Did Domestic Violence Play a Role in Lacey Gaines’ Murder

Lacey Gaines

Lacey Gaines was murdered on December 7, 2009 in her rundown apartment in Justice, Illinois. While speculation has run rampant about who did it, there are still no suspects. She did have a child with a boyfriend who she later told people physically beat her. Daniel Rogelio Sanchez, Lacey told friends, co-workers, family and social workers beat her frequently leaving her bruised and battered. Would someone already predisposed of violence take it up to the next level–to murder? Prisons are filled with men who’ve done just that. Does that mean Daniel was involved? Not necessarily. Let’s assume he wasn’t. Had there been no violence and they stayed together, it’s possible Lacey could be alive today. But that wasn’t the case. Far from it. As a result, she was constantly on the run, forced to make bad decisions and could have put her in contact with people of questionable character and possibly even her killer.

Kathleen Allen, a social worker who was trying to help Lacey, had this to say, ” In our first conversation she expressed that she was in fear for her safety as well as the well-being of her baby.  She needed a shelter, a job, and a place to live. I made an assumption at the time that she was still living in another county.  I tried to get her help in that county until I spoke with her a second time when I realized she was living with her grandmother in Kankakee County.  I resided in that county and had volunteered for a non for profit for eight years assisting a large variety of needs and realized I had a lot of resources at my disposal.  The next time we spoke she really opened up.  She was a lost soul.  Her fear was real and she really believed if she didn’t get away from her ex-boyfriend, her life could be in danger. I believe what Lacey was telling me to be true. She described the abuse and that it had been going on for some time.  He had threatened her not to leave.  I warned her to get into a shelter so he could not find her and that he was probably most dangerous at this point.  She seemed willing and I told her to give me a little time.  Our shelters need  time to arrange details.  In the third conversation Lacey was more determined than ever , she was going to do this.  At this time though I picked up on something different.  She was young and had a small baby and I think the pressure was getting to her. She alluded to the

Daniel Rogelio Sanchez

fact that her grandmother was getting some flack for keeping her and the baby.  She expressed the need to get somewhere and find a job and break away from the control .  She was going to try that versus a shelter where she would have to hide and wait for a new start. I really should have been more persistent about her safety and the dangers.  Shortly after that Lacey was murdered.  Lacey believed if she didn’t get away she would come to great harm. One way or another she did.”

Did her life on the run lead to her death? Or was someone always close behind? Those 2 questions need to be answered.

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  1. I can see how Lacey’s family may have isolated her thinking it was “tough love”. To tell her brothers not to speak to her was cruel.

    We can see from her mother’s response to your blog post and commenters earlier that they may have a superior attitude of themselves.

    I feel there is something very wrong in this case. Why would a family not work to find their daughter’s killer?

    Her mother speaks about a reward, where is it? She speaks about going to the Sunset Apts. When was the last time this was done (last year)?

    Why did they not adopt their grandson? None of this behavior is logical. Who would want to give custody to the man who had sex with their underage child and so badly abused her. Why did they not have him arrested? Why did they defend him instead?

    Lacey’s mother says they choose love. I say that’s not love and it’s, too little, and too late.

    God loves justice – why then are Lacey’s parents acting like they really don’t want to know?

    Are they afraid and think they can buy off who ever is behind this terrible bloody act of murder? Have they made a deal with the devil?

    That guy in the photo sure looks like one. What’s on his shirt? “God’s Busy, I’m Not?” Why is he afraid?

    Thank you for being brave enough to speak about and remember Lacey, she shouldn’t be forgotten. She was a very special, kind and giving person.

    Good questions, she was on the run, from whom?

  2. To the above poster,
    Please do your homework on domestic violence against women. If her ex was brutalizing her and threatened her life, he is the suspect and not her family.

  3. Here’s a queer but interesting note. Lacey is buried on main street (S. Dixie Hwy in Crete, IL) at the front of propery which is now proposed to become a 750 bed illegal immigrant detention facility, run in tandem by the city and a company called CCA.
    Google CCA lawsuits, no pensions, low pay and understaffed as well as escapees.

    Crete Trustees made the proposal quietly in Oct 2010 and just Jan 9, 2012 had the town meeting on it. I’m curious who owns the farm.

    If this is not checked, CCA will soon become the most sought after lobbying support in the nation. politician­s who are low on population will offer CCA locations and pledge support to them so as to get them to build more private correction­al facilities in their district while benefiting from the numbers.

    Read some of this:

    CNN Billions Behind Bars Documentary: http://www.cnbc.com/id/44762286

    Redistricting and the Prison Population http://youtu.be/zAO3jnRCbXY



    Meet Town Left In Millionaire Debt By Private Prisons Operators http://youtu.be/w3G9YWqpWDU
    If you’re a legislator you want a prison in your district. Prison-Based Gerrymandering. http://youtu.be/wzh32Zp_PYk

    Ironic isn’t it – one of the unsubstantiated rumors is Lacey was killed by illegal alien(s) and now she’ll be right out in front of a Illegal alien Prison.

  4. Crete is where Lacey’s father and his family are from. Her home was south of Crete in Grant Park, IL. Her father’s muffler shop is in the South Heights.

    This prison will impact her family and all the citizens of the surrounding area.

  5. Don’t “most” families do more??? If someone murdered one of my boys I would be heard LOUD and CLEAR!

  6. Met rogelio briefly thru. a friend in 09 before December he was like talking to himself he said im gonna kill this female. Im going to a similar situation that lacey had, and this ppl that are messing with me are in the same circle and have connections with law enforcement.,…..polygraph test would help and is allowed by any courtroom in america.

  7. Rogelio didn’t say names or anything he just walked away….,,,

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