Aisha Khan, Missing Student in Kansas Found Safe: Was Not Abducted

Aisha Khan found safe

Something seemed strange about this from the beginning. Aisha Khan, a 19-year old student leaves phone messages to her sister saying a drunk man was bothering her and she slapped him after he tried to kiss her…she disappears in broad daylight in the midst of a crowded college campus and no one sees anything unusual…her voice during this “traumatic event” is calm and sounds almost scripted…yet police had to dedicate resources in case something terrible had happened. It didn’t. This was a planned “disappearance” for whatever reason. Facebook pages in her honor are still up, but I imagine they will be yanked soon. And people wonder why  police can be skeptical when an adult is reported missing especially after just a few hours? Aisha Khan has hurt so many more people in the future than she will ever know.

From the Help Find Aisha Kahn Facebook page:

‎”The Khan family is ecstatic. Their daughter is ALIVE and safe. I cannot begin to express how much of an honor it has been getting to know them, even if it were a tragic event that brought us together. Isn’t that what humanity is? Caring, helping, giving selflessly to our brothers and sisters ESPECIALLY in time of grief? Our prayers that she would be located safely, regardless of background, have… been answered.
I witnessed something beautiful this past week. Our community -local, national and global- setting aside all differences and banding together as one for something. It was truly what kept everyone motivated and positive throughout the whole ordeal. I received phone calls from people I’ve admired my whole life asking ME how they could help with efforts. I also received calls and emails from priests, rabbis and imams across the nation letting us know that they are all praying for Aisha. It was absolutely beyond inspiring.
Please, let us not forget what we have gained from this. We are at times vicious beings that are so quick to be critical and judgmental of others and this is certainly not a time to allow anything to dissolve this new-found global community, ESPECIALLY when the full story has yet to be announced.
Aisha brought us together. All efforts, all sleepless nights and exhaustion was worth it. Why? Because we found her, and she is alive and NOT DEAD.
Sincerest “thank you” to everyone for your selfless efforts. It has not gone unnoticed and each and every one of you was extremely crucial toward this goal. So proud of you all. Thank you.” -via Sara Jawhari, media coordinator
And people commenting on this who had been very supportive are mixed with their reactions, from jubilant to angry.
Leena Ramadan People need to move on. We are not all free of mistakes. I’m sure Aisha has her reasons, and as her brothers and sisters in Islam we shouldn’t judge her or backbite. This page was not created for us to speculate or criticize someone’s actions. And like someone mentioned before, I think tax payers’ dollars have been spent on unnecessary wars more than on this search.
Cathy Tomlin alhumdulillah she’s alive but I think all the people who made dua for her and helped deserve an explanation. This situation wasn’t what it appeared to be…
Buckford Catty Wampus Glad the “not really missing” girl was found. Can she please give the money spent on her case back? The 4-year-old girl down the block from me is STILL missing and could have used all that work put in to find Aisha. Not to mention the kids gone missing and found dead in this time period.
Sehrish Hussain No matter what circumstances Aisha was found in it still goes to show that duas truly do count. So many people from around the world united and prayed her her. However I hope she realises that the torture her parents had to go through was totally unjust.
Amanda Lynn Izzie is right. It ISN’T a crime to care. However it IS a crime to fake victimisation and to let an unnecessary police search on your behalf happen. At this point, if people are going to pray for her, hope the state shows some sort of mercy and doesn’t arrest her for it. As the friend of a missing person from Kansas, I’m thoroughly upset at this. Sammy needed the FBI, not you, Aisha.
And this, another Kansas woman who is still missing…what efforts have been diverted to her search for Aisha’s?
Find Fatima Abbas Missing Since 09/04/2011 From Kansas City, Missouri Please Help Find Fatima Abbas Missing Since 09/04/2011 From Kansas City, Missouri I am glad Aisha was found but Fatima is still Missing from the same area as all your fans, so Please Share Fatima’s Page.

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