Reader Observation on Nikki LaDue January Crime Scene: Phil and Police are Wrong

A very interesting observation was made by reader Deborah Dauner about the table photographed at Nikki LaDue January’s crime scene. Her observation leads to one conclusion. Nikki was incapacitated and then executed.  Before we get into her thoughts let’s keep in mind what Nikki’s husband Phil January said as well as the lead investigator Thomas Pustay.

Table in front of Nikki's body. If this table was a clock, what is the dark object at 1:00?

First, Phil:  “I do remember there were two different kinds of cigarettes on the table. I do remember seeing the holster (to his gun) on the table.

Then Detective Pustay: He said the black case was from his Polaroid camera which he used to take the crime scene photos. First if that was true, he tainted a crime scene. Also if true, would he not have seen his case in the closeup of the table that he took? Wouldn’t he have removed it to present an actual representation of the crime scene? Apparently not.
Deborah Dauner offers another theory and this one points directly to murder. She is a photographer and is used to examining photographs. If you compare the size of the telephone and the ashtray and the cigarettes you get a pretty good idea of how big that black object is. Polaroids generally collapse so it wouldn’t be a case for that. Even if it was one of the very old ones, definitely not a Polaroid case. It’s also too small to be Phil’s

Examples of stun gun holsters

holster. What it’s not small enough to be and if you look at some example photos is the holder for a stun gun. Did someone incapacitate Nikki before shooting her? That’s the theory Deborah thinks makes the most sense. As I look closer at the photos, I do too.

Table photo enlarged


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  1. Didn’t the funeral director in NY remark about marks/bruises on Nikki – could they have been from a tazer?

  2. I also still want to know if her husband collected any life insurance money

  3. Please ask Deborah what Nikki is holding in her left hand.

  4. I don’t believe Phil was being truthful.

    I know the Grand Casino had benefits such as medical and life insurance, profit sharing and retirement. Nikki’s mother spoke with the HR they informed her Nikki’s day of release from her job was the day of her death. This would have meant she had not given notice she was leaving. At the time Nikki worked for the Grand they had sister casinos in Vegas.

    I know this as I had a good friend work for the Vegas sister casino. She said they had very good benefits, called them golden handcuffs.

    Phil had moved to LA from MS just 2 weeks before. Where would he have filed for probate in MS or LA (where he had them both listed as living)? Maybe the new PI can help to find this out.

    Phil also inherited all her jewelry and her car. And he fought his landlords for their security deposit.

    Was there a death payoff on the car as well? It’s reported he gave the mustang to his new wife.

    I question how he could afford to buy Nikki the mustang as he had been out of work for a year and it was months until he began his new job. He also recently been saddled with a court ordered debt of more than a few thousand dollars, from his ex-girlfriend, allegedly for misusing her credit cards (the misuse occurred during his relationship with his ex – according to Phil his ex also used drugs) What did he spend all those thousands on? And how was he going to repay that debt?

    I find it unbelievable Nikki would not have provided somehow for her son.

  5. It was Nikki’s high school friend and funeral director, Chet Gosper III, who reportedly said that he noticed an abrasion on her upper left cheek when he received her from Mississippi, washed and embalmed, but not yet prepared for burial. He described it as a bit like a brush burn, though the skin was not broken. As well, Phil also reportedly said there was an injury on her cheek.

  6. looks like table was shoved onto iron fence and her legs that lighters slided off cigarettes when being pushed against her

  7. Anyone who knew Nikki at all, especially Phil, would know that a stun gun would be almost a necessity to successfully commit a crime like this and even have a shot at making it look like suicide. She would have fought any attacker like a wild animal and quite possibly gotten the better of them, even a man as big as Phil. She would have caused such a loud, wild commotion from kicking, screaming, throwing stuff, that people would have heard her. Especially with Zack in the house, Phil had to have known he would need to incapacitate her first or it would have been a much more telling crime scene and suicide would never have been an option.

  8. Maybe the stun gun was Nikki’s and maybe that’s what’s in her hand. It makes more sense than Phil leaving her with a loaded gun. Normally people familiar with firearms, such as Phil, respect firearms and know leaving a loaded gun w/someone who doesn’t know how to use it could easily create a more dangerous situation.

  9. To who ever killed her you better hope and pray I don’t find you I will torture you and when I’m done you will wish you were dead she was a most innocent and loving person and I know when you do die you will go straight to to hell where you belong!!!!!!!

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