Dawna Natzke Found Near Boyfriend’s Former Residence

While it’s not confirmed, the body found today in the forest just 5 miles from her home and 5 miles from where her burned out car was, the family of Dawna Natzke says it’s her. Police haven’t officially made the identification however they have let her family know of the find. She was found near a former residence of her boyfriend, Kevin Duck.  The family just set up a Facebook page called Justice for Dawna Natzke. Duck earlier claimed he went to bed after they both attended a Christmas party December 21. Dawna worked as a police dispatcher for the Hot Springs Village Police Department in Arkansas.  Duck said he thought she was at work when he woke up. Dawna wasn’t reported missing until December 23 by one of her children.


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  1. frustrated family

    Please be advised that the family DID NOT set up the Website Justice for Dawna. In fact we tried to get it shut down due to the fact that so much misinformation was being reported on it that we thought, along with LE that it could actually hurt the case. We were successful in shutting it down for 1 whole day then another site went up called Seeking Justice for Dawna Natzke Update Page. Then a day later the original page went back up with complete disregard of the wishes of MANY family members.

  2. http://www.thehinkymeter.com/phpbb/viewforum.php?f=64

    Interesting note on the The Hinkey Meter forum on Dawna includes a former criminal defense attorney living in the Village.

    I have long followed and respected Valhall’s Blog “The Hinkey Meter”. She is a logical thinker – check out her vita – impressive.

    I don’t know much about this case but I can’t help but wonder? The site was not shut down by the family they voluntarily shut it down so family could calm down.

    I am confused by the posts on this site – Holliston? Your title implies Cold No More and I’ve read some of your other posts. This seems to be a 180 by you. Why?

    Nice job on other posts.

    Not judging seriously asking.

    • When Dawna went missing, I simpyly posted that to help get the word out. And that was it really. Then then Dawna’s family wrote me upset with the Justice for Dawna FB page and then the admin wrote. I’m stepping back from this because you’re right…it’s not a cold case. They can continue to duke it out in the comments but I’m moving on to other things.

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