New TV Show Focuses on Missing African Americans-Jaliek Rainwalker on February 1

Jaliek Rainwalker shortly before he disappeared.

It’s been more than 4 years since Jaliek Rainwalker disappeared near Greenwich, New York. My other blog, covered his story but unfortunately it was hacked and those posts are now gone forever. A new TV show focusing on missing African American’s “Find our Missing” will feature his story on February 1 on TV One.

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Jaliek Rainwalker as he may appear today

Time Line

11/1/2007 At 6:45 p.m. Jaliek is returned to Stephen Kerr after spending six days in respite care.
11/1/2007 Stephen takes Jaliek to dinner at Red Robin Restaurant.
11/2/2007 At 8:57 a.m. Stephen reports Jaliek as a runaway to the Greenwich Police Department.
11/4/2007 Greenwich/Cambridge Police amass forest rangers and law enforcement officers for search for Jaliek.
11/4/2007   Jaliek’s adoptive parents are interviewed regarding Jaliek’s disappearance.
11/5/2007 Ground and air searches for Jaliek are conducted.
11/6/2007 Ground and air searches are increased for Jaliek.  Jaliek’s adoptive parents are asked to take polygraphs tests.  Stephen begins polygraph but refuses to complete test.  Jocelyn takes and completes polygraph.
11/9/2007 Parents hold vigil for Jaliek in Methodist Church, Salem, New York.
Media excerpts:
11/13/2007 Stephen Kerr refuses to take polygraph ~ his father says he should take polygraph.
11/18/2007 Respite Couple and Grandmother speak out.
11/19/2007 3 weeks missing ~ police haven’t heard from Jaliek’s parents in over 2 ½ weeks.
12/2/2007 Jaliek’s father put up reward posters ~ respite family speaks out.
12/17/2007 Find Jaliek Task Force event ~ Light The Night Vigil For Jaliek.
12/23/2007 Find Jaliek Task Force plans “An Inconvenient Child ~ A Story of the Life and Disappearance of Jaliek Rainwalker”.
1/4/2007 Find Jaliek Task Force announces distribution of their Reward posters and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Bake Sale fundraiser for Jaliek.
1/8/2008 Glens Falls Post Star ~ Stephen Kerr and Jocelyn McDonald’s lawyer, Jeffrey McMorris addresses concerns raised by former foster parents of Rainwalker’s about Kerr and his wife continuing to receive a $1,500-a-month payment from Albany County’s Department of Social Services for caring for Rainwalker.  He says the family continues to receive the money because they have expenses for Rainwalker’s care.  “They have a son, and they need to provide for him,” McMorris said.
1/14/2008 Police Press Conference ~ Still no cooperation from adoptive parents.
1/17/2008 West Rupert, Vermont neighbor speaks out about Kerr’s move.
2/2/2208 The “Jaliek is Alive” anonymous note.
2/3/2008 Mission Possible Investigations, a Capital District private investigative firm, has started an independent anonymous tip line to collect information in the disappearance of Jaliek Rainwalker.
2/4/2008 Find Jaliek Task Force appeals to the author of the “Jaliek is Alive” note sent to the media.
2/8/08 Times Union Story ~ Focus falls on Jaliek’s family ~ House of paternal adoptive grandfather searched; divers find no clues.
2/9/2008 WNYT Channel 13 ~ West Rupert, Vermont ~ Jaliek Rainwalker’s adoptive parents move to Vermont, but their new neighbors say they are not welcome.
2/9/2008 Times Union ~ Police seize computer, printer in missing boy case.  Items removed from paternal grandfather’s home as link to Jaliek’s OK letter from Westchester is sought.
2/10/2008 Channel 9  ~ Holding out hope for Jaliek.
2/10/2008 Channel 23  Gospel Concert; Private investigator comments on media coverage of Jaliek’s case.
2/15/2008 Post Star ~ Rainwalker’s parents file notice of claim against Greenwich police chief; Bell called the notice of claim “a ploy to distract attention from the real case”, “We followed the procedures that we had to follow” he said “It’s just sad that Stephen, Jocelyn and Mr. McMorris are trying to make themselves victims.”
2/17/2008 Find Jaliek Task Force announces a “cease and desist” letter was sent by Stephen Kerr and Jocelyn McDonald’s lawyer to the authors of “An Inconvenient Child”.
2/19/2008 Post Star ~ District Attorney:  Police were right to enter, search home in Rainwalker case.
2/19/2008 Find Jaliek Task Force Press Release ~ Weekly Sessions For Jaliek ~ Barbara Reeley, Jaliek’s grandmother will be available every Friday afternoon from 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. starting February 22 at the Washington Square Deli in Greenwich.  During her time there she will meet the public, distribute missing posters and flyers and will answer questions about her grandson.  In addition, when they become available, she will be distributing brochures about what to do if your child is missing.  The sessions will continue until further notice.
2/22/2008 Video From Channel 13 ~ 2 events draw attention to case of missing boy while Jocelyn and Stephen vacation in South Carolina.  Chief George Bell reports that items taken from the home where Jaliek was reported missing, are still in the hands of State Police and the FBI.  The Chief says the outcome of tests on those items is expected in a little more than a week.
3/5/2008 Post Star ~ Texas group (Texas EquuSearch) to look for Jaliek.
3/7/2008 Zero Gossip website tells Jaliek’s story ~
3/10/2008 Main Street ~ Reprint of “Searching for Jaliek” article from 2/13/2008.
3/26/2008 Channel 9  ~ Video taken from the Glens Falls National Bank in Greenwich at 12/:16 a.m. on the morning of November 2nd shows a gold van driving through.
3/26/2007 Glens Falls Post Star ~ Watch footage from a Glens Falls National Bank surveillance camera of a gold Chrysler minivan, similar to Stephen Kerr’s vehicle, driving past the Greenwich branch around midnight on November 2.
3/27/2008 FOX 23 News ~ Jaliek’s grandmother seeking custody.
3/28/2008 Find Jaliek Task Force announces Find Jaliek Day ~ April 5th ~ Community Search, Greenwich Bake Sale, Concert (Jaliek’s Journey Home).
3/29/2008 Glens Falls Post Star ~ Jaliek’s adoptive maternal grandparents seek custody of Jaliek.
3/29/2008 Troy Record ~ Spin-A-Thon was held on March 1st to raise awareness of missing persons.
3/30/2008 Troy Record ~ Segments of Barbara Reeley’s March 28th Press Conference.
3/30/2008 Find Jaliek Task Force announces plans for Find Jaliek Day ~ April 5, 2008.
4/2/2008 The Saratogian ~ Spring renews Jaliek search.
4/4/2008 WNYT Channel 13 ~ Events planned for “Find Jaliek Day”
4/5/2008 Times Union ~ Search for Rainwalker set ~ Group organizes hunt for missing boy; concert fundraiser set.
4/5/2008 FOX 23 News ~ Find Jaliek Day.
4/6/2008 Capital News 9 ~ “Find Jaliek Day”
4/7/2008 Times Union ~ Grief and hope for the vanished ~ Family, friends and law enforcement gather for state’s annual Missing Person’s Day.
4/7/2008 WNYT Channel 13 ~ Find Jaliek Task Force continues their search.
4/7/2008 WTEN Channel 10 ~ Jaliek Search Starts Back Up.
4/7/2008 Capital News 9 ~ Missing Persons Day.
4/8/2008 Glens Falls Post Star ~ Playing cards depict victims.
4/8/2008 WNYT Channel 13  ~ Billboards spread word about Jaliek.
4/9/2008 Glens Falls Post Star  ~ New Jaliek search scheduled.
4/9/2008 FOX 23 News ~ Billboards go up to help find missing boy.
4/11/2008 Troy Record ~ Texas tracker joins Jaliek search.
4/11/2008 Saratogian  ~  Volunteers to conduct search for Jaliek.
4/11/2008 Capital News 9  ~  Jaliek Rainwalker search aided by warm weather, billboards.
4/12/2008 WTEN Channel 10  ~ Training Exercise doubles as Jaliek search.
4/12/2008 WRGB Channel 6  ~ Search for Jaliek continues.
4/12/2008 Capital News 9  ~ Fresh eyes join Jaliek search.
4/13/2008 Saratogian ~ New search on for Jaliek.
4/13/2008 Glens Falls Post Star  ~ Volunteers pick up search for Jaliek Rainwalker.
4/14/2008 WNYT Channel 13  ~ Texas Company Joins Jaliek Search.
4/14/2008 Times Union ~ Texas search group joins hunt forJaliek.
4/15/2008 Times Union ~ New Jaliek search starting Monday.  Police to receive assistance from Texas search and recovery firm.
4/15/2008 FOX News 23  ~ National Group To Search For Rainwalker.
4/15/2008 Channel 9 News ~ Texas EquuSearch joins Jaliek  search effort.
4/16/2008 Channel 9 News ~ Texas EquuSearch brings sonar, drone planes for search.
4/18/2008 WNYT Channel 13  ~ Drone aircraft searches for Jaliek clues.
4/19/2008 WRGB  Channel 6  ~  Concert to Support Missing Persons.
4/19/2008 Capital News 9  ~  Drone plane aids in missing persons search.
4/21/2008 WRGB  Channell 6  ~ Search for Jaliek Disappoints Divers in Battenkill.
4/24/2008 Jaliek on CNN’s Nancy Grace Home Page.
4/24/2008 Capital News 9 ~ Families of missing people on emotional roller coaster when bodies are found.
4/27/2008 WRGB  Channel 6  ~  Sonar Search.
4/27/2008 FOX 23 News  ~ Sonar Equipment Used in Search for Jaliek.
4/27/2008 Capital News 9  ~ Volunteers continue search for Jaliek as six month anniversary approaches.
4/28/2008 Times Union ~  Sonar guides search for Rainwalker ~ Volunteer suggests closer inspection of two areas in the Hudson River.
4/28/2008 America’s Most Wanted Website ~ Jaliek Rainwalker.
5/1/2008 Bake Sale for Jaliek ~ 31 N. Pearl Street, Albany, NY ~ in front of Jonathan’s Pizza.
5/1/2008 WNYT  Channel 13  ~ New posters keep Jaliek search alive.
5/6/2008 WRGB  CBS Channel 6 ~ Jaliek Search Continues.
5/6/2008 WRGB  CBS  Channel 6  ~  Search Resumes for Jaliek Rainwalker; New Air Boats Used.
5/7/2008 FOX News 23 ~ Searching ForJaliek.
5/7/2008 Capital News 9 ~ Forest Rangers help search forJaliek.
5/21/2008 Capital News 9 ~ Police scaling  back search for Jaliek.
5/28/2009 WRGB  Channel 6 ~ Fighting for Custody of a Missing Boy.
5/29/2008 Find Jaliek Task Force announces schedule of volunteer searches for Jaliek.
5/29/2008  Times Union ~ Custody bid delayed in Rainwalker case.
5/29/2008 Capital News 9  ~ Jaliek’s grandparents file for custody.
5/29/2008 Find Jaliek Task Force schedules searches for Jaliek.
6/1/2008 Times Union ~ Find Jaliek Task Force searches in Vermont.
6/2/2008 Bennington Banner ~ Rainwalker search in Vermont turns up empty.
6/2/2008 Times Union ~ Voice experts work Rainwalker case.
6/2/2008 Texas EquuSearch sends TJ Ward to assist with Jaliek Rainwalker case.
6/4/2008 Times Union ~ TV interview studied in Rainwalker case.
7/3/2008 Times Union ~ Jaliek’s maternal grandmother fails in custody bid.
7/15/2008 WNYT  Channel 13  ~ New evidence found in Jaliek’s home.
7/15/2008 WRGB Channel 6  ~  Jaliek’s adoptive grandmother to face charges in break-in.
7/16/2008 Albany Times Union ~ Ex-Rainwalker home searched.
7/16/2008 FOX 23 News ~ Police:  New Evidence in Rainwalker Disappearance.
7/16/2008 Troy Record ~ Jaliek’s grandmother charged; police probe possible new evidence.
7/16/2008 Albany Times Union ~ Ex-Rainwalker home searched.
7/18/2008 Capital News 9 ~ Police remove article of clothing from Jaliek’s former home.
7/18/2008 Bennington Banner ~ Rainwalker evidence found.
8/3/2008 FOX 23 News ~ Jaliek’s 13th Birthday.
8/3/2008 Capital News 9 ~ Jaliek Rainwalker turns 13.
8/13/2008 WRGB  Channel 6  ~ Sureillance video surfaces, shows boy resembling Jaliek Rainwalker.
8/13/2008 Times Union ~ Doubts linger about missing youth’s sighting.
8/13/2008 WNYT  Channel 13 ~ Police doubt teen on video is Jaliek.
8/13/2008 Capital News 9  ~ Police, attorneys reviewing video in Jaliek case.
8/13/2008 Glens Falls Post Star ~ Person resembling Jaliek turns up in video footage.
8/14/2008 FOX 23 News ~ New Lead in Rainwalker disappearance.
8/14/2008 Capital News 9  ~  Who is on surveillance video?
8/26/2008 WTEN  Channel 10  ~  State Police divers search Hudson River in Watervliet.
9/27/2008 Greenwich Harvest Fest Used Book Sale for Jaliek at Washington Square Deli.
10/1/2009 Gift Basket Sale for Jaliek to mark 11th month mark of disappearance, at Jonathan’s Pizza in Albany, NY.
10/4/2008 AppleFest Jaliek Booth, Altamont, NY.
10/4/2008 Greenwich Used Book Sale for Jaliek at Washington Square Deli.
10/12/2008 Easton Used Book Sale for Jaliek, Easton, NY.
11-1-2008 Saturday marks one year since Jaliek disappeared
11-1-2008 Capital News 9 Jaliek Rainwalker Timeline
11-1-2008 CBS6 Albany ~ Jaliek: Missing One Year
11-1-2008 Capital News 9 ~ New Jaliek Rainwalker billboard on display
11-1-2008 News 10 ~ Still No New Leads
11-1-2008 CBS6 News ~ One Year Ago: Search Continues
11-1-2008 CBS6 News ~ Missing For a Year
11-1-2008 Fox23 News ~ Jaliek Rainwalker Missing One Year
11-1-2008 Troy Record ~ One year marked since teen disappeared
11-1-2008 Saratogian ~ Missing youth’s whereabouts still unknown after a year.
11-1-2008 Times Union ~ Vigils for Jaliek Rainwalker
11-1-2008 Glens Falls Post Star ~ Vigil marks anniversary of boy’s disappearance
2-27-2009 CNN gives Jaliek national attention.
6-17-2009 Capital News 9 – Have A Tip?  Call and Help Fight Crime
6-18-2009 Fox 23 News – Washington County launches anonymous crime tip line
6-18-2009 Fox 23 News – Washington County launches anonymous crime tip line

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