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Traveling around the country may sound glamorous but it takes a toll on you! I’m back and finally recovered. Lots of updates coming up this week including more from the interview Phil January, husband of Nikki LaDue January who was murdered in Pass Christian, Mississippi back in 2002, with a private investigator. Poll results show an overwhelming belief that Phil knows more than he’s saying. Also coming up, more on the 2009 murder of Lacey Gaines in Paradise, Ill., including a social worker’s contacts with Lacey shortly before she died.

Finally, what about former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour? According to reports, he pardoned 200 inmates before leaving office including convicted murderers, rapists, child sex offenders and more. Why would anyone do that? What does this say about the justice system in Mississippi? From the Daily Mail in the UK:

Mississippi governor Republican Haley Barbour spent his final days in office granting pardons or early release to around 200 people – including more than two dozen convicted killers.

The outraged families of the victims have slammed the decision as unfair but Mr Barbour has so far refused to comment.

State records released on Tuesday show some of those given pardons or early release were rapists, murderers and child sex offenders. Others pardoned include:

  • Michael Graham, whose sentence Mr Barbour suspended in 1998 and whom he pardoned on Tuesday. He was convicted of shooting his ex-wife in 1989 at point-blank range in Pascagoula
  • Clinton Jason Moffitt of Hickory Flat, who was convicted in June 2009 of conspiracy to commit voter fraud. Moffitt was among 16 people indicted on fraud charges stemming from the 2007 elections in Benton County. In July 2009, Moffitt was sentenced to five years in prison with two years to serve, two suspended and one under house arrest
  • Victor Collins, convicted of fatally beating his girlfriend, Peggy Campbell, in Marshall County in 1994, after Collins was released from jail on larceny charges Campbell had filed against him
  • Released two sisters on the condition that one donate a kidney to the other. Jamie and Gladys Scott had served nearly 16 years of their life sentences for an armed robbery when they were released from a prison in Mississippi in January 2011. He granted Jamie an early release because she suffers from kidney failure. He agreed to let Gladys go because she came up with the idea of giving her sister a kidney

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2085070/Haley-Barbour-pardons-nearly-200-including-rapists-killer-Brett-Favres-brother.html#ixzz1jALKMVhD


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  1. Thank you for addressing the pardons in Mississippi. I wonder if Tom Pustay’s sentence will be pardoned?? I am curious to know how Barbour picked his pardons. Did he go off the plea of inmates’ families or is there $$$ involved. I bet there is $$$ involved. So crooked…and to think I voted for him….

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