A Song With a Message-Jenny Owen Youngs

WARNING: Some of you may be offended by this post. If so, sorry.

Given the subject matter that’s been discussed recently, this song by the amazing singer/songwriter Jenny Owen Youngs seems appropriate. Warning, even though the actual word is NOT heard in this video, which is a shame because I’ve heard it uncensored and it’s more impactful, the intent of the word is there.  I guess you could say if there ever was an appropriate time to use the word fuck, this is it.  Jenny Owen Youngs with “What the F**k was I Thinking”


Posted on December 16, 2011, in Cold Cases, Crime, Domestic Violence, Jenny Owen Youngs, Musings and tagged , , . Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. I’m sure that’s just how many victims of abuse feel. They blame themselves and she uses some real visual imagery in her song. Maybe it’ll resonate with some of the young victims today. DV is offensive all by itself and this song certainly brings this out.

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