Mystery Letter: Justice Police will Never Find Lacey Gaines Killer

Lacey Gaines

Lacey Gaines was brutally murdered by someone police say she probably knew. Her death in December 2009 took place in her apartment. No signs of forced entry or even a struggle were found.

Two days later, a letter was sent to victim advocates Robin Sax and Susan Murphy Milano. Lacey had reached out to both women while she was being abused by her former boyfriend Daniel Sanchez.  The letter was unsigned and begged police to keep his/her name out of this out of fear from the people mentioned in it. There are some very serious allegations made in this letter which was sent to police by Lacey’s Aunt Cherry Simpson. I am only including some of the parts of the letter. Other parts, the writer wrote, would identify them to people potentially involved with Lacey’s murder. Here are some excerpts. Sunset Lakes Apartments is where Lacey lived and where she was murdered. She worked for the management company of the apartments at one point.

Dec 9, 2009

To Whom It May Concern:

Here is some information on a few people Lacey worked with at Park Management (the agency that manages Sunset Lakes Apts in Justice, IL.), Some of it may be relevant to the investigation but only if used by others investigating the case, NOT the Justice Police dept.

1. I had never met Lacey but was acquainted with Joe Getto, the property owner, John Getto, property manager/rental agent, and Irene Dawes, property manager/rental agent. I had also met Gino, another office/maintenance employee. At one time, there were two offices. One on the property and the other in Palos Park. There no longer is a listing for the Palos Park often. Joe Getto also lives in Palos Park, IL. I believe the street name is Burberry.

2. Joe Getto is a multi~millionaire who owns other properties besides Sunset Lakes, where Lacey was murdered. Joe had been married to and separated from his wife, Lynn, for many years. I believe they are now divorced. Joe, who is approximately 53 years old has been involved with many women that are half his age and younger. He has referred to them as “strays”. Irene Dawes, the inner property manager, is about the same age as Joe. At one time, Irene had set Joe up with her daughter (about 25 years younger than Joe) and the two began an affair. When Joe ended it, Irene stood by Joe and her daughter cut all ties to both of them. I was told that Joeʼs wife (or ex-wife) will have nothing to do with him because ‘He f_ _ks children” (supposedly her words).

3. Irene left the company abruptly in July or August of 2009. I believe she currently lives in F la. Lacey had been hired sometime in June 2009. I did not know that Lacey lived on the property and don’t know if  Lacey had anything to do with Irene’s sudden departure.

4. John Getto, Joe’s brother, works as Lc property manager/rental agent. He also resides at Sunset Lakes in unit #304 in the same building the office is located in. John is approximately 50 years old and has never been married. Prior to coming back to work for Joe, he lived with a woman named Kathy. Kathy and her husband had won the lotto (I believe it was several million) before she met John. With her winnings, sha opened a Pizzeria called Corleones which is located on Roberts Rd. in Justice, IL. John helped her run the business.  She left her husband, and she and John moved in together.

5. John Getto served time a while ago (I believe for robbery) and recently completed his five year probation. John ended the relationship with Kathy when he began working for Joe around June 2008, John does not pay income tax on the salary paid by Joe. I’m not sure which office employees do or do not.

6. Both Joe and John are narcissists, in the truest sense of the word. Both are very demeaning to women but can also be very charismatic. They seem to possess a sense of entitlement and they are extremely prejudiced against blacks as well as most other races.

7. Gino (donʼt know his last name) is a relative of a woman who once worked for the Gettos. Gino was married in 2008 but the marriage lasted less than a year. I had heard that during his separation, he was living with his sisters In one of the blogs, it was mentioned that Lacey`s new boyfriend, Juan, was living with his sisters. This seemed coincidental to me.

8. In September 2009, I was told that “supposedly” Joe fired Lacey because she was allegedly having an affair with one of her office coworkers. I did not know that she continued to live on the property after she was fired.

9. I was told of Lacey`s death in Jan 2010 by “someone” who worked with her. This person said Lacey was very sexually promiscuous and was involved with several men that she worked with, including office workers, maintenance men. and security guards (off-duty policemen). This person also said Lacey was allegedly spreading sexually transmitted diseases. “The someone” speculated that whoever killed her had probably contracted an STD which had been passed onto a wife or girlfriend. Gino’s name was mentioned. However, later this same person said it was probably an illegal alien that killed her and fled back to Mexico.

10. [redacted]

11. After learning of her death, I did some research and abound that nothing had been in the local papers (except the Des Plaines Valley News) or on local news channels. When I mentioned this to “the someone”, I was told that the Justice Police Department had placed flyers all over the area. No one that I spoke to in the area had seen them. I was then told that the Justice Police Department is incompetent and will probably never find the killer, I had read in the blogs that “Juan, the alleged boyfriend” had found Lacey but since he didn’t speak English, he had an English-speaking man call 911. The call was anonymous. “The someone” told me a woman had called 911.

12. There is another woman that worked with Lacey at Sunset. I believe her name is Lynn and she also serves in the military. There is also another Getto brother that lives at Sunset. His name is Steve Getto. I was told he: was diagnosed with bipolar disorder several years ago. I think he lived in the same building as Lacey.

13. I hope some of this information may be helpful.  I am risking my own safety as well as my famiIyʼs by providing this information. My gut feeling is that the Justice Police were paid off and are covering for someone. But that is purely speculation and I could be way off base.

Good luck.


And just for good measure, here is a review of the Sunset Lakes Apartments written by a tenant shortly after Lacey’s murder.

  1. Bernita – 01/30/10
    I live here currently and I am moving starting monday. This place is a complete dump and needs to be torn down or they need new management! im hope those of you still trapped here make it out the ghetto soon….lol
    Bernita – 01/30/10
    oh and lets not forget the murder that occured almost 2 months ago. A young lady was killed in her own apartment by the maintenance man……

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  1. Lacey was living in Sunset Apts # 312 just a few doors away from John Getto in # 304.

    John Getto
    Offense Details Court Record ID: 1999CR0138101
    Source Name: IL Cook Clerk of Court
    Charge Category: Criminal
    Offense Code: 720-570/402(C)
    Disposition Date: 01/26/1999


    Join co-hosts Denny Griffin retired Police Investigator and Author, Susan Murphy-Milano Violence Expert and Author and Vito Colucci Jr.Private Eve and Author. Along with the Crime Wire noted expert Peter Hyatt discuss Lacey’s case including the mysterious letter.

  3. Crime Wire Investigates and talks about the mysterious letter:

  4. For an overall look at Lacey’s case online media coverage

  5. Does anyone know what happened to Juan Valadez? Or his sisters? Why did they not contact any family after Lacey’s death?

    Holliston you posted a photo of her abusive ex how about posting one of Juan or his sisters?

    Was he related to Rosa Esparza – who said to many Juan led a double life? Possibly had a child with another woman? The sister of one of his brother-in-laws?

    Who was the maintenance man who was bothering Lacey just before her murder? Wat was his name?

    Was it a female or male who called Lacey’s death into the police?

    I heard an Intuitive psychic has visions about Lacey.

    Does anyone have any more information on the above letter?

  6. Do you know Juan or any of the following people?

    The home Lacey and Juan lived in with Juan’s sister’s Vero and Ana was at:

    4552 S. Fairfield Avenue, Unit: HSE
    Chicago-Brighton Park, IL 60632
    Neighborhood: Brighton Park
    Owner: Maria E Cerpa, Roberto Cerpa

    A link to MySpace photos of Jaun Valadez, Lacey, Juan’s sisters Vero and Ana:

    Lacey used a phone registered to a Gasper Vazquez (773) 969-0116

  7. ….to hear what kind of people were over there and to hear how badly Lacey was profiled made me sick. This doesn’t sound like Lacey at all. Lacey wasn’t the type to sleep around with multiple men. At least not the Lacey I knew. This all don’t make sense….how could someone talk about her so badly…unless they’re trying to throw off the investigation…

  8. Case #2010-M1-659381 for a ESPARZA ROSA by City of Chgo Filing Date: 5/11/2010 $840.00

    Case # 1994-M5-002763 for defendant ESPARZA, ROSA Filing Date: 12/14/1994
    Division: Suburban Municipal Division District: Bridgeview $520.12 numerous ALIAS SUMMONS ISSUED and AFFIDAVIT AS TO MILITARY SERVICE FILED case dragged on for 2 years.

    Rumor: Lacey’s old boss and Rosa’s longtime boyfriend would do anything for Rosa’s son. Does this mean he’d cover up a crime, even murder, to protect “Mo”?

  9. Rosa said
    call Jimmy @ restaurant ….708-922-1799 we have no problem talking to u

  10. DOD 12/7/09 Lacey Claire Gaines Murder Case #09-06670 Justice, IL
    Read #9 above then this case Justice, IL Officer Carmen Scardine sexually molest woman waiting for cab at Justice Apt’s – was this same apt as the one Lacey worked or lived at? Case against Justice, IL Police Officer Carmen Scardine
    Did Justice, IL Police Officer Carmen Scardine work as security guard (off-duty policeman)?

  11. Does anyone know if Lacey knew a Justice Police Officer Carmen Scardine or a young mother by the name of MAGDELENA MOL who lived in Burbank, Illinois

  12. It’s so frustrating. First you have the Justice PD that almost criminal in their handling of this (and I’m referring to REFUSING any outside help), and then you have others FIGHTING people who want to find out what really happened to her.

    It makes no sense! I just don’t understand. Do they not realize that they don’t have the “right” to decide that justice doesn’t need to be served in Lacey’s murder?

  13. I always miss her so this time of year. Below was around 10 yrs ago the year we got to be the angels in my mother’s annual Christmas play. We always had Christmas at Lacey’s house. We lost so much when we lost Lacey. I still have wonderful memories!!

  14. Another year and no arrest. 4 yrs. Justice police they are in contact with Juan and they are continuing the investigation. interesting note is someone is trying to shut down Lacey’s website with what is called DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack. DDoS is an attempt to make a machine or network resource unavailable to its intended users, Hosting technicians are blocking incoming attacks, and since server is their property, they are taking legal steps towards attackers.

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