Not To Infringe on Your Freedom of Speech But….

Comments to blog posts are welcome and encouraged. It’s those discussions that may spark a bit of information that could be helpful in getting to the bottom of some of these stories. I used a poor choice of words on my original Lacey Gaines post. I said that her parents turned their backs on her. That’s not totally true. While Lacey and her parents may have had their difficulties it was wrong for me to use the phrase “turned their backs.” I’ve seen a lot of comments focusing more on that than on who killed her. Lacey’s parents didn’t kill her. But someone out there…someone who may be reading these very words did. The Gaines family has lost a lot with Lacey’s death. Let’s try to refocus on what really matters. Again, comments from all sides get approved and I don’t want to limit anyone’s opinions, but channel your energy (like many of you are) in finding Lacey’s killer.  And, if there isn’t Justice in Justice right now, let’s make that happen! Thanks all!


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  1. Oh I so agree I am very interested to hearing more about Lacey’s different jobs, where is the apt ehrtr she lived, was there a person who harassed her at her job at the Apts? Was it one of the Getto brothers?\? Why would her waffle house manager lie on Lacey”s resume? Was he in the habit of helping girls pay their bills?

    I was looking forward to getting into the nitty gritty of this case.

    I look forward to hearing and seeing more posts – with some real info in them.

    The mother said they had a reward? I only know of the Crimestoppers and RewardTV. If there is a reward account going just to find her killer I’d contribute.

    Thank you for covering this case. It’s was so sad when she died there was only one article. It has almost been like she never existed. Why don’t they want to catch her killer? Why refuse help?

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