Phil January Interview with PI (Part 6 of many)

Onto Part 6 of the interview Phil January gave to a Private Investigator back in April 2003. His wife Nikki had been dead for 10 months, ruled a suicide by the Pass Christian, Mississippi police and Harrison County coroner.  For more details, refer to this posting that chronicles everything from Nikki’s early life to her death. Nikki’s mom hired a private investigator to look into Nikki’s case. As part of that investigation, he interviewed Phil. In Part 5, he added Nikki’s former husband Mike Williams to his list of possible suspects. In this segment, Phil talks about Nikki’s feelings toward guns.

Nikki and Phil January

PI:  How would you how would you categorize your uh relationship with uh, with Nikki up to that up to that point?

Phil:  We were e- up to what point?

PI:  Up to the point of her death.

Phil:  Nikki was my life.

PI:  And uh and uh what I’m talking about is from when you got the letter… from the letter up to the point of her death. (the letter he’s referring to is the one Nikki wrote on April 28, 2002 telling Phil she was addicted to pain medication)

Phil:  I don’t know if you’ve seen all the writings since then or not, but Nikki, on the 28th of June I keep it in – I keep it at the house because I – I really have to read it a lot. And I remember when I went up to talk to Frank and I told Frank about what had happened. And Nikki’s deal. And I looked at him and I said “But you know what? But Nikki and I are closer than we ever were.” And we were. She tells me in her letter that she’s amazed that our love gets stronger all the time. And I think that uh we didn’t get to spend a lot of time together because of work schedules, but we were we def – we took advantage of the times that we – the time that we did get to spend together. And and like I said, that was one of her, ever since I met Nikki she wanted to get away from the coast. I always thought it was because of the pettiness of the casino ship. Well now I know it wasn’t. It was because of the drug stuff.

PI:  The love of your life. Is it catagorized pretty much? Is that pretty much? I mean she was your soul mate. And –

Phil:  She was my life. I have no life.

PI:  And and and of course, everything that I have warr- I have never met Nikki, but a very vivacious woman, very social, very loving, loved everybody, seemed like, and very close to her family.

Phil:  Her and her mom talked a lot.

Paul Morrell-said to have been infatuated with Nikki.

PI:  Now with uh – let’s talk a little about a little bit about, for instance, I just want to touch real quickly on Paul Morrell. Did you know Paul Morrell to to uh did you was he known to having knowledge of hand guns?

Phil:  I have heard stuff like that but I don’t know.

PI:  So second hand you’ve found that out. OK. Nikki requesting you keep the the the pistol there. Now by all indications Nikki did not like guns.

Phil:  She hated them. She hated them.

PI:  Tell me about that.

Phil:  It was odd. Now Looking back, I was – I was packing, and I was packing it in, and she walked through…I remember the duffel bag her parents had sent me this duffel bag for Christmas I was getting ready to pack it in there and she saw me and she never even knew where I kept that thing um I had a service revolver that I used when I was with Day Detectives, and she always complained about that so I mean she knew where that was kept because I couldn’t hide the rigging but it was completely out of the reach of of Zack and and not even an issue for that but she never even knew where I had this little weapon. And so anyway I was putting it in the bag and she said “well why don’t you leave me that” and I said “for what” and she said “just in case” and I said “just in case what?” I said “we live in the safest place in the world” I don’t know if you’re familiar with the condo, but, my gosh it’s a bunch of old people.  Nothing ever happened there.

PI:  And she’s staying with Nancy, too.

Phil:  Well but but that hadn’t been decided yet for sure. I mean we had talked about it but she had not finalized that with Nancy at this point in time.


Phil:  But that was – and I told her told her that “I wish you would” because I mean you know I I part of it was the part that yeah, you know, they were, they were, if she was there at Nancy she was less tempted to be unaccountable for. And you know she she had stayed there for maybe a night or two and that was only when I made trips for for a job – I I had flown to Phoenix for about a month before I took this job for a job interview and was gone one night, and then I was gone one night to this trip so to speak. But I never worried about Nikki at the condo. Um, I mean she came home after midnight, between midnight and 2:30 3:00 every night that she worked. I never worried about anything there. It was safe. I never had any any problem, but anyway. So I said we put a and I remember making the statement “we live in the safest place in the world”. “Well it would make me feel better” or something to that effect or, you know.

PI:  Did she know how to use the pistol?

Nikki and son Zack

Phil:  Not that one. She had fired weapons as far as I know one time. I was doing a a a qualifying course for Day Detectives and I – I’m not even sure of the date. I could check with [redacted]. She would have the date that we were qualifying. And Nikki was on her way to her AA meeting, and it was out at Gulf Port firing range, um, and she stopped by to bring me something to drink, and and it was in between the two sessions. I had a four-hour morning session and a four-hour afternoon session. And there was a there was a couple of guys still out there a couple of supervisors still with the force that were still out there. And anyway she came out there and and she asked if she if I would show her, so I basically showed her but this was a .357 that I carried. She fired one shot and she didn’t like it.

PI:  And that – that was it.

Phil:  And that was it. She had no earthly idea to my knowledge, whatsoever, of anything to do with an automatic.

PI:  She didn’t even – she didn’t even know what a safety was probably on it.

Phil:  Not on a semi-automatic.

PI:  Did you show her – before you left to say “look, you’ve got to use it. This is what you have to do.”

Phil:  No.

PI:  No?

Phil:  And you know what? But, in retrospect, I should not have even had one in the chamber, but that’s how I always carried it when I went out on the lawn to…

PI:  Clip full, and one in the chamber.

Phil:  Correct.

PI:  And these were – these were -uh .380 rounds.

Phil:  Correct. That’s the only thing I ever had. In fact, I don’t even know whatever happened to the other box.

That’s all that’s been transcribed so far. There is more and as soon as it’s available, I will post it. However, coming up next, could Nikki’s death be tied to others in the Pass Christian area? Why some think it very well could be and part of a cover-up.


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  1. This is Phil’s pretend to be stupid routine. Seriously, who would leave their gun in the possession of someone who doesn’t even know how to use it??? What a crock of shit. I don’t think for one minute that gun was left in the condo for Nikki to have “just in case”.

    We are talking about a guy who is a control freak and was hell bent on finding out who Nikki’s “drug connections” were. We are talking about a creep who intercepted the mail and intentionally and admittedly disposed of Nikki’s mail. We are talking about a sociopath who monitored her every move through bank records, pay stubs, and personal “eyes”. I cannot for one minute believe that if Nikki told her “loving husband” to leave the gun “just in case” he would have just left it. He would have demanded to know why and he would have forced her to go with him right then and there. What husband is going to leave his wife at home like a sitting duck with a gun she doesn’t know how to use “just in case” on an assumption that she feels she may be in danger???? Please.

    The whole leaving the gun in the condo story is bullshit and all part of Phil’s strategic plan to project the perception that Nikki had the weapon at her disposal and therefore could have used it.

    Why was Nikki staying with Nancy? Phil would, again, like to project the perception that Nikki felt as though she was in some type of danger. Bullshit again. Nikki was not scared of anything or anyone except Phil. My theory, my gut, and my relationship with Nikki all tell me Nikki was covering her ass. She was staying with Nancy “just in case” Phil became aware of her exit strategy and decided to show his ass in which case she would be at work or at Nancy’s or somewhere in between. Should things have gone down this way, Nikki would have Nancy, her husband, and her son at the house or in close proximity to remove Zack from any conflict that could occur, and Nikki would have the support of her friends should any conflict occur.

    On that night of July 28th, Nikki was home free as long as she could get the hell out of dodge before the SOB returned. Witnesses have confirmed both Nikki and Nancy’s cars were loaded down with Nikki and Zack’s belongings. I believe Nikki went back to the condo that night to do a few last minute things, possibly leave a note for Phil (she always left a note), possibly grab a few more personal items. Nikki was saying good-bye to a chapter in her life she highly anticipated shutting. I have no doubt she carefully executed this plan, but time was not on her side. I believe she became a little too fearless there at the end by not being available to the SOB by phone at the condo or Nancy’s and this sent him over the edge to return to the coast right away to find out what she was up to. He showed up and shocked her, and she was not ready for that.

    So the whole staying with Nancy thing and the leaving the gun “just in case” all fit into his plan. Where does that leave Nancy? Why did she not go by the condo after work that night since she could not get in touch with Nikki and she knew the SOB was looking for her??? Or did she go by the condo??? Why is it she went to the condo the next morning but never called that morning? At first glance this may not seem so unusual, however put yourself in those shoes. I can say with no uncertainty that if I could not get my best friend on the phone all night (under these circumstances), I would have gone to the condo that night, especially my best friend who is staying at my house but not there and missing in action. However, if for some reason I did not go to the condo that night, I would have called the minute I woke up and said “where the hell have you been bitch???”….but she did show up late morning. No doubt Nancy is fearful of her own life. There is no other reason to be silent.

  2. Its sad, but suicide rates are pretty high with addicts. Even when they are going to meetings and not drinking or doing drugs.

  3. Vivian Lee. Shut up

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