Back on Track…Lacey Gaines Murder

A lot of comments have gone back and forth about Lacey’s parents, her aunt and her friends. None of this is the point! Lacey is and the person who murdered her is the focus. Not whether Lacey argued with her mother or anything like that. This isn’t about parenting. It’s about a crime that took place over 2 years ago without bringing anyone to justice. That’s it. That’s the focus.


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  1. I can still clearly recall the day Lacy was murdered. I remember my shock and sadness as though I was loosing a sister I had never met. Now, many months later I find it shocking that that the immediate family is doing everything in their power to stop anyone from helping with the case.

    In previous murder cases the immediate family would not only be so public in their grief and loss, they would often feel that unveiling the identity of the murderer and seeing him or her brought to justice is the key to their healing. However it seems that the immediate family is acting defensive of the murderer in many ways. Why are they acting in such a strange manner in regards to Lacey’s case?

    I for one, even though I did not know her personally worked hard to put together the primary platform for putting the Lacey Gaines case together. For me putting the website, the blog, Facebook page, and Facebook application helped me to cope with my grief. After all, though I did not know her I felt as though someone so young with such a vibrant life should have never had it cut off so abruptly in such as gruesome manner.

    In my own way, doing all this helped me cope and deal with a great amount of grief I had. It made me feel as though I was helping in some small way to take part in the search and find answers to what would become one of the most vexing murder cases I had ever heard of.

    Why is the family and the police doing everything in their power to cease anyone from directly helping solve the murder case? What is the family hiding? It is as though the family is terrified of the murder actually being found.

    I do not believe that the family truly is asking others to “forgive” and move on, but merely using this as a strong attempt to get people who truly do care for Lacey to back off from working on the case. I question the guilt of the immediate family and what they know of the murder. What is it they are hiding? What secrets do they hold? Why are they not encouraging the resolution of the case for the sake of their own emotional healing or coping with grief and loss, instead of having such a keen desire to ask others to “forgive and move on”?

    What about Lacey’s child? What is to become of him? How do we know that child is safe? Statically the majority of the murders happen by someone the victim knows. Who is to say that the very person who drained the life out of Lacey will not eventually harm the young innocent boy who has to deal with his own grief? I can imagine how scared that boy must be, and we must never underestimate what children truly know and can understand. We can not assume because he is so young he does not understand the reality of his mothers death and the manner in which her life was cut short.

    I for one, continue to encourage and those who are working on the case not to be hindered or discouraged from any negative feedback which pushes people away from the case.

    Forgiveness is healthy, especially for a victims family or extended family. I for one encourage it in a healthy way, but not as a tool for manipulation of the general public and especially not when it comes to it being used as a method for purposely hindering the resolution of a gruesome murder case.

    Once can forgive however we must truly remember that a murder and those who do wrong, especially against the will and commandments of God must be brought to justice. Those who do wrong and harm others must be taught what they did as wrong, so they are not free to continue this behavior. One can not just assume that the murder is a “changed man/woman” and will never continue this horrid behavior.


    Read the many condolences from all across the world. Elizabeth made this site the day after Lacey’s murder. It’s only one of many things she did to be of service. All from the kindness of her heart and born from her own suffering and empathy she had for Lacey.

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