Corrections to the Lacey Gaines Story

Getting things right is what we strive to do but from time to time, some misinformation gets through. Usually it’s not done intentionally, it’s the way memories work or stories passed down getting a little tweak here or there. In any case, Lacey’s mom Gilda Gaines, who reads here, let me know what the discrepancies are. And here they are for you.At the time Lacey’s separation from Daniel in 2008, they were not living
in the house we purchased for her in Steger. It was a foreclosure with a
lot of issues and my husband was rehabbing it at the time. They were
living in a house in Park Forest which they rented together. When she
left him she moved in with Juan somewhere in Chicago. He kicked her out a
while later and she actually went back to Daniel for a few weeks much to
our displeasure, then to my mothers until the house was ready for her.
After she moved in to the house Juan came back and joined her there. She
was in the house for about 1 1/2 months before she moved to Justice with

They moved to Justice either the end of March or beginning of April in
2009. The house in Steger remained empty the remainder of her life, with
the exception of a few weeks when one of my husband’s friends lived there
while waiting for a job transfer to go through. We always told Lacey she
could move back to the house at any time, which is why she asked to do so
when things started falling apart with her and Juan. At first she asked
to move back when her lease was up, and later called to ask if it was okay
if it was sooner. We of course said yes, which is why we kept the house
in the first place. Daniel never lived in the house at any time nor would
we have expected her to return to it if he had.

As for reports that Gilda was an alcoholic and/or drug abuser, which even if true is not relevant, Gilda said, “As my family and friends can attest, I am a rather dull person and pretty much the opposite of what was described. I hate that so much effort is being placed on placing blame instead of discovering who really is responsible.”


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  1. Glad to see the truth come out. now we just need to find out who did this to Lacey so she and the family can have some peace. if anyone knows anything please come forward.

  2. The truth has not come out. Lacey deserves justice. The truth is the police said they would accept any help – that is not true and they continue to turn away help. Both Lacey’s boyfriend and Lacey’s baby’s father are illegal aliens.
    Here is a link to laws against illegal activities. why lie about Daniel Sanchez renting the home in Steger. Everyone knows this is where he lives. it’s misguided to think this will protect the son. It is also illegal and could bring consequences.

  3. Saturday at 12:05am until Sunday at 10:00pm

    Virtual – National Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims is September 25th. We will remember and honor our murdered loved ones on Saturday, 9/22 and Sunday, 9/23.
    Please share your memories, stories, links, web sites, photos, poems, anything you think is appropriate.
    Everyone is welcome here! This event is not only for the murder victims in Illinois but everywhere! Let’s get their names, stories and faces out to the public. Please invite your friends and family. If you know of any groups that might be interested, please invite them too.
    Hope to see you on Saturday!

    Grace Flynn
    Illinois Cold Cases

  4. Interesting story about Chief of Police in charge of Lacey’s murder case

    Doesn’t exactly instill trust in this guy.,0,7317126.story

    Well we all know what’s on his mind now. It doesn’t appear to be solving Lacey’s murder case.

  5. Contacted Friday, Gedville initially denied writing the emails and hung up. ….. Gee sounds familiar.

    Justice Mayor Kris Wasowicz, said “I can tell you that if this is accurate, we will be looking for a new police chief next week.”

    Incredible – must read article!

  6. Lacey Gaines Murder investigation in Justice, IL – put the focus back on solving crimes – Justice police chief placed on leave after Tribune report.,0,2928181.story

  7. Online Virtual Candlelight Vigil for Lacey Gaines December 7, 2012

    Tuesday, December 4, 2012 11:08:24 PM

    Murder, Lacey Claire Gaines, Justice

    This is an all day event as it is virtual, but I am asking that everyone please be sure to light your virtual candles and have this special day to help support Lacey’s friends and family.

    To light your virtual candle login to:

    The wax on the candle lasts for 48 hours so come check back and see the progress of your candle

  8. Police Chief fired in Chicago suburb of Justice – the man in charge of the brutal murder of my niece Lacey Gaines.

    JUSTICE, Ill. (AP) — A suburban Chicago police chief has been fired over allegations he failed to properly discipline an officer accused of sexually assaulting a woman in a patrol car.

    Robert Gedville’s dismissal is also linked to a consulting arrangement he had with a red-light camera vendor.
    Justice police chief fired Village Board terminates Gedville after 3-month investigation of alleged misconduct

  9. Thank you to Morgan Wright and Connect to the Case for featuring Lacey’s murder case. Please come see the new URL (thank you Kingdom Themes in UK)

  10. Jon Leiberman interviews Cherry Simpson about the murder of her niece Lacey Gaines. Watch anytime Thu, Jan 23 at 8pm CST Wild About Trial Victims Voice

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