Phil January on his Relationship with Nikki and What He’s Done Since her Death

Disclaimer: These posts are meant to be interactive. You can read and surf away if you want. Or you can participate. Read carefully about what is said or is claimed to be known. And then weigh in. Your words could have the power to solve these mysteries that continue to torment the families and friends of the victims. Feel free to pass this blog along.

We return now to my interview with Phil January, Nikki LaDue January’s husband. Throughout this blog you may have read some allegations and accusations against Phil. Some questioned his relationship with Nikki while other’s believe he knows more than he’s saying about her death. In his own words, the remaining part of our interview.

Nikki and Phil January

“I don’t want to get into a war of words,” Phil said. “I know the facts. I know Nikki’s and my relationship and I know the truth. A lot of things coming out came out really late when people weren’t getting answers and I understand that. I’ve got nothing to hide. I searched for answers myself. And when you get shut down, you get shut down.

Phil sent letters to the Harrison County Sherrif’s Office and the Pass Christian Police Department trying to get answers. He also contacted the county coroner, Gary Hargrove who Phil said, “When I asked him about some questions that had come up, Hargrove told me ‘I did my fucking job.’ When I tried to explain I just had a few more questions, he said, ‘I answered your fucking questions.'”

“I bear responsibility for what happened in the fact that I wasn’t there. I made mistakes in not taking Nikki with me the two weeks when I went to Bossier. That and leaving her down there so she was around those people. They’re the ones who destroyed her. That’s my mistake. I thought that once she came clean 3 months earlier, there was no indication that anything was going on. She was the one who said she wanted to stay behind and take care of things while I started working. It was a total mistake on my part. I trusted Nikki. I loved her. I wanted whatever she wanted to be happy. For people to say we just up and decided to move to Bossier City, that’s not even true. Around Memorial Day I flew to Phoenix for a job interview there. We wanted out of Pass Christian. She wanted away from that stuff because she had tried to turn her life away from the drugs.

“I loved Nikki. I still love her. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t miss her more than anything else in the world.”

Phil said he drove back from Bossier City, Louisiana, overnight on July 28 arriving around 9 a.m. on July 29. That’s when he found Nikki on the balcony. You can read more about that day here.

“I think it’s appalling that there were 36 or 39 things that didn’t add up at the scene that no one wanted to hear about. The fact Nikki never went barefoot–I know my own wife. I knew Nikki never went barefoot. She was barefoot on the balcony and there was a brand new pair of shoes in the living room where she had taken them off by the couch. That’s not her. The two packs of cigarettes, I think I even saw in a police report that she had a sweater tied around her neck. I remember telling Bonnie, ‘No she didn’t.’ I remember how she was dressed.”

For the record, I did see the crime scene photos and Nikki did have what appears to be a light blue sweater on with only the top button buttoned.

“People say it will get better,” Phil said. “I tell them, ‘no, I don’t think it will.’ It doesn’t ever get better but you learn to deal with it. I just remember all the joy and love that Nikki and I shared. I know the truth about that. My kids are grown and they were devastated by this too because they finally saw their dad happy. And they knew Nikki made me happy. My daughter had a baby 2 or 3 years ago. And before she was born, she knew it was going to be a girl. And she called me and asked me if it would be ok to name her after Nikki. So her middle name is Nichole because my daughter thought so much of her.”

It’s been more than 9 years since that day in 2002. I asked Phil what he thought happened that night.

“I have 2 possibilities on who did it. People say that Nikki and Mike Williams had a cordial relationship after their divorce. It was anything but. It was very volatile. I never put my hands on Nikki nor would I ever. I loved that woman. I cherished that woman. I do know there were physical confrontations between her and Mike when they split up. I also know, and I saw this myself, he was extremely abusive to her. In fact, when Nikki told him that we were moving, he got really upset and wouldn’t give Zack back to her (Zack is the son of Nikki and Mike Williams). I had to go over there with her. I stopped and talked with the police on the way to let them know what was going on because I knew one of the officers that worked the downtown area. He told me to go over there and talk to Mike. If it goes bad, we’ll have to do something else. I went over there and said, ‘Look Mike, we’re not trying to take Zack from you or get him out of your life. We’ll be making visits and that kind of stuff.’ He finally agreed and calmed down. He was always mad at Nikki about something. I lost everything the day Nikki died. I lost my family. Zack was my family. I gained nothing. There’s only one person who gained anything out of all this and he was the one who was the most abusive to her. In my mind, Mike had the biggest motive. He didn’t have to pay child support anymore and he got Zack. I don’t want you to think I’m the victim. My world was gone.

“And then there’s one other player. Later on, I found out, he supposedly described Nikki and I arguing on the phone numerous times. That only happened once and that was the night she died. That person was Paul Morreale. Bonnie (Nikki’s mother) told me he had the most serious infatuation with Nikki that she’d ever seen. I didn’t know that but I did know Paul was big into the drugs because Nikki told me that when she came clean.”

Paul Morreale and his mother actually owned the condo Phil and Nikki lived in. In fact, Paul moved into it with his wife after Nikki’s death.

As for Nancy Burge, Nikki’s friend who since her death has been reluctant, to say the least, to involve herself in any investigation, Phil doesn’t think she was involved. “I’m not saying Nancy doesn’t know more than she’s ever told,” he said.

“I know people like Bonnie don’t want to look in Mike’s direction because of Zack and I understand that. I really do. But contrary to popular belief, Nikki loved me and I loved her. And there’s never been a doubt about that in my mind. The stuff about her supposedly leaving and having another guy, I don’t believe that for a minute. She may have seen that other guy, but I can tell you it was to get some of the drugs she took that day. I don’t think it had anything to do with her leaving me. I have cards she brought to me while I was in Bossier City, talking about how hard the separation was. Nikki used to always tell me I was her rock and that she felt safe around me. And I let her down. If I had known she was in trouble, I would have been there.”


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  1. You said what Phil has done since her death. I know he lost his job again due to inappropriate anger management issues at his job. Similar to his losing his job at the Grand. He doesn’t think his obsessive stalking of Nikki her last day alive was odd behavior because that’s how he acts with everyone, including his new wife.
    I bet she enjoyed hearing she comes in second again. It’s all about control and Phil think’s he’s a master at it.
    Nice he points his finger (for the first time – not documented in any of Phil’s previous emails, letters, interviews).
    Did he tell you he sent cards to his dead wife. Guilt makes you do funny things.
    Diversion, diversion, diversion. That’s Phil’s only defense. Juries love that!

  2. I know you are lying

    I was disappointed by this post. Phil says he knows the facts and tries to place blame on Nikki’s ex Mike Williams. I don’t find that credible.I can understand Mike being concerned about Phil taking his only child, out of state, away from him. I don’t think that makes him a suspect.

    If Phil really didn’t believe Nikki committed suicide and he loved her as much as he says, why hasn’t he tried to find her killer?

    I was hoping Phil was going to answer some of the questions brought up in your earlier posts.

    Why did Phil, being a supposed Police Officer move crime scene items? Where is the gun now? How many bullets were in gun and what kind were they? Why would he and his son wipe clean a computer? Why the numerous phone calls? Why did Phil have blood spatter on him and his hands bloodied? Why did he hide at the funeral? Why was he so controlling and degrading towards Nikki?

    I love to see the notebook referred to by a commenter on True Crime Diva and the one Nikki’s friend Amy referred to. I think they would give us a better and truer insight into who Phil January really is.

    From Amy’s post I listened to how Phil used everything he could to control Nikki including her son Zack.

    But from this post I don’t feel we know anything more about Phil except he uses deflection regularly as an excuse (that and denial). I don’t think Phil’s actions have been shown to be loving at all. It isn’t unusual for abusive/batterer’s to blame the victims and say they were very much in love.

    In closing I was disappointed to find Phil has really not done anything since Nikki’s death except continue to lose jobs and be abusive to those he comes in contact with.

    I’d love it if you asked Peter Hyatt, Wes Clark or Mark McClish take a look or listen to some of Phil’s statements and interviews. “I know you are lying.” an excellent book and tool used in solving crimes.

    • You make excellent points, specifically the moving of crime scene items. Think about this: What is the first emotion families of suicide victims experience??? Denial. Not only did he move evidence, he failed to insist that law enforcement preserve these evidence just in case. To top it all off (according to the police report which means very little) Phil indicated Nikki had a cocaine problem and must have taken her own life following his phone conversation with her.

  3. He almost had me on this one; that really is how good he is! Subsequently, logic took me back to the bottom line – the polygraph, or lack thereof. He has this attitude that he has nothing to prove to anyone and therefor will not submit to a polygraph; well I call bullshit! He does have something to prove, and that is his innocence if he genuinely believes Mike or Paul could be responsible for Nikki’s unthinkable death.

    I agree with the potential motives of Paul and Mike. Phil makes great points, especially with Mike. Paul, I think is too messed up to tell how many fingers he is holding up in front of his own face. I spent time with Paul a few years after Nikki’s death and I believe he is genuinely hurt like the rest of Nikki’s friends. I saw first hand the volatile relationship Mike and Nikki had during their split. It was violent at times, but she always had the upper hand. She could take him down in a second if she had to. She was tough. Phil on the other hand, she feared. Fear was an emotion I never saw in Nikki, until Phil.

    This guy can tug on the heartstrings!I spoke with Phil often after Nikki’s murder. At first I had the “keep your enemies close” approach and listened to his accounts of the drinking and drugging on Nikki’s part. I was privy to the heartfelt letters to anyone who accepted mail including the DA and coroner. He begged and pleaded with them to open an investigation. I remained suspicious, however, he reeled me in. I felt pity for him not only loosing Nikki, but loosing Zach. While I remained suspicious of Phil, it did cross my mind that others could be involved. At the time the private investigator came into the picture, Phil clammed up, shut down completely, and we began to discover a ton of interesting tidbits pointing to Phil. In his interview he makes it seem as though the quest for answers was shut down so the witch hunters blamed it all on Phil for closure. This was not at all the case. I ended all communication with Phil in January 2003 when I couldn’t stand the sound of his voice for one second, even long enough to listen to voicemail. Additionally, I didn’t want to piss Mike off and loose access to Zach.

    In my conversations with Phil, I learned much to support my case against him, most of all being his lies outnumber his truths, if any. For example in the second part of his interview he claims to have professed to believe Nikki was not wearing a sweater tied around her neck as the police narrative indicates, and he goes on to exclaim “No she didn’t. I remember how she was dressed”. This is his classic dumb act where he pretends to “know” what is not correct in an effort to avoid accepting any accountability for prior and future statements. In essence, he intentionally throws himself under the bus to discredit, to some degree, anything he says.

    The story about him pulling up at the bar and finding her walking out with friends – I would love for someone who was there to chime in with the TRUE story of how things went down. The stories I heard were very far from what Phil discloses as in he left out some details. I will refrain from giving second hand information, but for those of you who were there that night, please do tell how sick it was. The sickest account of all is that of Phil to me following Nikki’s death when he was trying to convince me just how messed up she really was since I lived 10 hours away and didn’t see first had the last 2 years. The night he is recalling, he (by his own admission to me) left 5 year old Zack (Nikki spelled it with a “k” though I have since learned Zach likes it with an “h” for signature appeal) in the THIRD floor condo UNATTENDED at 5-6 in the morning to go drag Nikki out of the bar. I can understand how the guy must have been feeling, but to leave a child unattended to go beat a dead horse seems a bit irrational.

    Yet, he expects us all to believe he loved Nikki and she loved him and that remains HIS focus. Well, any x-cop knows emotions aren’t going to solve this coldnomore case. I certainly believe he loved Nikki as much as any sociopath could, and I believe he believes she loved him. I believe she did. He went in like a knight in shining armor, handsome, said all the right things, much like his interview answers. No one is questioning the love, so let’s take the love off the table and talk about who killed Nikki okay??? No one wants a war of words, no one has claimed she was leaving him for another man – she was hanging out with the guy from the casino because he was fun and she wanted to and for no other reason, including drugs. He was a friend and possibly a little more. That was Nikki’s business and she certainly had no intentions of taking the friendship further. She didn’t need to hang out with anyone for drugs. She was slick enough to stash money without her “x cop” husband knowing about it enabling her to BUY drugs. She was not a prostitute, however Phil likes to paint that picture to further discredit Nikki and make himself look like the victim. His picture of Nikki is that of a drug addicted woman who needed a man and drugs to survive, and that is not who Nikki was! Nikki was strong! She was leaving but not for another man, and not for drugs – for a better life!!!!

    Another “classic phil” moment wherein he takes complete blame for what happened. “He should not have left her down there”…just further indicating that he wants people to believe she couldn’t survive without him. The “see…I was right” mentality. Ok, PJ you proved us all wrong because she didn’t survive this time! Isn’t it ironic??? So here is the list of things Phil COULD do to clear his name, however will NOT do because he “has nothing to hide”.

    1. Submit to a polygraph.
    2. Show something to prove where you were the night of her death.

    By getting off his high horse and providing these two items, the interested parties could move forward with finding answers and move in the right direction. He claims no one looks in Mike’s direction because of Zach. No one looks in Mike’s direction because all roads lead to Phil. Get us past “phil” with something more than smoke and mirrors about love and having nothing to hide. All that is to us is words. Show us some action. Take the polygraph.

    Phil, you know I know the truth about your relationship with Nikki because I confessed to you about hacking into her email account and discovering the emails between you two wherein she pleads she is not a whore and on and on. Is that a loving relationship to you? Bonnie, you have the recovery journal wherein Phil left messages for Nikki carefully typed out on the computer to include clipart, one of which sticks out in my head is man shackled and chained to bars with a message stating something to the effect of not letting your demons cage you; another eluded to the fact that he could be anywhere watching her. Bonnie, please scan this in and let’s get some other opinions of this sick account of Nikki’s “recovery”. As for the “suicide note”, if my memory serves me correctly, this was a handwritten note scanned in. Who would have done that and why? You wanted your son to clear your computer most likely because of the sick recovery journal any other sick notes you wrote to Nikki.

    In closing, when you get shut down on something you are passionate about knowing the answers to, you move on in search of the next door. You, I am afraid, already know the answers and therefor do not share this passion. If you are innocent, take the polygraph and let the family move on.

  4. Well, this interview (or lack thereof) was nothing more than one side allowing the other side to speak. There were no hard questions thrown at Phil relating to so many problems in Nikki’s case. One post said it right, why was no question asked about the current whereabouts of the gun, the moving of evidence AND WHY did he move anything. Even if your education on a crime is nothing but TV you know to never mess with the crime scene, leave it for the police. Which in this case would not have mattered much any how. Phil, you have had 9 years to spin this into a plausible argument on your behalf, why, because you know sometime the questions will be coming from a real criminal investigator and you won’t be allowed to stand on a soap box. I will bet if this interviewer started asking real questions, Phil would have walked out of the interview. However, my hunch is Phil asked what the questions were to the interviewer prior to talking to him.

    I have a question for the interviewer, did this interview occur over the phone or in person, face to face? Face to face with a professional investigator is always the protocol, why, BODY LANGUAGE indicators. How long ago did this interview happen?

    I have a whole lot more I could bring up, but that I pray is saved for the day I can interview Phil January myself.

    God bless to Bonnie and Zack, and I pray one day soon a real investigation will begin. Until than the perpetrator has truly committed the perfect crime.



  5. a concerned friend

    Phil January is a lying piece of crap. I not only have the notebook I personally got from Bonnie that I personally took to the D.A. only to have that P.O.S. brush me off, I was even accompanied by an attorney. I somehow feel like Nancy was involved in some sort of twisted way as well. Both Phil and Nancy are G-U-I-L-T-Y of withholding crucial evidence. If Nancy were a “true” friend, then she would WANT to start talking……….

  6. I find it very disturbing that Nancy in all these years and especially now with all the internet activity, has never come forward and defended herself. I know that if it were me,and I were an innocent party and I was being accused somehow someway, I would be protesting loudly. Just saying….

  7. logical minded engineer

    Math = Murder!

    The lack of a competent crime scene investigation, followed by a rush to judgment by investigators (i.e. suicide), bothers me immensely. I’m not associated with law enforcement in any way and have no credentials to assess a crime scene, but I have thoroughly investigated industrial failures and crunch a lot of numbers in my day job. Consequently, I wanted to see if an indirect numerical (spatial) analysis of the crime scene might shed some light on the night Nikki died. I will share my observations for discussion, but welcome rebuttals and criticism.

    To perform a numerical (spatial) analysis of the crime scene, numbers are needed. Unfortunately, the police reports are devoid of measurement and the crime scene photos lack intentional references. This, however, does not mean the analysis is doomed. We have references in the photos of known height. We know, for example, that Nikki was approximately 5’-7” (67 inches) tall. We know her inseam was around 30-32”. We see a guardrail on the balcony, and know the building codes would mandate this be around 3.5 ft tall (42 inches) for a multi-family dwelling. We also know that a 4” spacing between the vertical bars in the metal guardrail is not atypical (and roughly coincides with the distance between Nikki’s ear and temple, as she is seen leaning against them). Once these reference measurements are established, we cross-check them against each other using simple scaling and redundancy (using multiple crime scene photographs taken at different angles). Have performed the above, the measurement provided above appear to be consistent and sensible.

    Next, we use the assumed knowns, to establish unknowns. For example, the distance from the balcony guardrail or fencing (next to which Nikki is slumped), to the near edge of the metal door frame of the sliding glass patio door is approximately 3.5 ft (42 inches). If we assumed Nikki was sitting upright in the stool, her chin would be fairly consistent with the height of the guardrail. In the crime scene photos, one of Nikki’s shoulders is adjacent to the guardrail and another is resting on the apartment wall. The shoulder at the guardrail is approximately 10-12” forward of the apartment wall (i.e. equal to the spacing of 2-1/2 vertical fencing rungs). We can assume, a woman of Nikki’s height and weight would have a shoulder to shoulder separation of approximately 18 inches. Sitting upright, her head would be at center (9 inch mark), with 3” to either side of centerline (i.e. as an average human skull is 6” wide). Given these measurements, we can infer that Nikki’s upper and lower torso were angled around 35 degrees away from the apartment wall [=arcsin(11/18)]. After the bullet passed through her brain (immediate death), she would not have been able to cognitively change positions.

    Studying the crime scene photos, and again using inferred reference points, it appears the separation between the entry wound at the temple and the distance to the ear is approximately 3.5 inches (I’ll be non-conservative in this estimate, just to prove a point . . . later). Although the exit wound is not shown in the photographs (too small and resilient skin returned to shape and hid it), I believe it was described in a private autopsy report as being just above and to the rear of the left ear. I’m inferring from this that the exit wound was below the height of the temple, approximately 1-1/4 inches. I believed the bullet followed a straight line path from entry to exit, as the exit wound was hardly identifiable (demonstrating that the bullet was not tumbling, but continued to pierce at exit), Using the above values with the assumption of a 6” wide skull, we find that the gun would have been held at an angle of 30 degrees to Nikki’s head (horizontal plane) [=arctan (3.5/6)], and an angle of up to 12 degrees (vertical plane) [=arctan (1.25/6)], tilting slightly downward.

    After exiting Nikki, the bullet was reported to have traveled into the condo wall and then ricocheted off of the metal door frame (this damage not evident in the crime scene photos, but reported by investigators). Assuming Nikki was sitting upright (and using geometry), her head would have been approximately 5-8” from the metal guardrail and very close (i.e. 5” or less) to the condo wall. If we assume the bullet traveled 37 inches and hit the wall at or near the metal door frame, the angle it would be traveling (with respect to the condo wall) would have been around 8 degrees [=arctan(5/37)]. Let’s say it hit the wall 16 inches before the door frame (i.e. changing direction after hitting the preceding wall stud and traveling through the insulation to ricochet off the metal door frame). Then, the angle the bullet would have had to travel (with respect to the condo wall) is 13 degrees [=arctan(5/21)].

    We have got a serious problem here! Nikki’s body was positioned 35 degree toward the condo wall, and then the gun brought to her head was further positioned another 30 degrees (additive). The bullet should have struck the condo wall at a cumulative 65 degree angle, provided Nikki was facing directly forward. How does the bullet arrive where it was reported to have impacted the building and ricocheted?! Nikki would have to have turned her head sharply(greater than 50 degrees) toward the metal guardrail (fence) before firing the fatal shot.

    Let’s recap everything just learned above and apply it to the suicide scenario. First, Nikki would have had to hold the gun at an awkward 30 degree angle to the side of her head (wrist bent forward, with the gun tilted slightly downward by around 10 degrees (even more awkward). Keep in mind that the gun has a 3.5” barrel length and her hand would be this distance away. Keep in mind that the gun used was a double action only gun (DAO), with a reported notoriously long and heavy trigger pull. Keep in mind that Nikki would have to have done this with her head turned more than 50 degrees to the right. Get a protractor and try to mimic these angles . . . they are uncomfortable (un-natural) and would have made pulling the trigger difficult at best! Did you try it?! Where was your right elbow? That’s right, it was extended all the way outward (particularly to achieve the 10 degree downward tilt). Nikki didn’t have the freedom of movement to do this, her arm motion was restricted by the adjacent metal guard rail. Even if she positioned her elbow between the 4” spaced metal rungs, it would only have bought another approx. 2” of space. She needed far more to perform this maneuver comfortably (again, the gun barrel length itself was 3.5”). OK – even with Nikki’s space restrictions, I can still force my hand and head into the position required to create the “evidence” later reported. – though, it’s an uncomfortable veritable act of contortion. So – this begs the question, why would Nikki choose to end her life this way – in a difficult, uncomfortable manner, if she was the only person on the balcony, and, therefore, would have had other less taxing viable alternatives. I would argue that she didn’t. This isn’t logical. Some could argue that Nikki could have leaned forward or to the side to provide the space needed to make suicide easier. However, I do not believe this was the case, otherwise, I believe Nikki would have lost balance after the gunshot and fell to the floor. Nikki was not found in this position.

    When I reflect on this, I also recall reviewing the position Nikki was seated in while sitting on the balcony stool. It was not a natural position that one would be comfortable in for any length of time. Instead of centering herself in the chair, with the wicker backing pressing against the whole of her back, she elected to place the weight of her back partially against small diameter ornamental metal bars that appear to serve as arm rests. She also rested the weight of her right knee on a table corner. (and also possibly partially on the metal guardrail rungs). None of this appears natural – particularly for a person seeking final comfort and rest in death.

    Let’s consider the spatial analysis again, but this time assume that Nikki was murdered in cold blood. As a murderer has not been arrested, tried, and convicted, in this case, I’ll simply refer to a fictitious killer for this illustration using the designator “PJ” for Pathetic Jackass (and assume he’s right handed). If PJ confronted Nikki on the balcony, she would naturally cower into the corner, distancing herself as far as she could. I believe PJ approached Nikki and pushed her head against the condo wall (pinning it with his dominant hand). The right hand would also prevent her from moving left (her only escape route). With the left hand he pushed the gun tight against her head, because he knew that with the tight contact, the sound of the gun blast would be further silenced (lessening the chance of waking Zack or the neighbors). If we look at the angle of contact à 30 degrees – horizontal plane / 12 degrees – vertical plane (tilted downward), this is a VERY natural position to hold a gun to someone’s head when you’re facing them and leaning above them. With his stance above the victim, PJ’s arm motion would not be encumbered by the metal guardrail. I believe Nikki tried desperately to save her life (her son was sleeping only a short distance away). She braced her right knee against the metal rungs of the guardrail to try to gain leverage to push away. When PJ placed the gun against the right side of Nikki’s head, I believe Nikki turned her head to the right to observe it and break the contact (this is a natural reaction), while attempting to push away with her right knee.

    So – why is it that the MS State Authorities continue to try to rationalize the absurd and improbable? Attorney General Jim Hood – we’re waiting for an answer! Remove suicide as the cause of death from Nikki’s death certificate now (even if you don’t feel you yet have enough evidence to arrest a murderer). This vibrant and loving mother was an innocent victim, not a hapless criminal as your expedient and unfounded suicide ruling denotes!

    In a future post, I’d like to comment on the blood evidence shown in the crime scene photos – it troubles me as well (suggesting possible tampering with the victim’s body after death). Till then . . .

  8. Thank you for this analysis. This sheds a whole new light on things. I must read a second time to understand, and may have questions. It makes sense especially when you explain how it was done- makes total sense. I cannot thank you enough.

  9. Whoa! It also possibly explains the babysitter saying there were tiny specks of blood of PJ’s face and smears on his shirt. She was trapped and killed. Cowering in the corner.

    PJ says he left the gun with Nikki but there is no hard evidence of that.

    There is an actual photo of PJ sitting in the same chair (barefoot) you can see the railing and the curved arms of the chair. I can understand your explaination very easily when I try to do my self.

    Look at photo below:

  10. AndOneMoreOtherThing

    Also disturbing: Phil says on the way to get Zack from Mike he “stopped and talked with the police on the way to let them know what was going on because I knew one of the officers that worked the downtown area.” So Phil knew and was comfortable seeking advice from a “buddy” who worked in law enforcement. Hmmm. Was he giving his pal a heads-up that things might get heated?
    Nikki’s parents seem totally reasonable. Phil has nerve galore but not a scintillia of empathy to suggest her parents won’t consider Mike as a suspect b/c of Zack. If Phil could leave himeself out of every equation he’d see that Nikki’s parents, like all grandparents, want the best for their grandson and wouldn’t rest knowing he was in the care of a man capable of murdering their daughter.

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