Another Friend of Nikki LaDue January’s Speaks Out

Nikki LaDue January

On a regular basis now, I “promote” a comment to an actual post. Below is a comment that came from Nikki LaDue January’s friend Amy. It’s very emotional and asks pointed questions of Nikki’s husband Phil January. None of what Amy describes came up during my interview with Phil. In fact the remainder of that interview will be posted in the next couple of days. In it, he describes a very loving relationship between the two of them. That is in stark contrast to what you are about to read. As always, this blog is meant to be interactive with your thoughts…to spark discussion.

What a load of crap! I do appreciate the interview and have no doubt he had a handwritten road map to follow with regard to answering certain questions. If I was married to that creep I would have stayed high ALL the time until I figured a way OUT. Let me give you a few “classic phil” examples:

The first time I met this creep, I had just driven 10 hours with a friend to visit Nikki, Zach, and a another friend of ours. The plan was for my friend and I to stay with Nikki during our visit. This was the first time I had seen Nikki since my move out-of-state 6 months prior. She greeted me at the door and quietly explained to me that her new boyfriend (whom I knew nothing of) was (as of that day) “staying” with her because his “psycho X girlfriend” kicked him out and he had no place to go. She was not welcoming at all, and my friend and I decided to go stay with another friend just down the road a few blocks. I told her I would be back for coffee the next morning. As promised, I showed up for coffee and to play with Zach. Nikki and I chatted away enjoying coffee as she showed me her new place she was in following the divorce from Zach’s dad. We were having a great time until the creep awakened. He walked into the kitchen like he owned the place (and her for that matter), did not speak to me even after Nikki introduced us, and proceeded to drop to the floor and do push-ups. I found the guy extremely strange, but even more strange was Nikki’s SUDDEN change in behavior. She quickly schooled me as to what Phil could know and what he could not know as if anything we ever did was so horrible she had to keep it from him???? I left confused and surprised that I never saw Nikki during that trip again.

The summer of the following year Nikki invited me to stay with her for a week during my visit to the coast. I took her up on the offer and quickly regretted that decision after the first night. Nikki picked me up from the airport and on the way back we stopped by a friend’s house and leisurely made our way back to the condo where we began to prepare a wonderful dinner – something we loved to do. We were having a great time talking and sharing a bottle of wine when Nikki dropped a bomb on me. She stated that if Phil asked, we had lunch at Nola’s, a local place we loved to frequent together. I agreed to play along uncertain as to why she had to lie to this creep about her activities that day. I determined at that point she had to account for every second of her time away from him, yet another sign he was a controlling SOB. As Nikki was working in the kitchen I sat on the other side of the bar facing her. We were laughing it up until Phil approached Nikki, speaking quietly in her ear as I watched her face go from beyond happy to distraught. Tears ran down her face silently as her eyes stared at mine as if instructing me to pretend I did not see the fear in her face and pretend like nothing was happening. She refused to discuss his words with me, in fact, she was fearful of having a one on one conversation with me in his presence. The next night Nikki and I had plans to go out together – just girls, early night out casino hopping and early in. Much to my surprise it had been decided Phil would join us with Zach. It was a very uncomfortable dinner as Nikki could not be herself around this creep. I realized at this time I would not have any time with Nikki unless the creep was around. I decided to stay behind at the casino where we had dinner and wing a fun night out on my own. The rest of my time at the condo was spent watching Nikki sleep with absolutely NO interaction.

I do believe there was an initial attraction and from there Nikki, as smart as she was, was manipulated and made to feel and believe she was not worthy of any friendships outside of the marriage and she was controlled by humiliation and fear. She was down on herself following the divorce from Mike and was determined to make it on her own until he came into her life and made her believe she needed him.

I was a part of Nikki’s personal life and her work life for a period of time and knew all the people she knew at the casino. He makes it out like she was friends with a bunch of druggies when that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Nikki had some great people in her life who, like me, witnessed the changes in her behavior and mannerisms. She had people in her life who cared dearly about her. I do not believe the bullshit about the note on her locker at work. Nikki was adored. I am unsure about the tire slashing but that could have been a random act or someone who was jealous. It could have been her psycho husband!!!!! Nikki was adored by her co-workers and work friends. She was not part of any drug ring and had no intel on major drug activity. There was no reason anyone would threaten her as Phil states in his interview. The one thing about Nikki that sticks most in my mind is her loyalty. She would never “rat” anyone out. Her decision to get clean was her decision and she would have had no ill intent to bring anyone down even if she did have the intel, but she didn’t.

Phil speaks of the druggie friends often, keep in mind he is speaking of weed for the most part. The people Nikki knew smoked weed, big deal! This guy is a creep beyond words and to drag the people who loved her through the mud to make himself look like her savior is characteristic of the creep that he is. YOU made her problems you son of a bitch and I have no doubt you killed my friend – yes my friend the one you convinced her was not her friend but really was. I am the one who sent the ten page letters (which she never received  because you intercepted the mail) begging her to leave you and offering her a place for she and Zach to start over. I knew from my stay at the condo you were abusive to her. I saw it. It was emotional abuse. You are a bully!!!!

In the next interview, if you agree to one, how about you address the lie of you being swat team captain for 20 years. I personally called the PD where you claim to have held this position to do an employment verification and was informed you worked for the city but NEVER in the capacity of law enforcement. Let’s hit on that in the next interview you lying piece of shit. Let’s also hit on why in the world you would leave a gun with someone who didn’t know how to use it. If Nikki was in fear for her life, seems to me she would have learned to use the gun prior to asking you to leave it. You left it as part of your plan.

You claim in your interview that Bonnie is lying about you screaming at Nikki while her mother was on the phone. Please, that woman wouldn’t lie to save her life. She is a truthful, God-loving woman who lost her daughter because of YOU. You make me sick still to this day and I pray for the day we see you fry. I will be there. I suspect you have other victims as well.

Do you remember the morning after Nikki’s MURDER, I knocked on your door after my 10 hour drive and you refused to answer. I knocked for a long time and finally went and sat out by the pool facing the balcony where Nikki’s body was “discovered” praying to GOD for answers and for justice as I knew from the very beginning Nikki did NOT take her own life. As I prayed I looked up to the balcony and what to my wondering eyes should appear but you standing in the glass door with your white t-shirt on staring down at me. You couldn’t answer the door because you knew I knew you killed her. You killed Nikki. Quit acting like the victim here. You are not the victim. You chose to kill your wife and pretend to be the victim. You couldn’t face her friend who spent a week in the home with both of you and who knew you were capable of doing this. I told my (then) husband on the drive to MS that you did it.

One day, someone will talk. It won’t be you because you are a coward. Words alone cannot describe you. I wouldn’t even trust a polygraph from you because you are smart enough to manipulate it. Smart is about all you are that is good, and even that is not good when it’s put to use as you use it. Rot in hell. Your interview answers are a joke, yet another plot. Address your lies and quit trying to make Nikki look bad. She was and always will be a beautiful soul!


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  1. Very well put Amy!! I couldn’t agree with you more.

  2. thank you Amy…I knew you had things to say and had more first hand knowledge than many. I know your heart is broken along with mine….whether you are right or wrong, I pray you will be comforted and that one day there will be justice for Nikki. I appreciate your bravery and ability to tell it like it is…xoxo

  3. I’ve never believed for a second that Nikki did this to herself. I pray every day that justice will ne served for Nikki and her family.

  4. BRAVO!! Now that’s a friend – one who’s willing to stick her neck out and tell the TRUTH.

  5. c@s fugitive recovery

    He sounds like a real scum bag . I don’t know where guys get off mistreating women. U suppost to love your women r wife and iam so sorry about your friend.

  6. This was just so nice I wanted to share – you can see from the photos and what Amy wrote after Nikki’s death, Amy truly loved her friend Nikki.

  7. This shows the special relationship Amy and Nikki had:

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