Paging Dr. McGarry: More Evidence of Nikki LaDue January’s Botched Death Investigation

Dr. Paul McGarry is getting more attention than he probably wants right now. You remember him. He is the one Harrison County Coroner Gary Hargrove and lead investigator Thomas Pustay said examined Nikki LaDue January’s body after she was found with a gunshot wound to the head.  Well, it appears the good doctor isn’t that good at all. Last year, in a story did on the investigation into police brutality and the death of an inmate, McGarry’s work ethic was hung out for all to see. And it’s ugly.

In his testimony, the medical examiner harshly criticized the work of the Orleans Parish coroner’s office, especially former pathologist Dr. Paul McGarry.

McGarry never examined Robair’s ruptured spleen. Nor did McGarry examine or dissect Robair from the waist down. If he had, he would have found massive hemorrhaging and bruising, consistent with baton strikes or kicks, Sperry said. Though these injuries may not be seen with the naked eye, it’s imperative that pathologists look beyond the skin for clues, especially in a death that might have stemmed from a police encounter, Sperry said.

“It should be classified a homicide,” Sperry said of Robair’s death.

Coroner Frank Minyard, relying on McGarry’s autopsy, ruled Robair’s death accidental. In announcing his ruling in August 2005, Minyard said Robair had suffered his fatal injuries before  his encounter with police. Minyard also said the autopsy did not find any wounds indicative of a police beating.

As if that weren’t enough, PBS Frontline did a documentary called “Post Mortem”. The description of the program? WARNING! Don’t die in the wrong state. And who do they spend a good deal of time talking about? That’s right, Dr. Paul McGarry. It’s an interesting program. It lasts an hour but if you’ve got the time, here you go.

Post Mortem



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  1. The requirement in Alabama for Coroner: “G.E.D, Residency, run for office”. NO prior training required. No medical background required. No investigative experience required.

  2. That is just incredible! I am horrified that this is the medical examiner who ruled Nikki’s death a suicide. He needs to be investigated, Nikki’s and other questionable cases need to be reopened NOW!!

  3. Is McGarry still practicing in Mississippi? Has he finally “retired”? He was “retired” from New Orleans after several of his lies were uncovered.

    I think the reason he will never be responsible for what he has done is that he has testified on many high-profile and Federal cases. Serial killers, etc.. It’s a tragedy that our justice system has been perverted like this.

    He lied about someone I love.

    • I have a loved one who has been in prison for 17 years for capital murder on the word of this man…what can we do? This is crazy that they KNOW what this man has done but don’t even look or review the cases he was involved in…espically the cases that costs someone their LIFE!! We are just now finding out about all of this and have no idea what to do or how to do it…..ANY IDEAS OR SUGGESTIONS??

  4. Unbelievable that McGarry is still working!!! He works on high profile, violent cases and puts each case in serious jeopardy because he is a proven liar. Who knows when he is being truthful or thorough. This is outrageous.

    • Has anyone thought about getting a petition out on Get signatures requesting the case be reopened. I recently published a petition and I sign them everyday. Sent it to all the polititions up to the President if you have to!

  5. McGarry said my brother died from recent drug ingestion. My sister, a doctor, pushed him on what he saw (such as pills, burns on mouth???) or what drugs they found in system. We couldn’t get him to answer. Over six weeks later, the Hancock County, MS police department told us there were NO drugs in my brother’s system. This obviously makes a death by recent drug ingestion difficult. The story only goes downhill from there…. It took approximately four months after my brother’s death to learn how he died. He had poison in his system – not drugs- and this was only discovered because our pathologist suggested it to McGarry. We have no idea how my brother was poisoned.

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