Phil January Interview with PI (Part 3 of many)

When we left off, Nikki LaDue January’s husband Phil explained to a Private Investigator the drug addiction he said Nikki had. In this installment, he goes further into the night of April 28, 2002 and the incident that made her come clean to him about her addiction. These are actual transcriptions of the taped interview.

PI: When she was when that that uh episode when uh uh when you uh caught her out w- w- by at Rascals, you were just uh – basically running the roads, and you and you found her?

Phil: No. No, she told me where she was.

PI: Oh she told you she told you where she was. Was-

Phil: Yeah she told me where she was she – she had told me she was down at Best Western, at a party, and then she was told me you know that she was on her way home like, subsequent phone calls and then, then I went to the store between the hou- the condo and Rascals and that’s when she told me she was at the store and she wasn’t so I knew she was still there and of course as I pulled down the highway her car’s sitting right out front so I knew she was still there.

PI: So she was intoxicated.

Phil: Looked like.

Nancy Burge with Nikki

PI: Yeah. And how about Nancy Burge? Was she uh – was – at that point were you aware

Phil: I didn’t care. It wasn’t my care at that point.

PI: Right.

Phil: My concern was Nikki. I- I don’t know. Somebody followed them home because Nancy left. She didn’t stay there.

PI: Mm-hmm So-

Phil: So somebody had to give Nancy back a ride back to her vehicle which I’m assuming was parked there I never saw it though-

PI: So Nancy brought her back home?

Phil: Nancy drove her (Nikki’s) car back home.

PI: Were Oh. And then someone- did someone else and you and ni- and Nikki got in your car?

Phil: Uh-huh.

PI: Nikki got in your car?

Phil: No. No, Nikki rode with her.

PI: Oh. Rode with Nancy.

Phil: Yeah.

PI: OK. Um. And that’s – and of course – as you stated – that’s when the uh uh when she uh typed a letter and to and you be – first became aware of her drug problem. Now from that point on, umm, did she fall off the wagon? Did she keep to it?

Phil: She kept to everything, every deal that we made except for giving me the names. And she did give me a list but it had about six people on it. Which she had already told me that –

PI: Names of people who were drug users? Suppliers?

Phil: Yeah. Not suppliers. People that were friends that used.

PI: MmmHmm

Phil: They were people that she had pretty much already told me about an- anyway.

PI: MmmHmm

Phil: So she didn’t divulge all that and I finally dropped it. It’s like I told Bonnie (Nikki’s mother) I dropped it because you know what she was doing so well she was going to her AA meetings every every day I went to quite a few of them with her. Nancy was going because Nancy’s an alcoholic and supposedly now recovering. And uh, but uh Nikki went every day. Nancy didn’t go every day. There was like Saturdays they had the meetings at uh weird times, so she didn’t go on the weekends but that was fine.

PI: MmmHmm

Phil: Um, But no, she didn’t falter that I know of at all. Now I could be wrong, but – she pulled the wool over my eyes before but no, I mean – the deal that I came up with the stipulations of this is how we’re going to work this through – she never faltered on any of those. So she was getting drugs she – I don’t know where she was getting the money from.

PI: Could you tell – could you ever tell if she was uh if she was high or not? Because she –

Phil: After that?

PI: After that.

Phil: After that, no. I mean, she – she explained to me that morning I mean it’s it was – it was very dee- she explained to me that that uh she didn’t do amphetamines, which is another things that the police report saying that she had amphetamines in her body because Nikki had a metabolism that worked in reverse of a lot because the the pain killers actually gave her a little bit of a high. Uhm, where as amphetamines worked the opposite and she didn’t like that feeling. Um, so I’m sure that whatever wherever she got the cocaine from it was probably cut with some kind of amphetamine stuff. But uh No, I – I never saw her, uh –

PI: Did she ha- did she have uh, were there unexplained times, was it hard keeping track of her?

Phil: No.  Because you know what? I made it – I felt somewhat responsible that I had enabled her to do this. She had all kinds of freedom. And I didn’t take her freedom away from her, but what I did is, I was a workaholic. Always have been. It was one of her concerns about going up there she said “you’re going to work all the time” I said “no I’m not.” But anyway, um, I went into the office the next day where I was working and told them, “I’m not going to be here as much any more I’m leaving in the afternoons I’m going to spend time with my wife” and for the next three months pretty much that’s what I did I would work and she would get done with her meetings and we’d the three of us – me her and Zack would go – Zack would come up there and we – we’d – to the office or, Zack went to her meetings a couple of times I know. And we would go eat or we would go home and would sit out by the pool. I did. We spent – spent time together.  No she had no really no unaccountable time. If she wasn’t – If she wasn’t at home with Zack, gone to her meetings, or with me in the afternoons, she spent time a lot of time with Nancy and they’d go out on the boat, they got to doing that when the weather got better and and then there was um a – I’m trying to think I think it was a Thursday, that they went up to some cabin that Nancy’s family has up in around (inaudible) probably or somewhere up in there.  But Nancy stayed and Nikki came home so they drove separate cars but Nikki had to go to work Friday so-

PI: Did you ever go with them?

Phil: No.

PI: No?

Phil: No it was planned, but we never made it, so

PI: Did you trust Nikki with uh – Nancy? Did you feel like that that she was a good influence?

Phil: Yeah. Yeah, I did. I mean, I I actually thought they were probably helping each other because – I know there was a couple of times when Nancy was going through her rehab – her anniversary is in June sometimes, I – I don’t know the date. But she and her husband went off someplace and she called Nikki, one one evening we were sitting there watching TV and Nikki had to talk her out of drinking wine with her meal, and I know Nikki told me later that Nancy didn’t do it and she was grateful that she hadn’t done it. But but I think they were a good influence I really thought they were I mean Nancy’s behavior now is just bizarre. Especially her talk to to Bonnie that Bonnie kind of told me about because, they spent a lot of time together, they really did. And Nancy told Nikki a lot and Nancy drove Nikki into a lot of her Bull Shit when they first st- st-started hanging out and then just just basically told Bonnie that it was only good times, well that’s not true their relationship started – I mean Nik- Na – Nikki told me that the first night that they went out together she told Nancy that she had a cocaine problem and that Nancy had been helping her and she says that in her note Nancy had been trying to help her with her cocaine problem.

PI: And did she – and this was prior to uh uh the letter she wrote you.

Phil: Yeah this uh I think they went out sometime in March, which would have been a couple of months that they started hanging out together. They went out to the boulevards and went, went to a dance club or whatever it is.

PI: With concerning Nancy, uh, before Nancy and Nikki became friends and and going out uh together, was sh- Nancy, uh, to your knowledge, was she still involved with, with uh the uh Cathy woman? (Catherine Pierocich was a woman Nancy was involved with. Cathy wrote Nikki what some described as a “jilted lover” letter complaining about the time Nancy and Nikki were spending together.)

Phil: They were in the process of breaking up, or she was in the process of splitting or or doing away with her over time, because uh, a couple of week into the relationship, uh, Nikki and Nancy’s friendship, Nancy would come over to the condo after work and they would hang there and you know we got phone calls in the middle of the night. And I remember one time it woke me up and and I went to find out and and Nancy wasn’t there but Nikki finally told me what the deal was but this night that this happened the the girl was sitting right across from the condos at the pay phone calling.

PI: And – what – oh, Cathy? The night – the night that –

Phil: The night that she kept calling, because because Nancy wouldn’t answer her cell phone. So she just called our condo. She had – Nancy said she got the number off the caller ID in her house. But she still had keys to Nancy’s house.

PI: Well what night was this?

Phil: I don’t know.  This was prior to.  This was – this was – not too long after Nikki and Nancy went out that first that first night I I I w- gonna say it was within that first couple of weeks.

PI: Did you read that letter to Cathy? And presumably Cathy gave to Nikki?

Phil: No.

PI: Did you ever see that letter?

Phil: No I didn’t see it. Uh, Actually Bonnie, uh Bonnie read it to me one day not telling me who it was from until after she had finished.

PI: She expected, according to the letter, she assumed, or put the notion out there that Cathy and Nikki were involved in more than friendship. Any indication of that?

Phil: No. Absolutely not true. Uh no, no. Nancy just wanted that part of her life gone and and I spoke to Nancy, uh – Nikki and I – I used to say that Nikki told me everything well obviously she didn’t but, I mean, people were always amazed that Nikki would tell me stuff that most husbands and wives don’t share with each other, but Nikki told me the reasons that, because because the of their friend- their friendship and how it helped her was that Nancy was more grounded. She wasn’t, uh, she had a son, um, you know she she was involved with with like fixing up cars and um and you know, things like that, they, they had that in common and and and the other respect, Nancy told me that the reason that she liked Nikki is cause Nikki had such a positive attitude about life and and the relationship that Nikki and I had is what she wished her and her husband had, because she couldn’t talk to her husband about anything.

PI: Did uh uh did her husband, to your knowledge, know about know about Nancy and Cathy?

Phil: Oh yeah.  Yeah, he knew about it. Cause I asked that question. Yeah he knew.

PI: I guess he had no problem with it to your knowledge.

Phil: Guess not it was it was supposedly going on for like 8, 9 years. Something like that.

PI: And uh, by all indications, it seems like that Nancy’s back with Cathy. Do you – do you have any knowledge of that?

Phil: Oh yeah. Well, when we came back down here in September to get our stuff, I went by to see Nancy and guess who was there.

PI: What does that make you believe to believe? Does that – is that odd? Strange to you?

Phil: I don’t know I haven’t given it a lot of thought to be honest with you.

PI: And um and Nancy’s reactions now do you find odd – I mean as far as – now I’ve interviewed Nancy – do you find and she’s not – she’s overcome with grief – when I talked to her – uh what – uh – she does not – she says that – she does not want to – she does- she wasn’t aware of any negative behavior on Nikki’s part, and if there was, she really didn’t want to get into it. Does that – does does that surprise you?

Phil: Yeah, because like I said, it was based on I mean they were working with each other on their problems she was trying to get rid of Cathy and Nikki was trying to help her be her friend – I mean we sat up sometimes and talked about the whole thing and what she needed to do because she had drawn both Nikki and I into it.

PI: So you were advising Nancy also.

Phil: Yeah, and and we told her you just got to – cause she was still trying to be nice to her and this and that – and and and then on the other hand, from what Nikki told me, Nancy was helping Nikki with her with her drug problem.  So I mean how can she say it didn’t have nothing to do with negative?  I mean they – those were those were both problems, that they were both helping each other work out.

PI: Certainly. And what – and in these conversations did Nancy say, “I’m going to give up being bisexual”?I mean, how, how I mean,

Phil: No, actually…

PI: That I mean that that – to me that’s odd. I mean OK one thing breaking it off with Cathy – did – was there any indication that Nancy did – I mean why did she want to break it off with Cathy? Did she say why?

Phil: I I guess Cathy got too overbearing, and and, just, was smothering her basically. What she what she what I remember of her telling us, that’s what it was.

PI: So she would she would rely on your and Nikki to uh uh to uh bounce things off, talk about her problems, where was where was Scott in all –

Phil: She couldn’t talk to him.  She made that statement numerous times. “I can’t tell Scott about this. He’d go off the deep end.”

PI: But he was aware of the affair.

Phil: Oh yeah. Well from what I understand he was fully aware of it. I mean they did it for 8 or 9 years. Cathy basically was at their house most of the time. And-

PI: Any indication that he was involved too with them?

Phil: No, not that I know of. I mean, it – I never as– I don’t know that the question ever got asked, but it never was implied that I know of.

PI: Do you think if me and you approached uh Nancy she would be more forthcoming?

Phil: No.

PI: You don’t – you don’t think-

Phil: I tried to talk to her. I tried to talk to her a couple of different times. (indistinguishable)

PI: Would you would you be willing to go out there and talk to her with me? Or –

Phil: Yeah, I would, but she won’t talk.  I guarantee you she won’t talk.

Up Next: Phil moves to Louisiana to start a new job while Nikki prepares for the move. The question is, where was she planning on moving to?



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