What Does a Stun Gun Injury Look Like?

Unfortunately there was no autopsy done initially on Nikki LaDue January after her death in July 2002. However, both her husband Phil and the mortician who took care of Nikki’s body said they saw some sort of marks on her face. Was the rest of her body closely examined? When she was found, she was in livor mortis so most of her body looked bruised. Here are a couple of examples of what a stun gun injury looks like.

Stun gun injury

Stun gun injury


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  1. O.K.. I am convinced totally. However, why did Scott LaPoint, the pathologist who did Nikki’s autopsy say he saw nothing when in fact Chet, Nikki’s friend as well as the funeral director who prepared her body for burial,say he saw what appeared to be bruising or a mark on her cheek? In fact, Chet was the first one to confirm already budding suspicions about suicide in Bonnie’s mind by telling her in private “If I were you I would have questions” For 9 long years so many questions but so few answered.

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