Time to Put My Thoughts Together: Who Killed Nikki LaDue January?

OK. I think I’ve seen and heard enough. Now I need to go back to the beginning and sort through everything and gather my thoughts. Then I will post my final Nikki LaDue January post. If anyone out there has some additional information you think I should know, now’s the time. I hope to finish writing Nikki’s story this weekend. Until then, remember Nikki for who she was. Until then, here again are some thoughts from Nikki’s good friend Jennifer Hecker Guenter.

I remember right where I was and I remember dropping to the floor in disbelief.  Suicide?  NEVER and NO WAY!!  Not Nikki, not ever, I don’t care how bad it got she was raised in the church and she loved life and she loved her baby and she would  NEVER break her parent’s heart like that.  I remember finding my way to my dining room table with the phone.  I needed to call my best friend from high school that was even closer to Nikki than me because they played piano together.  When Susan answered the phone and through choking tears and sobs I told her that Nikki was dead.  I heard a gasp, silence and then together we cried.  In fact, tears are streaming down my face now.  Things like this don’t happen to us small town girls.  We are all good girls.  We all did what we were told.  We all had our goals and our dreams and we all achieved them.  Nikki was no different.  Nikki was murdered.


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  1. Thank you for all you have done. I hope to see the recovery journal in your final post as it is so very telling of the nature of the relationship between Nikki and the SOB.

    • Austin Graham

      Any idea what the latest is on this situation? Has Phil and or Nancy been questioned recently? Is there not an organization or individual that can be hired to start shaking the tree to see what falls out?

  2. Have you contacted the VIDOCQ Society? They are the best so I have heard. They are a team of like 5 men, one from FBI retired, one is a Profiler….Google VIDOCQ, and mention the word MODERN DAY SHERLOCK HOLMES…It brings us a 20/20 case that was about an Oregon girl who was murdered. They knew who did it, however couldn’t prove it. TEN yrs. went bye. They finally got him. They finally got the boyfriend arrested. It was an amazing case. Better yet: Look up the 20/20 website from TV and bring up the Laura Freeman case. These people will help you. I just know it. This show will tell you everything you need to know, or enough info maybe if you contact them with your story, they will help you. They do their work PROBONO….it wont cost you anything. May God Bless your family and loved ones and bless them richly.

  3. BTW, I am a total stranger, who reads all your posts, and I do not think she committed suicide at all. I think the husband did it. I pray you find the truth.

  4. As far as a Suicide.
    How does one commit it by gunshot to the head.
    And then pick up a phone to leave bloody prints on the phone?

    Or how does one, have a phone in there hand, commit suicide
    by gun. Get blood on the phone afterwards, and then the phone is found
    resting face down on a table?

    If she was on the phone on the balcony, and was shot while she was on the phone, that would have been known. But even then the phone would not had her prints in blood on it. and would-not had been found resting on the table face up?

    I also believe she was murdered.
    If this happened a week ago.
    I would feel uncomfortable posting in public.

    But since it was almost 9 years ago
    not so much.

    My biggest question i have, that i have not found so far
    is the other brand of cigarettes that were there.

    Was it ever determined whom in her inner cicle.
    Or anyone she knew for that matter or the family.
    Whom smoked that brand?

    And all those phones calls that was placed to her that night.
    She had to go.

    I wonder how many of those were placed around the time she was killed.

    From what i have that you have posted.
    It seems there were two there that night on the balcony.
    At some point she was shot. The killer either made a call, or accepted a call with the bloody hand. If the sliding door was shut. If there was, i am assuming. Then she didn’t shut it. The killer did after leaving. So the child could not get out there. Or the phone got knocked off and the killer put it back, to make sure there appeared to be no struggle at the scene. So it would appear she committed Suicide.

    forgot to add…

    They chose the suicide plan, in stead of robbery murder.
    Because by ransacking the condo. That would have led to a more
    thorough investigation.
    But with the sloppy suicide re enactment.
    They either knew in advance, or at least was pretty confident to begin with.
    That a suicide plan would not be investigated any further.

    And until you post more.
    I suspect she was set up that night.
    She had to go!
    And all the phone calls place that night.
    Was that to create some alibi that the time she was killed.
    I was placing calls. Even if those calls were blocked i believe i read.

  5. Did Peter Hyatt ever get the transcripts of the Phil’s interviews?

  6. Austin Graham

    Nikki commit suicide? Absolutely not! Nikki and I were friends for a brief period of time in 1998. Nikki loved her son in a way that even Webster couldn’t describe. Nikki would neve abandon, or forsake her son in such a manner. And, she’d never do such a thing leaving him all alone all by himself to just wonder around the apartment with her dead on the porch. Nancy and Phil need to be properly interrogated. Some type of physiologist who is trained in such tragedies, and matters needs to sit down with Zack and see if they can help him remember that night. The answers to what happened that night lie with Phil, Nancy, and Zack. And as far as the ex-husband Mike goes, he did make a couple drive-bys by my house and make threatening gestures I’m threats towards me but I don’t think he would have been involved in this. I think if somebody starts squeezing this Nancy character and squeezing her hard shell crack and the truth will come out. God knows it’s time.

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