15 Years Later-Did Darlie Routier Kill Her Sons? (Part 2)

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Part 1

Why Darlie is believed to be guilty.

Assistant District Attorney for Dallas County Greg Davis made his opening statements on January 6, 1997. In it, he explains why he thinks Darlie Routier murdered her children. He paints her as a desperate, materialistic woman who enjoyed the finer things in life. When that began to go away, when she had trouble losing weight she gained while pregnant, he suggests she became angry and looked for a way to regain the freedom she once had.

Damon and Devon Routier

MR. GREG DAVIS: Thank you.
May it please the Court. Ladies and gentlemen, on June the 6th, of 1996, the evidence will show that five-year-old Damon Christian Routier, and his six-year-old brother Devon, were stabbed and murdered in their own home in Rowlett,Texas. And Rowlett being a small suburb in eastern Dallas County.

Now, the evidence will show in this case how these two children were murdered, who murdered them, and the reasons why they were murdered. And in the process, ladies and gentlemen, the evidence in this case will show to you, that this woman here, Darlie Lynn Routier, and no other person, is the individual who stabbed and murdered her own children as they lay sleeping in their own home on June the 6th, 1996.

The evidence will show you that the real Darlie Routier is, in fact, a self-centered woman, a materialistic woman, and a woman cold enough, in fact, to murder her own two children. Now, the evidence in this case also will show you that the defendant’s husband is named Darin. Darin Routier. Now, Darin owned and operated a small electronics business in Rowlett, Texas. And he did very well. He was a hard worker.

In 1993, the Routier family moved into 8 a new two-story home in Rowlett, in a nice neighborhood. Their address was 5801 Eagle Drive. It was a corner lot.The evidence will show that when they moved into that home, they started to buy the kinds of things that would show their success: A lighted fountain, satellite dishes, jewelry, fancy clothes, leather furniture and a Jaguar automobile. And 1994 was another good year. And 1995 was even better. But, again, instead of reinvesting the money from that business back into that business, the evidence will show that the defendant and her husband kept on spending those profits on themselves. And this time, in 1995, there were several vacations. There was a nine thousand dollar redwood spa for their backyard. And there was a twenty-four thousand dollar cabin cruiser for the lake, Lake Ray Hubbard, which is close to Rowlett. Now, as 1996 began, everything still looked good on the surface for this defendant. The evidence will show that beneath the surface, things were starting to change. For, you see, in 1996, Darlie Routier had a new baby. That baby was keeping her very busy. Her other two children Devon and Damon were also keeping her busy. Secondly, she hadn’t been able to lose the weight from her pregnancy. She was having problems there also. And perhaps most importantly, the evidence will show to you that the money train from Darin’s business was beginning to peter out. His business was flattening out as 1996 began. When we come to June the 5th, 1996, the evidence is going to show you that those problems began to worsen, and they had worsened over time. By that date, this defendant right over here, still had not lost the weight that she had gained during her pregnancy. And that had led her by June the 5th, 1996, to begin taking diet pills in order to try to get back that figure. She was no longer the glamorous, blond center-of-attention by that date.

Also by that date, the baby, his name was Drake. By this time he was eight months old. Drake, Devon and Damon were again — were taking up more and more of her time. And by this time, she was becoming angry because, in fact, her lifestyle that she had grown accustomed to, the vacations, the buying sprees, the nice things, the freedom, those things were starting to go away, and she was beginning to become very angry by that time. You will also see that by 1996, by June the 5th, on that date, the Jaguar automobile, it wasn’t running, so she had no transportation. That cabin cruiser on the lake, by that time, it wasn’t running either. And there were problems at Darin’s business. The evidence will show again, that business was starting to flatten out. By June the 5th, the Routiers, the defendant and her husband, had no savings accounts, no retirement accounts. They had very little money in the bank. I mean, the house was still there, the boat was on the lake, but there was very little money in the bank. And we’re going to show you, that on that date there was under two thousand dollars cash available to these people by that date.The evidence is going to show to you, that by June, the situation had become bad enough, that on June the 1st of 1996, now we’re talking only five days before the murder of these two children in their home; that the Routiers tried to borrow five thousand dollars from a bank in Rowlett. Because of their credit situation, they were turned down on that loan. That’s the situation that we see on June the 5th, 1996.

Now, during that evening, the evidence is going to show to you that the two boys, Devon and Damon, were downstairs in the family room. And we’ll be referring to it as either the family room, or as the Routiers sometimes referred to it as the Roman room. They were in the family room sleeping, watching television, the defendant was down there, at times her husband was downstairs also. About 1:00 a.m. that morning, both boys were asleep on the carpet, by a couch where the defendant was, close to a big screen television. They had been watching TV that evening. By this time they were sound asleep. About 1:00 o’clock in the morning, the defendant’s husband came to her and told her that he was going to go ahead and go upstairs to the master bedroom and go to sleep. Baby Drake was already up there in his bassinet. The defendant, at that time, at 1:00 o’clock in the morning, told her husband, “I’m not going to go upstairs, I’m going to stay downstairs with the two boys.” You see, the defendant was a very light sleeper, and she had complained to her husband that the baby would keep her awake simply by turning in his crib. And for that reason, she said, “I’ll stay down here with the two boys tonight, and I will sleep down here.” So, at 1:00 o’clock in the morning, the situation will be, that we have Devon, we have Damon, we have only one other person downstairs with them. And that person is the defendant right over here, Darlie Lynn Routier.

Now, sometime between 1:00 a.m., and 2:30 a.m., on the morning of June the 6th, 1996, both Devon and Damon were stabbed to death. The evidence will show to you that Devon Routier, the six-year-old, was stabbed twice in the chest. The first stab wound to the upper chest penetrated his pulmonary artery, and it went into his right lung. The second stab wound that you will hear about, is lower in the chest, and that entered into his liver. And the evidence will show to you that six-year-old Devon died face up, on the carpet, with his eyes open. Supposedly, as his mother, the defendant, was sleeping on a couch in that very same room where he died.

Now, the evidence will show you that five-year-old Damon was also stabbed. That child was stabbed four times in the back. Some of those wounds penetrated through his lungs, others through his liver, and he died as a result of those stab wounds. The evidence will show you that he was stabbed at least one time in the back, again, as his mother supposedly was sleeping on a couch, nearby where he was attacked. But the evidence will show to you that he didn’t die immediately. Damon somehow struggled across the floor of that family room, towards the hallway, and towards the kitchen, before collapsing on the floor. And when the first police officers got there to that scene that morning, and when the paramedics got there, they found him face down, gasping for breath, with his eyes open. But the evidence will show to you that Damon Christian Routier died before the paramedics could get him to the hospital that morning.

Now, you will hear from police officers, who dealt with the defendant. You will hear from paramedics who dealt with the defendant that morning also. You will hear from doctors who treated her, and you will hear from personnel from Baylor Hospital in Dallas, nurses, and other medical personnel over there who dealt with her that morning. And you’ll hear them tell you that that morning, immediately after these attacks on her children, this defendant was not in shock. This defendant was awake, she was alert, and she was very coherent. You will hear them tell you how they had conversations with her, in which she was able to follow their instructions, and able to give very detailed information to them about herself, and about events, and about her condition. You will hear, from those very same people, that this woman over here, Darlie Lynn Routier, that morning, while she is at the scene at 5801 Eagle Drive, made absolutely no attempts to help either of her two children, either Devon or Damon. She never asked about their condition, never asked about where they were going, made absolutely no inquiries about her two children at 5801 Eagle Drive.

Darlie Routier booking photo

You will hear also from them how this defendant gave differing stories about what had happened out there that night. You will hear the 911 tape. You will hear that at 2:31 a.m., June 6th, the Rowlett Police Department received a call from the defendant, a 911 call. And you’ll hear that tape during this trial, probably today or either tomorrow. You’ll hear that tape. And on that tape, you will hear the defendant’s voice. You will hear her scream, sometimes very loudly. You will hear the very first story that she gives to the police about what happened out there that night. You’ll hear her say to them that, in fact, that she had seen an intruder while she was sleeping downstairs, that she woke up, she found that her two children had been stabbed, that she had been stabbed, that she saw an intruder. That intruder then started to run from the family room, through the kitchen, to the utility room and finally to the garage. That he was armed with a knife. You will hear her tell the police that she chased that man, while she’s unarmed, that she chased this armed intruder through that house, that he threw a knife down in the utility room, that she picked up that knife. Now, you will hear on that tape also, how the focus of Darlie Routier turned very quickly from her two children, who were dying there in her presence, to herself, to the activities of the Police Department personnel who were on the scene, and to the condition of the crime scene. You’ll hear her, only five minutes into that tape, say, “this knife was laying over there, and I already picked it up. God, I bet we could have gotten the prints, maybe, maybe.” You will hear that being said as her two children are dying and bleeding to death, right there in front of her.

Now, finally, ladies and gentlemen, in this trial, you will hear about the police investigation, the extensive police investigation. And you will see the physical and the scientific evidence that was conducted, and that was preserved and collected out there at that scene.

You will see a lot of things, unfortunately, that are going to be very graphic. And I’m just going to apologize in advance for that. There is just no way around it. Some of these things are going to be very difficult for you to look at and to listen to. But the bottom line and the reason why we’re going to have to show you those things, is because those things show us, and they’ll show you, exactly what happened out there that night. And for that reason, you’re going to have to view it, and you’re going to have to listen to it. Now, among the things that you will see through that evidence will be that both boys, both Devon and Damon were stabbed with a knife that came from the defendant’s own kitchen; a large butcher knife that was kept in her kitchen. You will also see in that evidence, that both boys’ injuries were deep stab wounds to the trunk area. And that they were totally inconsistent with the superficial wound that this defendant received on June the 6th, 1996.

That evidence will also show you, that neither the defendant, nor any intruder ever ran through that kitchen and utility room to the garage after the boys’ attack, as the defendant claimed. That never happened. You will also see that no intruder ever threw a knife down on that utility room floor as he fled that residence, as the defendant claimed. And you will also see in that evidence that no intruder ever left out of that garage through a window, where a screen had been cut, that evening after the boys’ attack. That never happened either, as this defendant claimed it happened that night.

And finally, the evidence in this case will show you, beyond any reasonable doubt, that this defendant staged the crime scene before the police got there, to make it appear like an intruder had come in, and that she had had a struggle with that intruder. You will also see, that there is blood on her T-shirt that she was wearing at the time. That her own son’s blood is on her T-shirt, and that it was deposited while she was stabbing them to death on June the 6th, 1996.

And, finally, you will hear that that screen that was cut on that garage window, the place where this intruder supposedly came into the house to attack the boys, and supposedly left out of the house, as she chased him unarmed. You will see, that the screen is made up of two things: It’s made up of fiberglass rods that are also connected with a rubber polymer, a black rubbery substance. And you’ll hear that a knife was found inside the defendant’s residence, in her kitchen, still in a butcher block, and that knife was examined. And those two very same substances, both the fiberglass rods found in the window screen, and the black rubber material, was found on the blade of that knife.

At the conclusion of this case, when all of the testimony is in, I’m going to come before you, and I’m going to ask you to find this defendant guilty, because the evidence we’re going to show you through this trial, shows beyond any reasonable doubt that she is, in fact, guilty of the capital murder of five-year-old Damon
Christian Routier.

Thank you.

In Part 3–The Defense Opening Statement

Part 1


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  1. Ridiculous! If she wanted her children dead why didn’t she kill ALL of them? This opening statement sounds like he is trying this case purely based on his biased perceptions of Darlie’s personality, not on cold hard evidence! Everyone knows now the reason she was only charged with one murder was because the murder weapon for the second child was never found. There was a question asked if the knife found could have been used on both children, the answer was yes, but the fact that only one child’s blood was found on that knife was never mentioned. This is a postcard case of gross injustice!

    • “There was a question asked if the knife found could have been used on both children, the answer was yes, but the fact that only one child’s blood was found on that knife was never mentioned. This is a postcard case of gross injustice!”

      Absolutely incorrect, Linda.

      Greg Davis (Direct Examination):

      17 Q. The samples off the knife, SWIFS item
      18 No. 2, what were your results there?
      19 A. I had four stains from the knife. Two
      20 of those stains matched Darlie Routier, one matched Damon
      21 Routier, and the fourth one contained a combination of
      22 Darlie and Damon Routier.
      23 Q. Okay. So two of them matched Darlie
      24 Routier, one of them came back to Damon Routier and the
      25 other one is a mixture; is that right?
      Sandra M. Halsey, CSR, Official Court Reporter

      1 A. That’s correct.

      Richard Mosty (Cross Examination):

      7 Q. And, you tested some samples of the
      18 knife, No. 67, I believe it is?
      19 A. That’s correct.
      20 Q. Okay. And the results of that were
      21 two, four locations?
      22 A. That’s right.
      23 Q. None of which were Devon Routier?
      24 A. None of those four stains, that’s
      25 correct.
      Sandra M. Halsey, CSR, Official Court Reporter

      1 Q. And that would be consistent with
      2 Devon Routier not having been stabbed with that knife?
      3 A. No, that would just be consistent with
      4 his blood not being in those four places that were
      5 removed for my testing.
      6 Q. So, in other words, all of these
      7 testings are just somewhat a matter of hit and miss, that
      8 you happen to pick up a spot or not pick up a spot that
      9 has someone’s blood on it?
      10 A. Certainly his blood could have been

      11 elsewhere on the knife and it was not removed from those
      12 four swabbings.
      13 Q. But you cannot say with any certainty
      14 that his blood was on that knife at all, can you?

      15 A. Not from those four swabbings.
      16 Q. You do not know?

      17 A. That’s correct.
      18 Q. So, it could be consistent that there
      19 was maybe a spot of his blood on that knife, that could
      20 be consistent?
      21 A. Certainly.
      22 Q. And it could be consistent that there
      23 was none of his blood on that knife?
      24 A. Unless any further testing was done
      25 other then mine, yes.
      Sandra M. Halsey, CSR, Official Court Reporter

      1 Q. Well, it could be either way, couldn’t
      2 it?
      3 A. From my testing, yes.
      4 Q. Well, that is the testing — that is
      5 what we have got, isn’t it?
      6 A. That’s correct.
      7 Q. Okay. Any other testing done on that
      8 knife that you know of?
      9 A. Not in my laboratory.
      10 Q. What about that you know of? Do you
      11 know of any other testing done on the blood samples on

      12 the knife at all?
      13 A. I don’t know of any other.
      14 Q. Okay. We don’t know one way or
      15 another then, and you have no ability to tell this jury
      16 that Devon Routier’s blood was on that knife?
      17 A. Not from my four tests, no.
      18 Q. Well, and that is the extent of your
      19 knowledge, isn’t it?
      20 A. As far as the knife is concerned?
      21 Q. Yes.

      22 A. Yes.
      23 Q. But, however you want to slice it, all
      24 the evidence that you were able to pick up and analyze
      25 was that Devon Routier’s blood was not on that knife?
      Sandra M. Halsey, CSR, Official Court Reporter

      1 A. Devon Routier’s blood was not
      2 contained in those four spots that were removed for my
      3 testing.
      4 Q. All right.

      • If you are getting this info from court transcripts, the court reporter has already admitted that she made hundreds of mistakes in the record. I don’t remember what happened to her for that, but something did.
        When I said Darin was the only one that could walk that was not injured, I was talking about the baby not being able to walk. I KNOW she slept downstairs because the baby was keeping her awake at night. That is why the baby slept upstairs. I did not mean Darin tried to get her to keep him too, I meant he wouldn’t have been able to. Darlie probably was stabbed first because she was the biggest and therefore could at least attempt to fight off someone trying to kill her children. That would be a reason for her not hearing her children being attacked. She was unconsious.
        You are right that the insurance fraud was not brought up for years. I wondered about that too. Either he didn’t mention it because it made him look guilty or he thought he might get arrested for it or both. He also probably didn’t think she would be convicted or get the death penalty. Now he would admit to it because he wants to save her life. He knows she is not guilty. He could be lying about what the insurance fraud was supposed to be. At some time he admitted that an earlier insurance claim was a fraud.
        People that kill someone then try to make it look like someone else did it have very superficial wounds they do not come within millimeters of their carotid artery. Their jewelry does not have to be surgically removed from the wound. If she had done that herself she would not have walked away. By walk away I do not mean she couldn’t have walked at that time, I mean she would be dead too.
        Devon had wounds that could have been made by that knife? I don’t recall hearing that. She was not charged with his murder because they could not find the murder weapon. There was no blood from him on the knife that was found and they could not find his murder weapon. That means someone had gotten rid of it. WHO could that have been? She didn’t have time and her blood was not found outside the house.
        I believe you that the motive wasn’t robbery it was murder, but if they had that much debt, why murder 2 little boys for a total of $10,000 and then spend more than that on their funerals. A person with that much debt would also murder the spouse. Darlie was almost killed. Darin didn’t have a scratch on him. If Darlie had died, Darin would be on death row. Darlies wounds were NOT superficial. It is amazing how the media, the police and prosecution can convince someone that someone is guilty. Read Darlies medical records. Those DID NOT change between her hospital stay and her trial. Just the testimony of those who treated her.
        Look at the pictures the investigators took. The vacuum cleaner was moved 2 or 3 times, a table was moved. As well as other things. Her blood is all over because she did walk into the kitchen, she got towels to put on her childrens injuries, she went back and forth getting them wet and either rinsing them out or getting new ones, I don’t remember which one THEY said she was doing. Her and Darin told the same story from the time he woke up and came downstairs. I don’t recall him ever saying he went outside to watch for emergency responders. I recall him say he was inside trying to save his son’s lives. He never said Darlie wasn’t doing anything to save the boys. He said the same thing she said,

      • As you know there are now and were in 1996 international rules for the forensic testing of bladed murder weapons. Those rules do not include testing only a small part of the weapon especially when a person’s life hangs in the balance. Based only on this fact Mrs. Routier is entitled to a new trial after the entire weapon is taken apart and tested correctly. When you add that these transcripts you’re using contain 32,000 errors and have never been recreated as required by judge’s writ, it’s amazing they’re still allowed to keep her in prison. Texas really has a lot to answer for. I wonder why it was so necessary to railroad her? Who are they protecting?

    • she was only tried for the younger boys murder for the capital murder conviction and death penalty for killing a child under the age of 6. it was a fairly new law in place in Texas; if you kill a child younger than 6 its a death penalty case. there was no reason to try her in the murder of her older child unless she wasn’t found guilty.

      • A very convenient dodge. They don’t have the evidence to convict her in the older child’s murder. He was obviously killed with a different knife not left at the crime scene. Had Devon Routier been stabbed with the butcher knife every inch of that blade would contain his DNA and blood. This case is such an obvious effort to frame an innocent. You have to wonder who these people were who actually committed this crime.

      • so the killer would have used 3 different knives in which appears to be hasty and silent attack? i.e. one for each of the children and one to cut the screen … it seems a bit incredible to say the least.

  2. I followed this case through the trial….read the autopsy report on the boys and say the pictures…the bruises Darlie had on her arms were due to Devon kicking and fighting her….his little feet had bruises on the bottom of his heels…she butchered both the boys…she came back after planting the sock outside, and cutting the screen, to find that Damon had crawled to the kitchen…he was still alive so she put the knife she used to cut the screen back in the block and then took the knife she had rinsed clean (remember both boys blood was found in the kitchen sink drain pipes) and again stabbed him….she then stood in front of the sink and cut herself to stage her attack…the screams Darin heard were from her inflicting her wounds…she then placed the knife on the counter..Darin almost caught her in the act! Darlie is heard on the 911 tape saying ” Oh! he’s alive” and other times asking,” is he alive”?…she was worried that little Damon, he was known as the fighter, was still alive! No one wants to believe a mother could kill her own children….but… when depression, alcoho, and drugs are mixed a monster is created…this, in a lot of cases, is a prescription for murder!

    • I am sorry to you D.P. but you are so far off that its funny. There is no way in this world Darlie Lynn Routier killed her babies or tried to stage an intruder did it. and then slash her own throat. Her throat was sliced and was within a hair thick of killing her. NO ONE knows what we would do in those situations. She had NO reason to kill those boys. Life insurance didnt cover the funeral. The family had to pitch in to pay for what the insurance didnt cover. IF she would have killed her sons, dont you think she would have killed her husband who had more life insurance on him than the boys????? Come on stop being stuck on stupid. The police department didnt secure the sceen. People were in and out of that house that had no business to be in and out of it…There was a man in the front when helped arrived that they thought was her husband but when they got in the house they saw her husband..so who was the man in the front yard? Itsn’t it also funny that there had been a string of robberys in that area around that time. Isnt it funny that her husband was trying to be underhanded and have someone steal their car and set it afire for the money???? There are too many unanswered questions for that jury to have found this lady guilty. DARLIE LYNN ROUTIER DIDNT KILL HER CHILDREN ANY MORE THAN I DID.

      • “The police department didnt secure the sceen.”

        What proof do you have of that?

        “People were in and out of that house that had no business to be in and out of it…”

        Other than Darlie’s word, which doesn’t amount to a hill of beans, what proof do you have of that?

        “There was a man in the front when helped arrived that they thought was her husband but when they got in the house they saw her husband..so who was the man in the front yard?”

        The man in the front yard was Darin Routier. He came out the front door as the officer pulled up. The officer pulled his gun on him, not knowing who he was and seeing that he was covered in blood. He then followed Darin into the house. All of this was covered at trial.

        “Itsn’t it also funny that there had been a string of robberys in that area around that time.”

        It’s funny because it’s not true. All of these things have been answered by the courts. Darlie’s attorney’s made that claim in her direct appeal. The robberies in Dallas did not follow the same pattern as the Routier murders.

        “Isnt it funny that her husband was trying to be underhanded and have someone steal their car and set it afire for the money????”

        That’s not true, either. Again, what proof do you have of any of this and what does it have to do with Darlie murdering her children?

        “There are too many unanswered questions for that jury to have found this lady guilty.”

        Do your research. Everything you’ve brought up is either wrong altogether or is from supporter claims that were raised on appeal and answered by the court years ago. These are not unanswered questions.

      • She got lucky her throat wasn’t deeply cut. Perhaps she made a half hearted attempt on her own life after realizing what she had done to her children.

      • Do you know Darlie personally? If not, how can you possibly say there is “no way in this world Darlie would do this”? I have never met her, so I have no idea what she may have been capable of. Have you ever met her?

      • warburtonalison@aol.Com

        There are 2 reasons why she slashed her own throat the first to kill herself after killing the kids this didnt work she knew she would get death sentence hence the intruder attack her only alternative

    • Mushy brained moron you are. You like your criminal cases National Enquirer-style, right? Americans are inbred idiots with low IQ, Texans representing the bottom of the brain barrel. The procedural aspect of this case is corrupted and tainted from start to finish; few things more appalling, unethical or suspect than law enforcement pleading the fifth in a case against a defendant they miraculously whipped up in less than an hour after the crime. Just gross.

  3. I think she murdered her children, she tryed to kill herself but it failed, the biggest clue of all is of course her diary and she claimed to have been stalked, now why would the intruder just kill the kids and not her, she is as guilty as hell i dont think she should get death penalty as she was suffering from severe depression/mental problems she wrote this in diary also. Very sad case for all involved

    • Oh yeah, tried to kill herself and then for 18 years insisted she was innocent. All she had to do to avoid the DP was admit guilty. She wouldn’t do it. Nothing about your theory holds together.

      • She will never admit her guilt. Even though she is 100% guilty. She’s to narcicisstic.

      • Why would Darlie ever admit her guilt? She has supporters (like some of you here), her now ex husband, family, appeal lawyers all fighting for her. She has no execution date. She will wait til the last possible minute before execution and then try to bargain for life instead of death. Just like Ted Bundy, she is narcissistic and will not admit guilt til she has no other alternatives. By the way, I am not aware that she has ever been offered life in exchange for confession. If you know she has, please point me to where the state officially offered that. It will be in the record. I have looked and cannot find any reference to this at all.

  4. elizabeth fischer

    The police ALWAYS say “if everyone in the house is dead except 1 person, that person is the one that did it”. Darin is the only one, that could walk that was not stabbed. No one inflicting their own wounds could come that close and walk away. Why would a mother with $200,000 in the bank kill her kids for their $10,000 life insurance?? Doesn’t anyone else see what really happened? The boys were killed for their life insurance alright, by Darin, the problem was that Darlie didn’t die also. How much life insurance did she have on her? $250,000 or more. He was trying to get her killed for her life insurance and the boys were killed to use their life insurance to pay for the funerals. Why wasn’t Drake killed? Because daddy couldn’t get her to keep him downstairs (remember she was tired and needed a break from the baby waking up every night that’s why she slept downstairs) and daddy could hardly go upstairs and kill him without being forced to injure himself to look like he was attacked and then he would also be that 1 person left alive in the house. I wonder if he will really let her be executed without telling the truth.

    • Sorry but i think shes as guilty as hell. Ive studied criminology/criminal profiler, i have a degree in this field and i have no doubt in my mind. As humans we all want to see the good in the other but in reality the good the bad and the ugly do live in this world.

      • I believe Darin is guilty as hell. I have studied psychology and criminology too, she had no reason to kill them. Darin asked people to break into his house and commit a burglary. Darlie didn’t. Reread the part about her necklace being surgically removed and how close someone came to cutting herr carotid artery. You are intitled to your opinion and I am intitled to mine. I think Darin had it done, whether he planned to have his wife and kids killed or whoever broke in did it because they were surprised by them being there, who knows. We probably never will.

    • ““if everyone in the house is dead except 1 person, that person is the one that did it”. Darin is the only one, that could walk that was not stabbed.”

      I’ve never heard that phrase before, but Darin was the only uninjured adult in the house and was therefore the first suspect. He was cleared fairly quickly because his version of events fit the evidence.

      In situations like this where young children are murdered in their homes, it is far more likely than not that the crime was committed by a parent or someone very close to those children. Someone in the family is most always responsible under these circumstances.

      “Darin is the only one, that could walk that was not stabbed. No one inflicting their own wounds could come that close and walk away.”

      Are you saying that Darlie was unable to walk? Darlie’s bloody footprints were all over the place. According to Darlie, she got up and chased the intruder through the kitchen. That changed, though, when she became aware of the blood evidence against her. The blood evidence proved that Darlie was not running or chasing when her blood hit the floor, as she claimed.

      “Why would a mother with $200,000 in the bank kill her kids for their $10,000 life insurance?? ”

      The Routier’s did not have $200,000.00 in the bank. Financial documents entered into evidence proved that the Routier’s were nearing foreclosure on their home, that they had substantial credit card debt, that they were several thousand dollars behind on their taxes, that they were behind on their office rent, and that their business had slowed (among other things). Darin also tried twice to obtain a $5,000.00 loan only days before the murders for Darlie’s trip with friends to Cancun and was turned down.

      “The boys were killed for their life insurance alright, by Darin, the problem was that Darlie didn’t die also.”

      If Darin was trying to kill Darlie for her insurance money, why wasn’t she the first one killed? Why the two children sleeping near their mother who would more than likely wake up when her children were being stabbed? Anyone coming in there with the intent to kill all three would take out the biggest threat in the room first. It is more likely that the children would sleep through their mother’s attack than their mother sleeping through theirs.

      “Why wasn’t Drake killed? Because daddy couldn’t get her to keep him downstairs”

      What makes you think that Darin tried to get Darlie to keep the baby downstairs? Darlie’s claim was that she was sleeping downstairs that night because Drake moving around in his crib the night before had kept her awake. So the whole reason for her sleeping downstairs was to have a night away from the baby, according to both Darlie and Darin.

    • I agree with you E.F., I thought from the beginning that Darin had a hand in it, call it sixth sense.Seemed fishy that he was upstairs and didnt hear anything! I cant believe he will let her die, shows what a cad he is!

  5. For those of you that don’t think Darin really did it himself. You are probably right, he paid someone to do it.He admitted to the police that he tried to hire someone to do an insurance break in at his house not long before this happened. This also explains the jewelry left on the counter, he didn’t want that taken it was worth money. Money he needed. If things had gone as planned that jewelry would have been reported stolen.

    • “For those of you that don’t think Darin really did it himself. You are probably right, he paid someone to do it.He admitted to the police that he tried to hire someone to do an insurance break in at his house not long before this happened.”

      Darin Routier never said anything about looking into having the house robbed until just before Darlie’s appeal several years after her conviction. He claimed in his affidavit to have told “multiple people” about it but couldn’t produce anyone to back up his story except Robbie Kee, Darlie’s step-father. The courts took this information for what it was. Not understanding why it would take a person several years to bring something like this up and with them having nothing else in the way of proof except a family members word, it was taken as an effort to help Darlie win her appeal.

      “This also explains the jewelry left on the counter, he didn’t want that taken it was worth money.”

      Darlie’s jewelry would have been covered by her homeowner’s insurance. The fact that absolutely nothing was taken from the home rules out robbery as a motive and leaves little doubt that murder was the sole intent.

    • I do believe Darin was involved, as Darlie’s accomplice. But if he hired someone to do it and he was also home that night, no doubt Darlie would be dead. How can you believe Darin hired someone to kill her, was at home that night to make sure it happened, yet Darlie suffers no life threatening injuries? The paramedics said she had no elevated blood pressure and was stable when they found her at the house 30 minutes after this supposed fight for her life? How do you think she is alive if Darin orchestrated this? It makes no sense to me, so maybe you can help me understand how you see this scenario?

  6. “remember both boys blood was found in the kitchen sink drain pipes”

    is this true? show me in the police reports or court transcripts please

  7. It would be nice if all yall just shut the fuck up everybody is trying to be internet lawyers none of u were there the night it happened…the only people that know what happen is that woman her babies and GOD so let those babies continue to rest in heavenly peace and remember what goes around comes around so whoever killed those babies will defenitely pay….THATS IT THATS ALL!!

  8. Darlie has given three totally different accounts ON TV interviews of what happened! At first, she woke up with some man on top of her cutting her throat. Second version, she awoke to hear her child pulling on her shoulder and her following the intruder WITH the dying kid WALKING behind her! Third version, her latest, she awoke and saw the intruder leave the room by the GLOW of the TV. Now, there is so many logical problems with her story, but just consider these ones. How does anyone get ALL those so called bruises and injuries and SLEEP thru it? How does one sleep thru their babies being stabbed AND one dragging his dying body through the room? Third, why would some man stop attacking her and then suddenly run off when she awakes? Her being unarmed too? Not to mention blood being cleaned out of the sink, vacuum tipped over with her blood underneath, and the knife that cut the screen put BACK into its slot on the counter? It is absurd! She is guilty.Besides that those so called photos of her horrible bruises? Go look at the silly string tape. You will see NO BRUISESon her arms, legs or neck! And that tape happened within ONE WEEKof those photos taken. The photos circulating now have been doctored. They have been darkened. Just another pr stunt by Darlie’s team. Shame on them.

    • you ever heard of trauma and how it can affect your mind as you fall in and out of consciousness

    • you ever heard of victims of murderers left for dead / watch series on dateline live to tell

      happens a lot and your head is so deep in the sand you cannot believe anything but your tunnel vision / just like the police

      • Darlie was not left for dead. My goodness, she was up and walking around half an hour after this occurred. She was conscious amd lucid enough to get a rag and hold it to her neck, she was conscious enough to tell the police what happened. Darlie was not attacked and left for dead, she had a slash on her throat that was less than 1/4 inch deep, wheteas Devon and Damon each had penetrating stab wounds 4 and 5 inches deep.

  9. Darlie is exactly where she should be. The evidence is so overwhelming it is sad that after 18 years she is still alive. She needs to be executed now.

  10. Does anyone know if the trial transcripts are online? I haven’t been able to find them and there are so many differing stories, I would like to read the transcripts. Thanks.

  11. Kristine Montana

    I have watched this case from day 1 and there is NO WAY she committed this crime. She was NOT given a fair trial and most of the evidence in her favor was not allowed into court! This system blows… Funny… you get 1-2 years for being a rapist or thug but you get life for something that you didnt do. WELCOME TO THE GREAT USA.,. every mexican can get free food and housing and have 15 kids that we pay for but we cant get a white woman another shot in court to defend herself.

    • What evidence of her innocence was not allowed to be presented at trial? I just read the transcripts looking for this. Some of the evidence was chosen not to be introduced by her defense attorneys, but the court did not disallow it. For example, the graveside prayer video where she is supposedly crying. This was allowed to be presented, so why wasnt it? I suspect because it did not show darlie grieving as she claims it does. Expert witnesses to rebut the prosecution on crime scene evidence were available and had studied the case, but Doug Mulder said they were “not cooperative”. After reading what they would have testified to, I believe they would have countered the prosecution on some points but would have had to agree with the prosecution on other points, so Mulder chose not to call them. I believe Darlie is guilty because there are two things no one can explain. (1) both medical examiners testified that Devon and Damon were both able to be audible and most probably speak after being stabbed – Darlie couldn’t hear them a foot away? Devon fought hard – he had bruises on his heels and butt. He obviously was kicking something, even if it was the floor – again Darlie didn’t hear this? Darlie days Damon called for her saying “mommy” three times. Seriously? He talked? Not cried or screamed being so injured and scared? No way. I’ve got a four year old and a five year old, and they still cry when scared or hurt. Damon crawled 15 feet after being stabbed. He crawled AWAY from the couch and away from darlie. He was found at the entryway. Why? Wouldnt a child want comfort from his mom when injured? He was trying to get away from her. (2) CSI TECH Kathryn Long testified that there was no blood on the kitchen sink knobs, where you turn the water on. If Darlie wet towels as she said she did, and her hands were covered in blood, even when she arrived in the hospital, why was there no blood on the faucet? Luminol showed the blood had been wiped away. I can accept the sink having no visible blood if she was running water, but the handles? Again, no way. Both sink and handles showed blood had been there when spayed with luminol, yet both were wiped clean. Both her first team of defense attorneys (state paid) and her second team (private) wanted to implicate Darin in the crime. Not because there was evidence against him, but because there is zero indication or evidence of an intruder. Even her defense teams knew that! Darlie would not allow her attorneys to implicate darin. I think if she had, Darin would have told them darlie did it. As unbelievable as it sounds given her diary and testimony of friends, Darlie is guilty. Please feel free to disagree with any of my opinions, but please use evidence or case facts or at least specifics to do so.

      • I TOO have followed this case and more since it first was on news > I think this is a possibility > darlie was attacked first and the motive was rape and robbery or one or the other ,, but darlie fought off attacker only to go unconscious for a short time and then one or both children awoke and murderer/s killed children to continue crime or it thwarted / crime gone wrong and then as wounds to darlie were so horrible her account of the event might get clouded by trauma . but then her next memory she sees one of the attackers exiting crime scene and her memory of all that happened gets even more clouded by trauma, explaining her saying she once felt one child try to wake her. at least one child obviously awake when stabbed (eyes wide open)

        this crime could have began much earlier than police know and not by a plan by darlie and/or darin

        the cops never seeked evidence in storm drain/s even though stating a criminal could deposit the sock in that same drain / (what did they do also to find companion sock?????) and too what if the missed other evidence from crime scene possibly still in that storm drain or where it leads to the end in a pond or water body

        also they did not search area trash dumpsters and/or cans ????????? for other evidence

        they just stopped investigating and chose darlie??????? wow open your mind to what if ?????

        what about blood evidence all mixed in one bag??????

        what about cell phone towers unchecked for PINGS to calls made and phone numbers investigated??? no subpoena ever ..

        Investigator concluded in first 30 minutes that Darlie was the murderer

        what about corrupt cops son?????? convicted

        1) There were bloody finger/palm prints at the scene that do not match any family member. Also hairs (facial and limb) were found and were not matched with any known person in the house
        2) Two Murder weapons were used, only one was found. Two weapons because some of the deep wounds were too narrow to be made by the knife that was found. Also blood from the 7 year old was not on the knife that was found.

        Blood found in the garage and seen in exhibits, despite police statements to the contrary

        so much more to discuss about the terrible job by police/investigators

        Investigator concluded in first 30 minutes that Darlie was the murderer

        State changes position during trial that the screen was cut from outside

        Evidence that kitchen knife was used to cut screen was impeached

        Photos showing severe wounds withheld from jury which would have rebutted nurses testimony (juror admits this is true and voted to not guilty originally) along with other jurors

        The police say there was no evidence of an intruder but

        There were bloody finger/palm prints at the scene that do not match any family member. Also hairs (facial and limb) were found and were not matched with any known person in the house.

        Key state investigators take the 5’th during cross examination by defense denying defense to challenge accuser

      • What I see as a big problem in the prosecution’s case is the kitchen knife used in the attack; when they tested it for DNA, they only found Darlie and Damon’s blood on it. Devon’s blood was not on it. They tried Darlie for the murder of Damon only, knowing full well that their case would have been in jeopardy with only one bloody knife in the house. It might have meant the intruder left with the other one.

        other weapon possibly disposed in the storm drain where cops never looked despite remarks the criminals would dispose of sock in that same drain

  12. apexis marie

    That bitch killed them poor boys.I hope she suffers when she dies stupid ass bitch no one told her to open her legs and have kids if she didn’t want them and she addmited to it in 2015 lol

  13. I have read and watched so many videos on this very case for quite sometime now. There are so many therories that havent even been takin into consideration such as the whole insurance scam that Darin had mentioned but never went through with it. Has anyone ever considered the fact that Darin was goin to have some one break in and steal some house hold items so he could claim insurance on them then have the so called “burgler” return the items and get some of the insurance money for doin the dirty work . having said that wouldnt the “burgler” be a little upset since the deal fell through and he didnt get and money because Darin called it off? Shouldnt someone look into the person Darin was going to have to do this? Maybe he got mad and lashed out at the family thus killing the boys and tryin to kill Darlie?

    • This has all been investigated and brought up on appeal. There’s absolutely no evidence that Darin ever did this. The first time he mentioned it was 6 years after Darlie’s conviction. The investigators couldn’t find anyone but Darin himself and Darlie’s step father to backup this claim. But even if this were true, regardless of who did it or how, the intruder should have left something behind and there was just no proof of anyone else being in that house.

      • There are list of evidence that was never tested or presented in court, such as a bloody fingerprint that matched no one living in the house or any of the paramedics/staff or police officers. Im not pointing the finger at anyone inparticular but looks like the police need to do a little more thorough investigating like the fingerprint or a handprint on the door to the uttility room. and for them to base alot of things on a tape of silly string is just bizzare! like alot of the jury had said after fact if they had seen the photos of Darlie after her attack which they didnt see they wouldnt have found her guilty. my opinion they needed someone to blame for this horrible thing so they pinned it on her. its not right especially since in most cases they will go to the extereme to prove someone innocent and they did no such thing. very sad

      • DNA was tested again and again. The latest results released June 17, 2015 again prove no one but Darlie did this horrific crime. They are trying to get the DNA results sealed. What does that tell you?

      • tells me that they still dont have a person to compare the bloody fingerprint to…so whos is it??

      • Darlie’s right ring finger could not be excluded as having made the print. They will never be able to positively identify anyone for that print because there are only eight points of comparison in the print and 12 points are required to make a positive identification. However, experts have testified that Darlie cannot be excluded as having left the print, but they cannot say for sure it belongs to her because of the print not having enough points to compare. However, what they did in June this year is extract the fingerprint oil and build a DNA profile and the DNA has been identified as a belonging to a female. It was all detailed in the June 25, 2015 DNA results report that was publicly available.

      • The DNA results were public available but now her fan club is seeking to get them sealed. Why seal them? They would be shouting from the rooftops had it cleared Darlie.

      • The fingerprint is smudged and may not be identifiable. However, Darlie has not been ruled out on the smudged print.


        and then someone/s or tried to carry out the act of carrying out crime for own evil thoughts and the criminal/s were disrupted by darlie after they thought she was dead

        you see anyone any criminal /s could have overheard or heard directly from someone that this was a hired hit or not cared about who hired it out and decided to go thru with crime on their own (criminals are nasty individuals)

        Darin Routier had tried to get someone to rob his house for the Insurance money and even to have his car stolen. Would it be so farfetched to investigate if he wanted his family gone also to collect the money? Or did they ever consider that Darlie could have had a psychotic episode instead of being a cold blood killer? And if you can’t explain how or why an intruder came in, does that mean it did not happen?

  14. She could not have self-inflicted the wounds that incurred on herself. Why were charges not brought up against her husband who could have undoubtedly inflicted these wounds as well as murder two of his children in Lou of the fact that he was also part of the business. …

    • She did cut herself. Notice no cuts to her face or to her implants. #ShesSoVain. She said it was not Darin, repeatedly. She also named two other guys that were proven not to be there. Darlie did it, Darlie will die for it in a much kinder fashion than she allowed Damon and Devon.

      • Darlie definitely did this. I think its possible Darin came downstairs and caught her after the crime, then helped her cover it up by running the sock down the alley and even slicing Darlie’s neck (with her complete permission of course).

      • Darin knew as soon as he got downstairs. I think he feels guilty due to them having a massive row before she killed Damon and Devon to spite him. But he didn’t know she would do it and knew that she had done it as soon as he got downstairs. I believe he said “what did you do, Darlie?” because she is angry when she says “I didn’t do anything, Darin.”

  15. 21 years later and no new “intruder” evidence. This trash is guilty as hell. One thing is for sure…Darlie Routier is going to be executed for killing her children and there isn’t anything anyone is going to be able to do about it…

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