Brainstorm: How Can Justice be Served? How Can Mississippi Redeem Itself?

Comment upgraded to Post from Amy:

With the DA going on the coroner’s determination and the state attorney general deferring to the DA, there seems to be a stand still. The weird thing is the coroner is going off the lacking “investigation” of a convicted child rapist (Tom Pustay) and no autopsy. They have the “That’s my story and I’m stickin to it!” mentality. Really Mississippi????

Does anyone have suggestions how we can effectively get in front of officials with this information, specifically that of LME, and request an investigation?? Honestly, I no longer trust the State of Mississippi. They let my girl down. I can understand mistakes but when you have a grieving mother begging you to investigate the unattended and tragic death of her daughter with overwhelming evidence pointing to murder, how do you turn your back??? We need someone out of the state to investigate and to also look into the crooked bastards who turned their backs on us.

Let’s brainstorm the next step to expose this wrong and make it right.


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  1. Keep spreading the word, post and repost, send letters to the Attorney General…overwhelm the system! Bug them, bug them, bug them until they reopen Nikki’s case.

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