The 13th Amendment and How it Relates to Lacey Gaines

I wasn’t quite sure where this was going until I got to the very end. Then I got it. This is courtesy of Myra Spearman, Founder/Executive Director of the National Domestic Violence Registry, Inc.


The Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution abolished slavery however; the mental attitudes of slavery still exist in some people today. In so many cases we still refuse to hold an offender accountable, which shows that we through ignorance; tolerate domestic and family violence.  Until we realize that we are all individuals, holding the same rights, we will continue to be choked, stymied and further victimized by domestic abuse…
Don’t count me as a number; realize that I’m a person who has made a bad decision. I need your empathy and assistance to help me through this. I don’t need another pamphlet, brochure or hotline number to call. I need real help. I’m not a number so don’t count me in your month-end or year -end quota. Don’t use me or my circumstances to assist you in getting more grants. I am a real person, who needs real help, my name is Lacey Gaines!”

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