Connecticut Cold Case Deck of Cards: 2 of Clubs-Alexandra Duscay

Connecticut has a pretty ingenious way of keeping cold cases active with a deck of playing cards each featuring a state cold case. Now I’m not exactly sure where you can get an actual deck but they are all posted on line here.

There are several on here I want to dig into including the murder of 26-year old Alexandra (Zander) Duscay. She is the 2 of clubs in the deck. Now unfortunately, I can’t seem to find any of her relatives including a couple of brothers, her mother and a father who lives in Florida. Hopefully they are out there googling and if so, please contact me. I know her brother Eric was concerned back in 2010, 4 years after her murder that people would forget about her. “My sister’s case didn’t get a lot of attention when it happened, and as time  goes by we’re getting to feel that she might be forgotten.” Read more

According to the New Haven Register,  Alexandra “Zandra” Ducsay’s body was found by her  mother at 4:44 p.m. on May 19, 2006 in their Boothbay Street home.  The death was ruled a homicide by the state medical examiner’s  office, which said she died of cranial and cerebral trauma caused by blunt force trauma to the head.

If there’s anyone out there who is willing to talk about her case, please email me at


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