Haley Barbour Says “F#@k You” Mississippi

I hate politics and Haley Barbour just gave me 200 more reasons why. The former governor of Mississippi, who frankly reminds me of Boss Hogg in “The Dukes of Hazzard” tried to sneak out of the governor’s mansion after freeing 200 criminals including murderers, rapists, wife beaters and child molesters. My friends in Mississippi, I don’t have to tell you that your state already has a kind of bad reputation…undeservedly I have to add as I know quite a few people there…but a reputation of being uneducated, cross-burning hicks. And Haley Barbour just put an exclamation point on that reputation. This clown of a politician is now working for the Butler Snow Laws Firm.  “Governor Barbour and his former chief of staff Paul Hurst are tremendous assets for our firm, and we are excited to have them as part of our team,” Butler Snow Chairman Donald Clark Jr. said in a news release. “Their leadership during some of the most difficult times in our state’s history is unprecedented. We are fortunate that this legacy of leadership and innovation will continue at our firm, and both our team and our clients will benefit greatly.”  And there you have it. More lawyers shoveling out the bullshit.  You can see the entire list including pardons he’s done since 2004 on the Mississippi Secretary of State website. But in a nutshell, here is the hell he has let loose on victims and likely soon to be victims alike. Just a sampling of names, crimes and release dates. It reads like a Mexican jail break.

Paul Joseph Warnock-Murder-2008

Michael Graham-Murder-2008

Clarence Jones-Murder-2008

Willie James Kimble-Murder-2008

David Gatlin-Murder-2012

Charles Hooker-Murder-2012

Anthony McCray-Murder-2012

Joseph Ozment-Murder-2012

Michael Davie Graham-Murder-2012

Victor C. Collins-Murder-2012

Larry Darnel Roby-Murder-2012

Booker T. Barnes-Murder-2012

Anthony Sansing-Murder-2012

Jimmy Lee Avera-Murder-2012

Vincent Cardell Bell-Murder-2012

Everett Franklin Rodgers-Murder-2012

Rheon McShepard-Murder-2012

Leon Turner-Murder-2012

Derrick Lynn Guiton-Murder-2012

Aaron Brown-Murder-2012

Louis Edwin Griffin Jr.-Homicide-2012

Larry Harper-Homicide-2012

Bobby Hayes Clark-Manslaughter-2008

Randy Scott Fortenberry-Manslaughter-2012

Mabrie C. Gilmer-Manslaughter-2012

Robert Brian Gregg-Manslaughter-2012

Roy Michael Latham-Manslaughter-2012

Emma Stuckey-Manslaughter-2012

Samuel Tisdale Jr.-Manslaughter-2012

Chelley Lee Wade-2 counts of manslaughter-2012

Karen Irby-2 counts of manslaughter-2012

Harold L. Miller III-Manslaughter-2012

Lindsay Kathryn Welch-Manslaughter-2012

Patricia L. Simpson-Manslaughter-2012

Tawanda Jackson-Manslaughter, armed robbery and kidnapping-2012

Michael Clinton Armstrong-Attempted enticement of a child for sexual purposes-2012

Leton Cellious Upchurch-Attempted enticement of a child for prostitution-2012

Buster Caldwell-Rape-2012

Eldridge Dean Bonds-Forcible sexual battery-2012

Jennifer Wilder-Sexual battery-2012

Joshua L. Howard-Statutory rape-2012

Curtis Thomas-Statutory rape-2012

Earnest Scott Favre-DUI causing death-2012

Gregg Patrick Gibbes-Aggrevated DUI death-2012

Phillip Jackson-DUI homicide-2012

Justin O’Keefe Smith-DUI death-2012

Kevin Bradley Tabereaux-DUI homicide-2012

Joel Warren Vann-DUI death-2012

Joel Warren Vann-DUI death-2012

Burton Hill Walden-DUI death-2012

William Eric Henderson-Kidnapping-2012

Barry James Sanderson Jr.-Kidnapping-2012

Thomas Cole Kendall-Gratification of lust-2012

Narquita Watson-conspiracy to commit armed robbery; Accessory after fact to capital murder

Steven Todd Thompson-Domestic violence-2012


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  1. Tom Pustay still shows up in MS DOC Inmate Search
    MDOC# 129388
    Race WHITE
    Sex MALE
    Date of Birth 7/2/1954
    Height 5′ 10”
    Weight 280
    Complexion FAIR
    Build EXTRA L
    Eye Color GREEN
    Hair Color BROWN
    Entry Date 5/30/2007
    Location SMCI
    Unit SMCI 2
    Location Change Date 9/21/2011 5:03:37 AM
    Number of Sentences 5
    Total Length 40 YEARS
    Offense 1
    Sentence Length 1 15 YEARS
    County of Conviction 1 HARRISON
    Sentence Date 1

    Offense 2
    Sentence Length 2 15 YEARS
    County of Conviction 2 HARRISON
    Sentence Date 2

    Offense 3
    Sentence Length 3 25 YEARS
    County of Conviction 3 HARRISON
    Sentence Date 3
    Tentative Release 5/11/2047

  2. Some of the files have gone missing if you haven’t followed the latest. One law enforcement official I admire made a reference to wondering about kickbacks. Is it too early to hope that Haley will go to jail?

  3. This sounds like the Tennesse gov’nor Ray Blanton. He lost the election to Lamar Alexander because he pardoned his nephew for killing his ex-wife and her significant other. He was furious and got on TV and said that Tennessee was going to be sorry. He gave pardons to all the violent criminals. As fast as he could write them. His secretary/assistant slipped in pardons for other criminals whose families paid him. Lamar Alexander had a week to go before his term started, but he sent the National Guard out to block Blanton from getting into his office and cut all his phones.
    He became governor a week early. The pardons could not be rescinded, so the TN constittution was changed. A governor cannot pardon any longer. Blanton skipped town after townspeople shot up his house.

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