Dawna Natzke’s Family: Take that Facebook Page Down!

This comment on the post about murdered mom Dawna Natzke comes from a family member. I am promoting it to a post.

Please be advised that the family DID NOT set up the Website Justice for Dawna. In fact we tried to get it shut down due to the fact that so much misinformation was being reported on it that we thought, along with LE that it could actually hurt the case. We were successful in shutting it down for 1 whole day then another site went up called Seeking Justice for Dawna Natzke Update Page. Then a day later the original page went back up with complete disregard of the wishes of MANY family members.


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  1. Justice For Dawna Natzke

    Let make one thing very clear. No one ever said NEVER that it was family that put up the JFDN facebook page. If you look on JFDN you will see it is not a harmful website to the family or the law enforcement at all. The family was not successful in shutting down the website the administrator shut it down for one day because a specific family member became so ugly and the conversations became so ugly that it gave it time to calm down. With other family members blessings the site was brought back up. This site is doing many fund raisers, etc but yet its the only site that THIS family member is trying to be shut down. This person posting this comment and the comment that they made on the JFDN website isn’t even using their real name. They were banned from the website and now posting under this person. They are upset at this page because in the beginning they wanted to use some of the proceeds from fund raisers to reimburse their own family for airfare, car rental and gas to come to their own family members funeral. Their exact email stating this was copied and posted after they tried to deny it. They have also demanded to the administator of the facebook page “seeking the lost” that they be shut down as well. This is ridiculous and Dawna would be ashamed of you. Thank you for continuing your complaining and controversary over the facebook page it only draws more attention to it which adds to the number of prayers and well wishes that are posted for Dawna and adds to the attention that it draws for the fund raisers. Also let me add that this family member also specifically asked that JFDN DO NOT DO OR PARTICIPATE in any fund raisers for Dawna’s three sons. That is really sad that your own hatred and frustration takes over the good for the boys. Again thank you and keep causing controsary it only helps. To this one specific family member I now see why out of the many years that I knew Dawna you and here didn’t always get along. She loved you tremendously as she did all of her family but there were many times that you and her didnt see eye to eye. I encourage everyone to please go to the horrible website Justice For Dawna Natzke and join us in prayers, comments, thoughts and raising money for Dawna’s three boys.

    • God I wish people would learn how to read instead of just flying off the handle. Hazel, may I call you Hazel? I never said a word about your Facebook page. I simply passed on the email I got from a family member (confirmed by the way) that she wanted to get to you because you blocked her from Dawna’s FB page. If you read the words: Just a messenger here…and then the email, you don’t have to be smarter than a 5th grader to know I was the messenger, not the writer. And you know what? When I hear that Dawna’s mother is so upset about what you are doing that she can’t leave the house…and I hear the relative you say wants to keep the site active is her estranged husband…someone who in this case would be over ruled, it tells me this page is more about you and the excitement and the praises you get from people than it is about Dawna. Yes I think your FB page is a nice tribute. But at times I have seen it get way out of control and you can’t moderate 24/7. You can do what you want. I really don’t care. You can alos continue to bash me here. I won’t block you. That’s kind of immature don’t ya think?

      • Justice For Dawna Natzke

        Please tell me what it is that I’m doing wrong? Everyone keeps talking about what Im doing and what im doing wrong please tell me what it is as I’m totally confused. Upset about what I’m doing that she can’t leave the house? Really??? About me? really that’s funny yep thats it I love the hateful emails on and on and on. You can call me Hazel since thats my name if you were trying to be clever by saying that you weren’t. So when you have some family telling you to stop and other family telling you to continue what do you do? I wasn’t aware that I bashed you but if you feel that way thats fine. The only family member blocked from the page is Vicki Hegyi and with good reason. And yes the sister did send emails to “seeking the lost” demanding that they be shut down. Not that it matters why I blocked her you can call it immature if you like but between the hateful negative comments she was posting on there and the emails enough was enough. There are more than just the one family member that wants the site up but its not necessary to tell you who, again just please tell me exactly what it is the site is doing so wrong? You obviously are on there and can read it so please feel free to comment so more.

      • Justice For Dawna Natzke

        Just so you know this is the kind of crazy you are dealing with. Just received a message stating that the message was sent to you stating that YOU had made the comment that JFDN was started by family and they were trying to correct you. See what I mean about some people don’t even know their own facts and comments!!! Now maybe you get a gllimpse of what I have dealt with and you can see where my frustration came from. Also said that you told them you wouldn’t publish my name, once again WRONG!!!! Sorry that my frustration, aggrevation and just totally fed up attitude came out towads you. You had no idea what was going on or what you were dealing with.

  2. This site is an amazing blog site she’s doing a well documented timeline

    Dawna Natzke case: From inside the Village, an opinion
    Posted on January 25, 2012 by Valhall

    In this past week’s edition of the Village Voice a reader’s letter was posted in the “Reader’s Forum”. I thought I’d share one citizen’s opinion, one that apparently has not been tainted by the news of the internet. The brave lady did, in fact, sign her letter, but I won’t be copying that here since I have not obtained permission to do so.

    Secrecy is not OK

    After reading the editorial in our Hot Springs Village Voice about Dawna Natzke,s murder, I decided to send an e-mail in about how I feel about our police chief, Al Cornett, and our POA general manager, Scott Randall.

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  3. Dawna Natzke case: From inside the Village, an opinion
    Posted on January 25, 2012 by Valhall

    In this past week’s edition of the Village Voice a reader’s letter was posted in the “Reader’s Forum”. I thought I’d share one citizen’s opinion, one that apparently has not been tainted by the news of the internet. The brave lady did, in fact, sign her letter, but I won’t be copying that here since I have not obtained permission to do so.

    Secrecy is not OK


  4. Dawna Natzke case: Insight into Hot Springs Village
    Posted on December 29, 2011 by Valhall

    Well, as we are seeing in news reports that have come out previously and are still coming out, Kevin Duck, Dawna’s so-called boyfriend, has changed his story at least once since Dawna’s disappearance. You can go with his story that he went to bed at 11 pm on the 21st with Dawna still watching TV, or you can go with his story that she drove him home from the Christmas party and then left to return to the party and never returned. Or you can note that those are two different stories and wonder why Kevin Duck is lying – one way or the other. Both of them won’t work.

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  5. Dawna Natzke case: From inside the Village, an opinion
    Posted on January 25, 2012 by Valhall

    In this past week’s edition of the Village Voice a reader’s letter was posted in the “Reader’s Forum”. I thought I’d share one citizen’s opinion, one that apparently has not been tainted by the news of the internet. The brave lady did, in fact, sign her letter, but I won’t be copying that here since I have not obtained permission to do so.

    Secrecy is not OK

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  6. Dawna Natzke case: Apparently gates keep info out, secrets in
    Posted on January 9, 2012 by Valhall

    A lot of information has been learned in the past few days about the particulars of what happened (and maybe more importantly didn’t happen) in the first two weeks after Dawna went missing (and was murdered). The gates of Hot Springs Village keep a lot of secrets contained within the community, apparently when it benefits the image of the community, but apparently they keep a lot of information out. In this case, the information that we are being led to believe didn’t make it past the gates of the largest gated community in the United States, would have led to Dawna being found sooner, evidence being preserved, and possibly a perpetrator already sitting behind bars.

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  7. Dawna Natzke case: Friend discloses text message
    Posted on January 7, 2012 by Valhall

    Patty Hathaway, the close friend of Dawna Natzke who received a concerning text message the day after Dawna was last seen alive, granted an interview and finally disclosed the content of the text message, and why she feels it was not Dawna who sent that message. She also disclosed more details about the concerning behavior going on on the night of December 21st when she last saw her friend alive.

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  8. frustrated family

    Please be advised that the Family Member mentioned above of Dawna Natzke who was so visiously referred to did NOT request to shut down “Seeking The Lost”. This is a wonderful site and in no way hurts any ongoing investigations. The only other site we requested to have shut down was Help Find Dawna Natzke and this was only after she was found so when comments and speculation on the site continued my family asked me to request it be shut down which they did without hesitation. I thank them for that. When JFDN first opened their site it was a very good site and stated that if one family member wanted it shut down it would be. Obviously that was not the case. Believe it or not the original request to shut down that site did not come from me but again there were concerns about jeopardizing the case. There are those of us who do believe that justice will be served for Dawna even without this site. The fundraising activities of this site are also very appreciated and well received and should go on inspite of what this administrator believes of my actions. There are many people involved in these fundraisers for Dawna’s boys and I believe they would continue without the site itself and should. I was not trying to be hateful. This administrator is the only person allowed to post negative comments and toward me specifically. Please stop! I only wanted the author of this blog to know that the site JFDN WAS NOT started by any family member as he posted. I was just reporting the facts as I believe them to be. I do have that right. Continue with your site believe it or not with my blessing. I only wish the comments would stop and that is all I originally wanted. That way all posting of documented info along with fundraising efforts could be communicated with absolutely no chance of hurting the case. After all, isn’t that the most important thing here? For the record, I have always thought that the administrator of this site is a wonderful person but it upsets me that our communication has brought us to this point. I just want it all to stop. Every family desserves the right to grieve their loved one without all this public scrutiny. I wish more people would see things from our perspective but I guess you would have to have personally experienced the senseless murder of a loved one and the murderer still at large to know where we are coming from. Please continue your prayers as we all still need them, especially Dawna’s boys.

  9. frustrated family

    I just have one more thing to add to the above comment. The person commenting on the JFDN site yesterday was not me but the author of this blog who was acting on behalf of our family wishes. Thank you for that. I don’t even know what comments were made to get them banned as I was not monitoring the site as I have deactivated my facebook page. We weren’t trying to hide any names, etc. as was portrayed by the administrator of JFDN. That is also a fact. I just don’t use my name as the administrator of JFDN does not use her name. You have it all wrong again. Sorry for any confusion. Just wanted to make that perfectly clear. I can understand if the author of this blog wants nothing more to do with this as it is getting us nowhere.

  10. Nobody owns a murder.
    It is not a private family matter.
    A society has the right and responsibility to respectfully respond to it.

    • frustrated family

      Normally, I would agree, but this site was NOT respectful to the family when they said they would shut it down if only one family member requested it.If they didn’t mean it, they shouldn’t have said it. When the page went back up, saying that what the family wanted wasn’t being considered any longer then the negative backlash of the request only made the comments more hurtful, including those of the administrator. What is respectful about that? It looks like there is no such animal when dealing with murder, huh? Many of the articles posted had the facts wrong. How is that going to bring justice? Don’t get me wrong, the administrator of this site does a great job deleting negative comments, but she has no control over what information/facts are being reported without fact checking everything. Most people do not have the time or resources to do that. Just let the news do the reporting. More than not, I believe they have to get their information from reliable sources not hearsay. Everyone has scenarios. Tell the LE first, not the internet. Impatience is no excuse for being reckless, even if it is unintentional. Nobody wants Justice more than her family. Nobody knows Dawna and what she would want more than HER family! These friends have known her for about 15 years or less. We have known her for 46 years. Give us a little credit for knowing what is best for our loved one. If we didn’t believe everything possible was being done, although mistakes may have been made (LE is human too) but I believe that the end result would be the same; Dawna would still be gone, but also cling to the hope that eventually justice will be served. If we didn’t believe that, then we wouldn’t have a problem with sites like this. Maybe just maybe we have been given more information than a mere friend. There were many assumptions that a family member (I) started this page which was not the case, thus the reason for my original post that started this debate all over again. I just wanted to set the record straight. I said nothing but what exactly happened. I am being ridiculed all over again. I just want people to exercise a little patience and not let their well meaning intentions over shadow our goal. To Get Justice for Dawna by not convicting the presumed guilty party in the press or on the internet before we can bring him to a fair trial. A jury of his/her piers will bring him down when shown all the evidence at trial, not a cyber jury of thousands that only know bits and pieces based on a lot of hearsay and some facts.

      • (Peace, be still.)

        I track law enforcement domestic violence, including murders. I’ve been doing it for nine years. I have never seen anything like this where the murder victim is forgotten in all the public arguing among the people who say that they care.

        “But she said…”

        No one’s right and everybody is wrong. Everyone in this should be praying for God to take the lead – praying in agreement together. I would like to suggest that you forgive each other.

      • Frustrated Family, sorry. I didn’t mean to post my last comment UNDER your post. I meant it as a new reply on the page. I’m not aiming at anyone.

        I’m very sorry that everyone has to lose Dawna this way. It’s just awful.

        Much love,

  11. Justice For Dawna Natzke

    Ok heres the deal!!! IM DONE!!!! Im tired of taking the hits from part of Dawna’s family when I have done nothing wrong. I REPEAT IM DONE!!! You win, I quit what ever you wanna call it. Im sorry…Im done!!!

  12. I think it is a damn shame that Dawna’s family is acting this way. I am NOT surprised, I am unfortunately related to some of the folks. It seems that instead of using some common sense here and not blaming the person who set up this site for stupid comments made by others , they instead seem to do the opposite. I think it was a nice thing done for a friend by a friend to try and bring justice to a killer. What a shame that instead this family continues to make this about THEM and not poor Dawna who did not deserve to die this way (or any way for that matter). I believe they just cannot allow anyone else to share the spotlight with them, what a pity. The only one who may have meant well has been maligned and threatened and even harassed by the victims family who seem to have gotten over their grief in enough time to make someone elses’ life hell. Like I said I am NOT surprised.

    • frustrated family

      Rebecca, your mom would be so disgusted with you right now. She sent my family words of sympathy and even Stephanie reached out to me with how sorry she was for my loss. This is how you reach out? How angry your grandma would be with you. I even reached out to you via e-mail after the events that happened and you never even had the decentcy to reply. Instead it was passed around youre family like a piece of gossip to laugh at. Those were heartfelt words that now have to be taken back. Grandma knew Dawna and would know how devasted I am by her tragic death. You know nothing but what you read on JFDN. That is why it needs to go, for reasons like YOU! btw your posts were removed by the administrator. Inspite of what you think I think of her, she is a good person. It’s sad to think you think so poorly of your aunt. And no, I will not tell your Uncle George. Your dad is up in heaven with my dad and your grandparents just shaking their heads. Yes, at you, not at me. You are only giving JFDN more reason to shut it down once and for all. Share the spotlight, are you kidding. We wanted nothing to do with the press or anything that led to speculation, thus the only reason for wanting the site taken down. Get ready for some negative backlash as I am sure some will follow. Keep in mind you started this, by again not supporting your own family!

  13. Justice For Dawna Natzke

    You guys turn on each so bad for being family. Let me see I said that Dawna would be disappointed in the actions of her sister. But family can tell family that their mother would be disgusted with her. AMAZING!!! I deleted Rebeccas post because of the way family was bashing her I wanted nothing more than to leave it up and believe me if she reposts it its staying up. To tell her she knows nothing about what she reads on JFDN is crazy everything is posted out in the open for everyone to read. And the reason you wanted it shut down wasn’t because of the site it was because of you. I can’t believe in a time like this how people turn into rabid dogs…God Bless you and you need prayer.

  14. Disgusted with FF

    Holy Cow “frustrated family”. I must say I have to agree with Rebecca. You do seem to have a problem sharing the spotlight with your murdered sister. This is NOT about you, and your last post was ALL ABOUT YOU and what you did. ME, ME, ME, I, I, I.. Other posts as well, “sister trumps friend”, I know more than you do, etc. I have several friends that know me, and my habits much better than my sister, who like you, lives out of state and is such a bully that I choose not to share all of the intimates of my life with her. These people are FAMILY as well. Whomever said “Blood is thicker than water, never had a controlling bully in their family. And BTW, you mention that you did not want to share the spotlight and you wanted nothing to do with the media? Really, who was that on Nancy Grace? Although, the friends(ie..family) that have spent day in and day out with Dawna for the last 15 years have been bullied, harassed and called names. You are right about one thing, we do not know anything more than what we read on the internet, but please do not think that the internet begins and ends with JFDN on Facebook. Take a moment away from bullying the people that have only ONE goal, Justice for your sister, and do a Google search. Under the name Dawna Natzke, you will find this, About 137,000 results (0.37 seconds). Get off of your high horse and realize that we want to come together to pray for Dawna, pray for peace for YOUR family and we want to find justice for Dawna. We want to raise money for Dawna’s children, not for your gas, plane ticket, or time missed from work. What I and many other of these other people will do for YOU, is say a prayer for YOU. That YOU will be able to see that just because we weren’t blessed to be Dawna’s sister through a womb, that WE ARE ALL her sisters and brothers through God’s love.

  15. you don’t know this family leave well enought alone we need to grieve your not
    helping You need prayers and you need to give some Why do you continue
    to bash us Try putting correct information out there about the case and miss
    information about the family isn’t thats what your supposed to do???? Confused

    • frustrated family

      This is my final post and yes I will be DONE and I am a woman of my word, unlike another who will remain nameless. This post is simply to appologize to Mr. Holliston. I am so sorry your blog has turned into something so ugly aimed at me. I only wanted to set the record straight about your assumption along with others that a family member started JFDN. I am being called a bully by people who don’t even know me and obviously don’t know how to read. I wish I never would have contacted you and unknowingly dragged you into this rampage of hate toward me. Even one (and only 1) of my own family members have now crawled out of the woodwork to inflict as much damage as they can and JFDN readers have rallied behind her when they know nothing about the past events that made her think she needed to attack me on the JFDN site at the most difficult time of my life.I haven’t made one comment on that site since it went back up and I was banned but they continue to bash me like I am. I am sorry you took some hits as well although you handled them quite graciously. I was not and never was acting for my own interests but for the interest and requests of many family members but JFDN refuses to acknowledge that. I don’t have to justify any of my actions as they were all out of love for my sister and what WE thought was best. Anyone who knows me, knows I am not the bully of the family, but I do speak my mind and go to the limits to help any of my family. My family can attest to this fact. My personal relationship with Dawna was even scutinized on this blog by someone who I don’t even know. I don’t fight with Dawna. We were good. My last conversation with Dawna a few months ago was that she was happy and that is all I cared about. What is happening is so wrong on so many levels but I am done wasting my time and anyone elses trying to defend myself. These people mean nothing to me in my life so I will not let their comments get to me but it is very hard. I want the best for Dawna’s boys and they know that. I NEVER wanted the fundraising efforts to stop on their behalf only knew that they could continue with or without the JFDN site. My comments might have gotten me in trouble but again I was very frustrated with the whole situation. I am obviously not allowed to defend myself in any shape or form but JFDN has all the power to defend herself and has the forume to do so and is using that forume to inflict as much damage to me as she can but she can not see that she is doing is the opposite of what she preaches to everyone else on her site. So please accept this apology and know that I, for one, will never post anywhere about anything on the internet as it has proved to be the biggest thorn in my family’s gut. And one last thing to Hazel. I highly recommend you call my mom and do your best to turn her against me. She is the one that told me she didn’t want to leave the house and she will gladly relay that to you. Yes, it is no secret that my mom and I have had our differences of late but we are past all that and we truly love each other and always will. If you want to try and destroy that then do what you feel you must to continue to bash her daughter and see where it gets you. I am so glad she is doing better but if she read all this hate toward her family, and yes I am part of her family, she would go into hiding again. If your site never existed I can’t help but feel all of us, including Dawna boys would be better off. They never asked for anything and don’t believe they even want it anymore but know they need all the help they can get. To Ronnie, Arin and Bradin: I am so sorry for all of this and my part in it. Trust that I love you and always will and will always be there for all of you.

  16. frustrated family

    Sorry Brandin, I misspelled your name.

  17. all you people are sick I agree with frustrated family everybody please stop and
    think before you speck to Rebecca Lynn your mentally disturbed good luck
    hope you’ve enjoy stirring the pot God Bless All and Prayers be with the Family

  18. Geeze isn’t this suppose to be about seeking justice and finding a murderer who is still free to kill? I agree with @Cloud Writer

  19. Holliston does all this make sense to you?

    • It started to…then kinda went off the tracks…I get it. It’s a personal thing between two well meaning people that are at a very rough intersection. Hopefully in time things will calm down.

      • Justice For Dawna Natzke

        It is not personal on my part at all. I am sick of the hate emails the threats etc from this family member. There have been members of the family apologize for her. It is out of control. IT HAS GOT TO STOP NOW!!!! Vicki LEAVE IT ALONE. Refocus calm down go on with your life. Relax I have nothing to do with any of you nothing to do with JFDN any longer its all deleted it all gone. No one bashed you no one tried to turn anyone against you. YOU WIN its done STOP!!!!

  20. Justice For Dawna Natzke

    Frustrated Vicki you need help! You have lost sight of the truth even yourself. No one bashed you ever. Simply posted your own emails and your own postings and you went crazy from then. Please refocus yourself to your sister and putting the person behind bars. I do not care what you think of me and your comments of your mother wouldn’t leave the house because of JFDN website and that the website put your family in danger are crazy. Your mother is very upset but because of the fighting. LEAVE IT ALONE!!!! Put you in danger really? Have you ever stopped to think what putting my name and address all over the web did? You want stuff left alone and every website I pull up is you complaining again. Move on, go on and LET IT GO!!! I don’t even know you dont wanna know you. Your own family is fighting amongst thenmselves pull yourselves together and move on. No one has done anything against you no one has bashed you and no one has tried to turn anyone against you. I pray for you!!!

  21. I just have a question. At one point on JFDN, Vicki had stated that the Harris bank account in Indiana was the one for the family’s expenses and all the other accounts were for the boys. However, I just read that the Harris bank was for the boys. Can anyone clarify? JMO, it sounds like money is the issue, as it is with many after-death family arguments. Someone might want to step in and take over finances before it gets more insane–the boys’ father maybe??

    • Justice For Dawna Natzke

      The way I understand it is there are two seperate accounts in Indiana and then the one account in Hot Springs Village. The father has control of the one at Hot Springs Village where they live. Contribuations can be made to Summit Bank, 3650 North Hwy 7, Hot Springs Villae, AR 71909

  22. Oh wow!! I say you all draw the line as family, STFU and worry about Justice for Dawna! I am fully reminded of the Anthony Clan right now and it disgusts me to no end. I say ya’ll go your seperate ways and worry about Dawna. If the JFDN site bothers you, STAY OFF OF IT! For God Sakes have some damn respect for your murdered relative, get over yourselves and let Justice be served!

  23. Simply for clarification: There are 2 accounts for the boys at Harris Bank St John
    One for Bracelet Sales – Alicia Garrett in charge of dispensing funds as boys request.
    Another for Dawna Smith Natzke Memorial Fund for all Indiana Memorial/Fund Raiser Funds
    There is one account at the Summit Banks in AR in the name of the boys that father set up and is in charge of the funds until it is set up in individual accounts for the boys.

    There are no family expenses being taken from any of these accounts.
    The way this family has been bashed do you actually think anyone would donate to Family Expenses, really? A non-issue and never was until someone made something out of nothing.

    And No, money is not the issue here. It is ALL for the sole benefit of the boys no matter what miscommunications have been made or assumed. You can take that to the bank!

  24. Justice For Dawna Natzke

    Not true. The comment that “someone made something out of nothing”. Someone got pissed and started firing off when it was posted they they had made the comments that family had stated they were using money for expenses. I was then called a liar, a joke, dispicable, etc. To stand up for myself I posted the actual email, postings etc where this was stated. Since that time I do believe that things have changed and that all the money is going to the boys as it should. However, here we go again having to stand up for myself. Do you want the postings, comments and emails posted again????? Leave it alone.

  25. Justice For Dawna Natzke

    Just would like to say thank you to the administrator as well for using my name on your site. Just received a message from Vicki (dawna’s sister) stating that she had given it to you because she thought you were sending a private message not posting it on the internet. That was very professional of you doing something that you told the family you wouldn’t do and very professional of you to do something you KNOW shouldn’t have been done. Thank you again. And who needs to be smarter than a 5th grader? Wasn’t that your comment to me?

  26. I saw it. She said it herself. I remember thinking how odd it was for someone to ask for donations to help with expenses after a tragedy, especially so soon. I guess everyone grieves in their own way. So sorry to see JFDN come down. It served a purpose. And did it well. We all know the internet is not gospel. Just because something is on it, doesn’t mean it is true. If you can’t handle the information you’re seeing, look somewhere else.

    • Justice For Dawna Natzke

      I am sorry “been there” just received a message that we are working in “kahoots” with each other. I’m not sure how or why but I am sorry that you have been blamed for something I have done. Not sure what I have done but I hope you do not received messages like the people on the facebook page did.

  27. Justice For Dawna Natzke

    Thank you….yes she did say it herself. We also have the emails, etc. Like I said earlier thats when all the hell broke loose against the site. Then this poor site got dragged into without knowing all the circumstances as well. However, let me say that the sale of the braclets, the large Indiana fund raiser and all the money to the Summit Bank account does absolutely go to benefit the boys. All of the family doesn’t even know the truth of what was said. They are fighting amongst themselves and placing blame elsewhere without knowing what all was said and done. All I care about is peace for the family all of the family. The money conversation needs to be done. The boys father will take care of anything the three boys need he is a good man.

  28. Justice For Dawna Natzke

    OK ONE MORE TIME!!! Let me make this very clear since I am still getting emails from family. I have spoken with Alicia (Dawna’s cousin) and ALL the money is going to benefit Dawna’s three sons and this is a beautiful young lady. How many times do I have to say this before family stops saying I am hurting their fund raiser efforts. So that everyone knows the person that posts under the name of “Been there” I do not know and have never spoken to. the last message I have received says that we are working in “kahoots” together. It is stated that my posts are hostile I’m sorry if they seem that way I should not be upset by being called a liar, a joke, dispicable, a disgrace to Dawna’s memory, etc. Please forgive me for amy anger in my tone. Please STOP THE MADNESS. The facebook page has been down for days, I have stepped out of any fund raising events what else do you want?

  29. Justice For Dawna Natzke

    It is also stated that Mr.Hollister the administrator of this site should be responding soon, according to the last message I got, to defend himself. Defend himself from me for what because I apologized to him? Let’s see that I should also get a life because I obviously don’t have one, dear family member that won’t stop: please take your niece’s advice that she posted to you and move on.

    A wonderful post worth reading from Dawna’s niece:

    Alicia Garrett

    I admit I am lost, tried reading all the posts and links it got kinda confusing. They only thing that hurt me was saying that my Aunt Dawna would be ashamed of her sister. She knows her sister and how her sister acts and talks. But she loved her, even in a heated fight they would never look down upon or say they were ashamed of one another. So yeah the family is hurting in ways we never thought we should, some of us found quiet ways to help cope, others much more in the face, loud and maybe rude. But please look past this and realize this is not normal behavior because we are in an awful, unthinkable situation. I do not what was said, but I hope both and all sides of this awful chain of hate stops now.Keep JFD and try to keep personal anger off, just keep news reports and fundraising info available for all out of state friends. And to my very angry and hurt Aunt, we all hurt and we are all mad, we even can’t understand why this happened, let this go. Find some peace, they can’t share hurtful information about the case, cause you know the facts are sealed from everyone til the monster who did this is behind bars! I love my family and know none of us would be this hurt or angry if we didn’t love Aunt Dawna as much as we did. Just stop hate, and just find peace cause that is what we all need to make it through times ahead.

  30. I am from St. John and attended school with Dawna. I have been following the internet highway of information about her case since this unspeakable tragedy occurred, in every way that I could. This is something that no one should ever have to experience. Unfortunately, the Smith family did. My heart goes out to them. However, I feel it is a shame that JFDN was taken down. I did not see anything that I felt would upset anyone to the point of demanding deactivation. But, I can only go by what I read. All anyone and everyone wants is to see the cowardly sub-human that committed the crime be held responsible. I have no idea who was running the page.

  31. i cant believe dawnas family is acting like this it seems to me that they would want this site up to continue to keep the case in the spotlight. i dont see how they are in danger of this site i think they are acting petty. im sorry for there loss but please just keep it out there. just get over it people and worry about finding the creepwho did this.

  32. To: Been There: you can still go to Seeking Justice For Dawna Natzke Update Page. As far as I know that site is still up and will do updates on the case/fundraisers. The Admin says no trouble on that site so far.

  33. Justice For Dawna Natzke

    Want to make one thing very clear…..the JFDN site that is up is not me.. Once the page was deleted it put the name up for grabs so I have no idea who has it. So in Vicki’s words who ever is starting crap, promoting hate towards her is not me!!

    Vicki Hegyi post on her wall….
    Yes, I did Donna. Thank You. I see they put Justice For Dawna back up. I wonder why???? Seeking Justice for Dawna is doing a good job. We certainly don’t need any more drama. I see they posted the Cold NO More blog to get some more negative feedback toward me I guess. Who’s promoting hate now????? btw Kevin never had permission from anyone to leave the state. They just didn’t have enough to hold or arrest him. We already thought this was in the works, just couldn’t say anything. That’s why we did what we did to shut down sites that might do damage or cause hurt to the family. I never know how much hate would be directed toward me personally. They just don’t quit. I really don’t care about the site, but just don’t understand why they are starting this crap all over again.

    20 hours ago.

  34. Justice For Dawna Natzke

    needed this today thank you Lord!! This was my message for the day from God on facebook, how ironic,, just thought I would share.

    On this day, God wants you to know

    … that when events happen which seem catastrophic, it is not only possible, but very important for you to allow yourself to come to a place of calmness. Panicking serves no one – not yourself, not the people who are suffering, and not the planet. Allow yourself to trust that there is a larger purpose and that it may not be necessary for you to know that purpose at this time. Allow yourself to have faith that ultimately, all will be well.

  35. Time to move on.

    Just to add a little something here.I to did see where at one point it was a post stating that some of the money would be going to help with cost to the family for travel and such, then removed.This whole thing has became such a mess.Before the fighting over the JFDN page was the same sister not having issues with “Patty” .Seems like a very upset sister and maybe taking things out on people is how she may be dealing with the lost.I seen no harm in JFDN page.I hope everything gets worked out .

  36. Frustrated Family

    I would just like to say that it would be much easier to move on if people would take the focus off of “the sister” and leave things alone. Just would like clarify a few last issues that seem to never be settled or go away. #1 As far as “Family Expenses” go JFDN originally was posting to help the family with expenses. I, for one, thought what a nice gesture. But in no way shape or form was asking for help with expenses and wanted to make sure nothing was being taken from the boys and that these donations were kept separate. I was even contacted by a well meaning and generous person wanting to help and was asking where to send the check. This person also donated to the Boys Fund. Thus the email asking if a SEPARATE account was being set up for family expenses where I listed what expenses we had incurred. (This was the email that was posted and reposted). btw this money was used to open the Indiana fund raiser account, so No it was not used for family expenses. Had no idea of the storm that would soon follow. JFDN suggested I set up this account so people would know that this was totally separate from the Boys Fund at Summit Banks in AR and that the family could dispense funds as we see fit. We were always going to keep the bracelet sales separate but didn’t want to open another account for bracelet sales for another $100. Since then, this account has been closed altogether. The only one that remains is the one for the Indiana Fundraiser to be used solely for fundraiser funds for Dawna’s 3 boys. #2 The “Patty” issue was the fact that my mom was so upset with Patty for being represented as Dawna’s best friend, when the true fact of the matter is Patty and Dawna only became close within the last year of her life. My mom was very upset with me too that I did not see things her way but we asked Patty not to do anymore interviews so my mother could calm down. The interviews continued and that is why I was upset with Patty. I did my best to convince my mom that she shouldn’t be upset with Patty but she stills feels this way till this day. Patty and I have resolved between ourselves that we know that Dawna thought Patty to be her best friend and I would never take that away from Patty. Like I said, Patty and I are fine so let’s leave it at that. #3 Last but not least, being referred to as “the angry/upset sister” among other adjectives is both upsetting and frustrating. I was acting on behalf of my family and am being treated as if I was always acting on my own. I was NEVER taking out my loss out on anyone and would just like everyone to give US a break and let us try and move on from this nightmare and yes if JFDN would have just shut down when the original family member asked it to (not me) then there would have never been no fighting or arguing over anything. You may not think it hurt anyone or anything but just ask Garland County Sherrif Dept. what they thought of sites like theses and if it was your family being questioned over and over again, ask yourself, how would you feel????

  37. Focus on Justice

    I can’t believe after all this time, this nonsense is still going on. You people need to get over this bickering back and forth about things that are NOT IMPORTANT and move on to other things that ARE IMPORTANT!!!!So much wasted time, effort and energy that should be put toward what IS IMPORTANT: THE ARREST AND CONVICTION OF THE PERSON(S) RESPONSIBLE FOR DAWNA’S MURDER. From early on, the focus was directed away from justice for Dawna. I always wondered why the Facebook page was even called “Justice for Dawna”. People that visited this page were looking for information about whether or not someone had been arrested, any information about the case because the people in our community are not used to this kind of such an evil act happening this close to us. Members of our community were scared for the first time ever. We just wanted answers. This information was not allowed on the JFDN page for whatever reason is beyond my comprehension. We sure couldn’t count on any information from law enforcement, which I have to trust that they know what they are doing in keeping us in the dark.

    This community just needed somewhere to go for information. What they got was a bunch of fighting and feuding over the most trivial things. And it STILL ISN’T OVER. In retrospect, it should have been called the Fighting and Feuding Over Meaningless Stuff for Dawna Natzke. Everyone who participated in this fighting and feuding at all should be ashamed of themselves. What was accomplished? The administrator should have just left the page up, stood her ground and let it be open to any and all comments. After all, it was opened as Justice for Dawna Natzke. Do we have justice yet?????? No!!! This is where all of our time, effort, energy and focus is needed. Your arguing and fighting on here, weeks, months from now, will just be a worthless memory. If there isn’t justice for Dawna, well this injustice for the loss of your loved one, will last your whole lifetime………forever.

  38. Just wanted to say I dont usually make comments on any of these pages but on the Seeking Justice For Dawna page someone made a comment asking if anyone read what was on Cold No More page so I decided to see what was on here.First of all I dont know any of these people.Ive been following the case since it came out in the papers because I live about 40 miles from Hot Springs Village.I am the person who asked the Family to set up an account so if anyone wanted to help the family with expenses there would be one available.Dawnas family doesnt live close by and I knew there would be alot of expenses involved for all of them to be here for her mother and the boys.No family should have to go thru what they have gone thru and are continuing to go thru.I contacted Vicki thru a message and asked her to do this.There are other people who also wanted to help this family.This was not done out of greed by the family members.This was done so that if anyone wanted to help they could.If you want to bash someone for trying to help the family you can bash me because it was my idea.Instead of being ugly to the family you need to be praying for them that Justice will be served and they can find peace again.I have donated to both accounts because I wanted to help them out.If you dont want to help thats fine but please stop bashing the family because it wasnt their idea to set an account up to help them out.It was mine.Thank You

  39. Frustrated Family

    Thank you Donna for your kind words and all your support through this most difficult time. My family appreciates all your efforts.

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