain.

“After she came clean, she went through hell at work. I remember a friend of mine at the casino told me the day after she told me about the drugs Nikki came to him and said that she was afraid I was going to leave her. And there were other things too. She had her tires slashed in the parking lot. She told me somebody, and she wouldn’t tell me who, somebody told her she better keep her mouth shut. And don’t rat the rest of us out. He was talking about the group at the casino who were involved with drugs. And then she got a very threatening note left in her locker. I didn’t see the note but she said it said something like keep your mouth shut or we will get you, or something like that.  I asked her what she did with the note and she said she threw it away. After that I called the casino security manager and they gave her a special place to park that had more security camera coverage for her car. So she was catching hell at work because they were afraid she was going to bust the bubble on all of them. To be honest I would have liked to have known who these people were but it wasn’t my main concern. My main concern was to get Nikki well. She was going to AA meetings. I would go to some AA meetings with her. I remember the day after she came clean, I went to my office manager (Phil was now working at a local security firm) and told him I wasn’t going to be here as much. I need to spend more time with my wife. And I did. Nikki and I would meet for lunch after that. Often I would go home at lunch time to spend some time with her. We’d have date night when she, Zack and I would go out to eat or go to a movie. I made a point to make sure that I was going to be there for her to get her through this.”

“It was later when Nikki said she wanted to leave the area. I told her I would look for a job elsewhere. In May I flew to Phoenix for an interview. I ended up getting a job at Boom Town Casino in Boosier City, Louisiana. They were set to begin their move the day Nikki died.

“She wasn’t excited about the move at first. She was excited about getting out of Mississippi but she was reluctant because Shreveport had a bad reputation with crime. But after she gave her notice at the Grand, she talked to a co-worker who had worked in Shreveport and came home and said she was excited about going. The co-worker told her it was a great place…real artsy and that good stuff. And Nikki was really artsy. She liked to do calligraphy and things like that so she got really excited about the move.”

It was mid-July. Phil was going to start work in Louisiana while Nikki took care of packing up the condo in Mississippi. They would be separated for about 2 weeks. Before Phil left Nikki had her eye on a mustang convertible she really loved. “She was driving my Crown Vic and I said go ahead and trade it in and get yourself a car. It was the first car she bought on her own.”

Phil’s brother in Dallas had an extra car so together, they drove there to pick it up before heading to Boosier City.

“The next day we drove to Boom Town where they put us up in a hotel. She stayed until Sunday and came back on Wednesday. I remember her pulling up in the driveway and her jumping out of the car and jumping into my arms. Zack was in the car hollering, ‘What about me?!’ She was supposed to go back to work on Friday. I went to work for a couple of hours and when I came back to the hotel, she said she wasn’t going back to Mississippi that day. She said she wanted to stay with me. I told her I was great with that and she stayed an extra day. She left Saturday and that was the last time I saw her alive. We talked on the phone while she drove back and I told her this will never happen again. I never wanted to be separated like that again. She said she agreed. The next Wednesday she was really upset because she had slept really long and she was going to come up again. But it was a 6 hour drive and it was too late in the day to head out. On Thursday she called again because she was upset that the condo’s owner Paul Morreale and his mother showed up wanting to show the condo to new tenants. I told her to tell them to wait a couple of days and they could show it all they want but they don’t need to be putting this stress on you.”

Nikki and Zack would stay overnight at her friend and Grand Casino co-worker Nancy Burge’s house in the days leading up to her death. Nancy and Nikki became friends earlier that year. “She told me once I should be lucky she had Nancy as a friend because she’s grounded, she’s a mother and she’s not into all this stuff. They got to be close friends.”

Why did Nikki choose not to stay overnight in their condo? Was she afraid? “I don’t know. The weird thing is while I was packing to come to Boosier, I was packing my gun. I was actually putting the weapon in my suitcase. And she asked if I would leave it here. I asked her why and she said, just in case. I asked her just in case of what? And she repeated, just in case. So I left it.”

On Saturday, July 27, Nikki was at Nancy’s when Phil called. “We made the plans that I was going to work Sunday and she was going to call me in my hotel room at 6 p.m.”

Sunday came and Nikki didn’t call Phil at 6 p.m. “I assumed she was at the condo but when I called I wasn’t getting any answers. So I called Nancy’s and talked to her husband Scott and he said he hadn’t seen her. Finally I called the casino and left a message for Nancy to call me. She did but said she didn’t know where Nikki was. Finally about 11 p.m. Nikki called me. She said she’d been out with her friend from her AA meeting. But during that phone call, I could tell she was under the influence.”

More from Phil later. Up next, Angelia Hursell…one of the last people who saw Nikki alive.


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  1. Wow…really? What an imagination! Nikki was NEVER pleased about moving to Shreveport! Nikki stated repeatedly how controlling Phil was and she HATED the way he treated her like a child…like he was her father rather than husband. Nikki was a beautiful woman. That’s about the only truly honest thing Phil said!

  2. YOU lost everything, Phil? Really? How about what Nikki lost? She lost HER LIFE. And what about what Zack lost? That boy will never know his mother, never laugh and play with her, never catch her smile in the audience when he graduates from high school, never be able to hug her and thank her for being the kind of mother she was. And what did you lose? As far as I can tell, the only thing you lost was the opportunity to control and manipulate and isolate and bully my sister. Speaking of manipulation, how’s Lori? Do you have your current wife under your thumb like you did Nikki? Nikki was no saint and she had flaws just like the rest of the human race, but how dare you open your mouth to lie about her! You deny calling her a “fucking whore” while she sobbed on the phone with my mother? My mother doesn’t make up stories. Maybe you are just a “fucking liar”. In fact, we all know you are. Everyone who knew and loved Nikki knows it, so I don’t know who you think you’re fooling. You are a pathological liar with an overactive imagination, at best. We all lost a great deal the day Nikki died, but all you lost was something you never deserved to have in the first place.

  3. It’s interesting that Phil has no recollection of the filth I heard him direct at my daughter on April 28, 2002…my pervading thought is this: perhaps this type of abuse was so commonplace for him that it didn’t stand out in his memory the way it did in mine. It was crushing to listen to Phil spew his rage at Nikki while she sobbed in despair. I’ve called it ‘the phone call from hell’ not because she admitted to being a ‘drug addict’ but because her pain was so great and we were so helpless to do anything for her.

    Two weeks later Phil called me to suggest Nikki had prostituted herself for drug money and, dear Lord, he just didn’t know if he could continue in this sham of a marriage based on lies and deceit from his wife. Can anyone venture a guess as to why he would say these particular things to ME, Nikki’s mother? Oh, and only a few convenient details that came to light after her death were omitted from this diatribe….he failed to mention, among other things, his own lies to her about being a veteran cop and I’m pretty sure she never knew he continued to call and see his former girlfriend throughout his marriage. This individual couldn’t get rid of him and even confided that he called her on his wedding night to Nikki!

    Phil ‘s self righteous and smug attitude may one day come back to haunt him….

  4. logical minded engineer

    Phil has had nine years to rehearse for this interview and perfect his recollections. Given that amount of time, one would expect, as a minimum, a story free of inconsistencies. How did Phil fare in this regard — poorly, from my perspective. Let’s examine some of the inconsistencies I find disturbing.

    In April 2002, Phil reports he intercepted Nikki leaving a bar after a night of partying. He instructs Nancy Burge to drive Nikki’s Ford Mustang back to the condo. However, later in the interview, Phil states he purchased the Mustang for Nikki in July (3 months later) — and that previous to this she was driving his Ford Crown Victoria? Oops – inconsistency #1.

    After about 2.5 years of being in a relationship with Nikki (considering both time spent dating and married), Phil recounts how surprised he was after reading her “come clean” note. Using his own words “It was devastating because I didn’t know anything about it [addiction to pain killers].” He goes on to say “I never knew until that day. I had no idea.” Wow — Nikki must have been able to hide her addiction pretty well, given that Phil is a security guard (trained to look for suspicious behavior) and couldn’t ascertain a drug problem after 2.5 years of continued close contact. However, in the days before Nikki’s death, Phil states “I could tell she was under the influence” during a phone call. Really Phil?! How did you gain that special power in the course of 3 months? By your own admission, Nikki’s drug problem eluded you for 2.5 years, during which you had the advantage of observing her behavior and visually interpreting her body language. Now, suddenly in just 3 short months, you can tell she’s under the influence from simply hearing her voice. Chalk up inconsistency #2 . . . that is, unless Phil was bitten by a radioactive spider in the interim and developed super-powers.

    Shortly before Nikki’s death, Phil was desperately trying to locate her — he called Nancy Burge, he called the casino, he called Nikki 27 times. Tremendous . . . Phil, that’s admirable! You’re really concerned about your wife, and seemingly relentless in getting answers. I say “seemingly,” because, strangely, you demonstrate odd lapses in your quest for answers (a veritable Jeckyll and Hyde so to speak). When Nikki came clean, you reported that “she didn’t hang out with those people anymore.” She had her tires slashed, and you stated “somebody, and she wouldn’t tell me who, somebody told her she better keep her mouth shut, and don’t rat the rest of us out {he was talking about the group at the casino that were involved in drugs].” Then, Nikki got a very threatening note in her casino locker that “said something like keep your mouth shut or we will get you.” Conveniently, Nikki threw this note away (lost, like all the evidence in this case). In Phil’s own words “to be honest, I would have liked to have known who these people were but it wasn’t my main concern, my main concern was to get Nikki well.” Phil later reveals that Nikki was spending nights at Nancy Burge’s residence, and states “Was she afraid? I don’t know.” Phil states that he left his gun with Nikki before departing for Louisiana, and asked her why she needed it? She said, “just in case.” So he left it at that without further inquiry. Is it just me, or does this strike others as a strange duality?!

    Let’s apply the “jury test” . . . would a reasonable individual behave in the manner Phil acted? As I consider myself a reasonable male, I’ll answer the rhetorical question — “NO!” I’m not a security guard (a bonus in Phil’s case, in terms of access to video surveillance and information), but I’d have been relentless in getting answers to the questions that Phil so easily dismissed. If someone threatened my wife, I wouldn’t sleep till I had answers. When it comes to family, the instincts of a reasonable man mirror that of a mother bear – we protect our cubs . Phil was a trained security guard, and made a living protecting life and property – consequently, I wouldn’t expect his instincts to be any less. Back to the “jury test” — were Phil’s actions reasonable? Have I ever called my wife 27 times in a single day (let alone the span of a few hours) … nope. Would I have so easily dismissed the threats to my wife? Nope (as a minimum, I would have filed a police report). Does Phil’s commentary pass the “jury test” — nope. Is his behavior consistent? Nope – chalk up Inconsistency #3.

    OK, enough about the Phil interview, let’s examine the purported “suicide note” written by Nikki. After reviewing the Phil January interview, it’s eerie how similar the suicide note reads — and makes me question — do they share a common source? The message in each is the same — Phil January is blameless . . . and each is peppered with (seemingly strategic) vagueness . Let’s consider a few sentences from the “suicide note.” In the opening, Nikki supposedly wrote “I can’t begin to tell you how I got into buying them [pain killer pills], because I don’t really remember, but I do know that I have spent a great deal of money on them in the past 3-4 years.” Really? As an addict of nicotine that’s been a slave to cigarettes since my teens, I can tell you exactly how I got addicted and how I went about funding and procuring them (and that was more than 25 years ago). Why does this stick in my mind? It was a personal moral dilemma — I knew it was wrong and smoking was bad for me, but made a mental decision to ignore my conscious. Similarly, stating a “3-4 year” time frame strikes me as strange — as the difference between 3 to 4 years is 25%. An addict, would know whether it was 3 years or 4 years (particularly since this reflected the very recent past). Who wouldn’t know the precise details — a guy like Phil January.

    Another sentence that perplexes me in the “suicide note” . . . “if you have ever believed in my love for you, then please believe that I do love you more than anything in the world and that none of this had anything to do with you.” Well, isn’t that a convenient revelation?! Frankly, I find that admission a bit bizarre. Again, as a nicotine addict, I have a hundred reasons at the ready, if prompted, to justify why I started and can’t quit (stress at the job, demands at home, etc). Strangely, Nikki shares none of them in her “suicide note.” She simply states she’s a failure as a wife and mother and is very clear in communicating that Phil was not a factor. Sorry — that’s not how an addicts mind works. As an addict, we know we’re engaging in self-destructive behavior — and we rationalize it. Nikki’s purported suicide note contains no rationalization or explanation, other than she “thinks” (? … again, vague) she became addicted to pain pills after breast enlargement surgery. Again, what same message does the Phil January interview and Nikki “suicide note” convey? Phil was the perfect loving, rational, and supportive husband, while Nikki was a self-deprecating and conciliatory junkie who was solely to blame. Nonsense!

    In closing, I have to question Phil’s motivation for granting this interview? It appears he’s feeling quite victimized (ironic – given that the real victim is deceased), and desires to clear his name and dispel suspicions. To the outside observer, his motives seem self-serving . . . he gave up an hour of his free time to serve his personal interests (damage control). How many hours has he given up to investigate (or pressure authorities to investigate) the unusual circumstances surrounding his wife’s death?

    Compare the countless hours Nikki’s mom, Bonnie, has dedicated to this cause with Phil’s disinterest – what a contrast! The inconsistencies just don’t add up. If Phil really wants to clear his name, why doesn’t he simply volunteer to take a polygraph test? It’s that simple . . . and would only require 1 precious added hour of his time. When children are reported missing, their parents are requested by investigators to take a polygraph test (standard protocol). Innocent parents gladly cooperate, as it allows investigators to focus their energy on higher value activities. Although local authorities were quick to pronounce this case “closed”, there are plenty of amateur investigators still working it – as is evidenced by the posts to this blog. Given your purported intense love for Nikki, Phil, I’m sure you appreciate their collective time spent. In order to make best use of their time, why not submit to a polygraph? If you pass, you clear your name (erase all suspicion) and redirect their energies toward higher value activities. It’s a win-win for all parties involved! In the coming months you will be formally presented with this option. How will you respond? . . . recognizing that refusal simply adds yet another inconsistency.

  5. Not Buying Phils BS

    @Bonnie You speak of Phil’s ex girlfriend, the one Phil said was addicted to drugs. The same woman who sued him for thousands (just a few months before Nikki was found killed.) The law suit said Phil had run up the ex’s credit cards….sound like a possible motive to me.
    Phil sure didn’t want that to happen again with Nikki. He couldn’t stop his ex from suing him. Hmmmm. maybe he could even make a buck on this relationship, insurance, profit sharing, retirement…How was he going to pay off the ex with no job. Interesting just 2 weeks after he begins a new job he finds his wife dead.
    Did Phil tell you about all the jobs he lost – including his latest one? I wonder why he keep picking women who like drugs (according to Phil).
    Oh I almost forgot why’d he get fired from his Day Detective job? Fraud? He said Nikki was working and there and she wasn’t. Why’s he lose his job at the Grand assault on a customer. Why’s he lose his latest job assaulting a fellow employee.
    Phil sounds like the real Loser – not Nikki!

  6. What a load of crap! I do appreciate the interview and have no doubt he had a handwritten road map to follow with regard to answering certain questions. If I was married to that creep I would have stayed high ALL the time until I figured a way OUT. Let me give you a few “classic phil” examples:

    The first time I met this creep, I had just driven 10 hours with a friend to visit Nikki, Zach, and a another friend of ours. The plan was for my friend and I to stay with Nikki during our visit. This was the first time I had seen Nikki since my move out-of-state 6 months prior. She greeted me at the door and quietly explained to me that her new boyfriend (whom I knew nothing of) was (as of that day) “staying” with her because his “psycho X girlfriend” kicked him out and he had no place to go. She was not welcoming at all, and my friend and I decided to go stay with another friend just down the road a few blocks. I told her I would be back for coffee the next morning. As promised, I showed up for coffee and to play with Zach. Nikki and I chatted away enjoying coffee as she showed me her new place she was in following the divorce from Zach’s dad. We were having a great time until the creep awakened. He walked into the kitchen like he owned the place (and her for that matter), did not speak to me even after Nikki introduced us, and proceeded to drop to the floor and do push-ups. I found the guy extremely strange, but even more strange was Nikki’s SUDDEN change in behavior. She quickly schooled me as to what Phil could know and what he could not know as if anything we ever did was so horrible she had to keep it from him???? I left confused and surprised that I never saw Nikki during that trip again.

    The summer of the following year Nikki invited me to stay with her for a week during my visit to the coast. I took her up on the offer and quickly regretted that decision after the first night. Nikki picked me up from the airport and on the way back we stopped by a friends house and leisurely made our way back to the condo where we began to prepare a wonderful dinner – something we loved to do. We were having a great time talking and sharing a bottle of wine when Nikki dropped a bomb on me. She stated that if Phil asked, we had lunch at Nola’s, a local place we loved to frequent together. I agreed to play along uncertain as to why she had to lie to this creep about her activities that day. I determined at that point she had to account for every second of her time away from him, yet another sign he was a controlling SOB. As Nikki was working in the kitchen I sat on the other side of the bar facing her. We were laughing it up until Phil approached Nikki, speaking quietly in her ear as I watched her face go from beyond happy to distraught. Tears ran down her face silently as her eyes stared at mine as if instructing me to pretend I did not see the fear in her face and pretend like nothing was happening. She refused to discuss his words with me, in fact, she was fearful of having a one on one conversation with me in his presence. The next night Nikki and I had plans to go out together – just girls, early night out casino hopping and early in. Much to my surprise it had been decided Phil would join us with Zach. It was a very uncomfortable dinner as Nikki could not be herself around this creep. I realized at this time I would not have any time with Nikki unless the creep was around. I decided to stay behind at the casino where we had dinner and wing a fun night out on my own. The rest of my time at the condo was spent watching Nikki sleep with absolutely NO interaction.

    I do believe there was an initial attraction and from there Nikki, as smart as she was, was manipulated and made to feel and believe she was not worthy of any friendships outside of the marriage and she was controlled by humiliation and fear. She was down on herself following the divorce from Mike and was determined to make it on her own until he came into her life and made her believe she needed him.

    I was a part of Nikki’s personal life and her work life for a period of time and knew all the people she knew at the casino. He makes it out like she was friends with a bunch of druggies when that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Nikki had some great people in her life who, like me, witnessed the changes in her behavior and mannerisms. She had people in her life who cared dearly about her. I do not believe the bullshit about the note on her locker at work. Nikki was adored. I am unsure about the tire slashing but that could have been a random act or someone who was jealous. It could have been her psycho husband!!!!! Nikki was adored by her co-workers and work friends. She was not part of any drug ring and had no intel on major drug activity. There was no reason anyone would threaten her as Phil states in his interview. The one thing about Nikki that sticks most in my mind is her loyalty. She would never “rat” anyone out. Her decision to get clean was her decision and she would have had no ill intent to bring anyone down even if she did have the intel, but she didn’t.

    Phil speaks of the druggie friends often, keep in mind he is speaking of weed for the most part. The people Nikki knew smoked weed, big deal! This guy is a creep beyond words and to drag the people who loved her through the mud to make himself look like her savior is characteristic of the creep that he is. YOU made her problems you son of a bitch and I have no doubt you killed my friend – yes my friend the one you convinced her was not her friend but really was. I am the one who sent the ten page letters (which she never received because you intercepted the mail) begging her to leave you and offering her a place for she and Zach to start over. I knew from my stay at the condo you were abusive to her. I saw it. It was emotional abuse. You are a bully!!!!

    In the next interview, if you agree to one, how about you address the lie of you being swat team captain for 20 years. I personally called the PD where you claim to have held this position to do an employment verification and was informed you worked for the city but NEVER in the capacity of law enforcement. Let’s hit on that in the next interview you lying piece of shit. Let’s also hit on why in the world you would leave a gun with someone who didn’t know how to use it. If Nikki was in fear for her life, seems to me she would have learned to use the gun prior to asking you to leave it. You left it as part of your plan.

    You claim in your interview that Bonnie is lying about you screaming at Nikki while her mother was on the phone. Please, that woman wouldn’t lie to save her life. She is a truthful, God loving woman who lost her daughter because of YOU. You make me sick still to this day and I pray for the day we see you fry. I will be there. I suspect you have other victims as well.

    Do you remember the morning after Nikki’s MURDER, I knocked on your door after my 10 hour drive and you refused to answer. I knocked for a long time and finally went and sat out by the pool facing the balcony where Nikki’s body was “discovered” praying to GOD for answers and for justice as I knew from the very beginning Nikki did NOT take her own life. As I prayed I looked up to the balcony and what to my wondering eyes should appear but you standing in the glass door with your white t-shirt on staring down at me. You couldn’t answer the door because you knew I knew you killed her. You killed Nikki. Quit acting like the victim here. You are not the victim. You chose to kill your wife and pretend to be the victim. You couldn’t face her friend who spent a week in the home with both of you and who knew you were capable of doing this. I told my (then) husband on the drive to MS that you did it.

    One day, someone will talk. It won’t be you because you are a coward. Words alone cannot describe you. I wouldn’t even trust a polygraph from you because you are smart enough to manipulate it. Smart is about all you are that is good, and even that is not good when it’s put to use as you use it. Rot in hell. Your interview answers are a joke, yet another plot. Address your lies and quit trying to make Nikki look bad. She was and always will be a beautiful soul!

  7. I almost forgot the “recovery journal” the SOB made for Nikki wherein he left notes to encourage her recovery. Hey Bonnie, what do you think about scanning that into a pdf and sharing it??? Let’s let PJ comment on that sick piece of work.

    Phil, I’m sure you know what I am talking about you sick POS.

  8. I think we all know that this was not a suicide. Which is very apparent by the one picture that shows the gun sitting on the edge of the chair with the grip partially under Nikki’s thigh. A soon-to-be-ex-husband who was supposed to be out of town just happens to show up at the apartment the same time this girl Nancy decided to show up at the apartment. Come on now, there’s something going on and somebody needs to come clean and tell the authorities what happened. Or somebody in law enforcement needs to start putting the pressure on people and start squeezing them until they start talking. This is ridiculous. This has been going on too long. This young girl was murdered, murdered with her Young son (who she adored and loved more than anything) there in the apartment. What kind of scumbag does something like that? Well, that’s the question, we want to know… who!? Is there a reward being collected for information? Is there any organization that can be hired that will dispatch investigators and do some type of new investigation which would include maybe exhuming the body and having a real true pathologist who is not corrupt do an autopsy to look at the bullet trajectory on how it entered the head to determine if it could have been done from a sitting position, a sitting position that looks like Nicki was posed in? There’s absolutely no way Nikki would have done something like that with her son in the apartment. I’m sorry, but there’s absolutely no way ever. Phil and Nancy need to be re-interviewed and they need to be squeezed and I mean squeezed hard. Somebody needs to talk.

  9. Phil, it’s time you come clean and confess your sins. Whether it’s information or involvement but it’s time you tell what you know and it’s time to tell the truth. You know and we all know, Nicki did not kill herself.

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