Army Poster Girl Heals with her Art

Army Magazine 2005. Robynn is the soldier at the back

You know how the banner of this blog says (and musings)? This is a musing. Last night I watched an amazing documentary on HBO called “Poster Girl.” It’s the story of Robynn Murray, a young American girl who signed up for the Army and returned after seeing unspeakable things in Iraq. It’s the story of how she is dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder along with other injuries and the struggles she had getting the Veteran’s Administration to take care of her claims. But the documentary and Robynn are so much more. Through words and art, Robynn shares her story with others as a form of healing. I wrote to her right after I watched the movie and wouldn’t you know it, she wrote back. She said she’s doing better and still has her art, writing and love in her life. The film was produced, filmed and directed by Sara Neeson.

“Poster Girl” is available on HBO on Demand and if you have access to it, this Academy Award nominated documentary is a must see. If you don’t have HBO, you can still see some of Robynn’s work on

Robynn Murray


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