National Domestic Violence Registry Executive Director: Lacey Reached Out To Me

From time to time, I “promote” a comment to a post. Today, Myra Spearman wrote in about her contact with Lacey Gaines. Lacey was the victim of domestic violence as told to me by many friends. She was murdered December 7, 2009.

Lacey Gaines

My name is Myra Spearman; I am a Survivor of Domestic Violence, Founder and Executive Director of the National Domestic Violence Registry and fierce advocate. In May, we were invited to the White House where we provided overviews of our very popular registry program which serves as a preventative tool in the fight against domestic violence. I am also a recent Magna Cum Laude College Graduate with plans on attending law school.

Lacey asked for and wanted help! She realized that her situation was beyond her control and she reached out to me.

Lacey was warm and endearing; I remember helping Lacey because she was desperately trying to leave a relationship that was riddled with domestic abuse. I gave her resources which included a pro-bono attorney, along with other resources; Lacey didn’t have the time to use them! She was killed soon after…

My question is does the Justice Police Department have any leads? How often are they actually working the Lacey Murder Case? From what I’ve heard, there are leads but still no suspect? No Person of Interest? I say, shine the light on the Justice Police Department!

We’d all like to know who is continuing to protect Lacey’s killer. If you’re interested in helping, I suggest contacting the US Justice Department and demanding that they get involved!

The National Domestic Violence Registry posts the names of those individuals who are convicted of domestic violence or a related offense.

Myra Spearman
Founder/Executive Director
National Domestic Violence Registry

Lacey’s website is


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  1. I would like to know how to have entered a name that is not in the registry though I’ve searched each relevant state.
    Jim Harnage

  2. I would like to know how to have entered a name that is not in the registry though I’ve searched each relevant state.
    Jim Harnage

  3. Just email Myra she’ll add anyone who has a conviction or protection from abuse.

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