Kidnapped Girl’s Father: I Am Coming

Two weeks ago, Samantha Koenig was selling coffee in an Anchorage, Alaska hut common for the region. Surveillance tape shows someone breaking in, robbing the place and taking Samantha by force. She hasn’t been heard from since although some news reports indicate police are making “some progress.” Below is a message Samantha’s father has for whomever did this. Like James Koenig says, do the right thing.

James Koenig and daughter Samantha

There is no doubt in my mind, “and never has been” that my babygirl will be home safely in my arms again, where she belongs. And to the person or persons that took my heart away from me, let there be no doubt, I AM COMING!!!! Do the right thing, and send her home, as I’ve said before, you can send her in a cab anonymously, home, hospital, police station, anywhere away from you, and then RUN, I will stop my hunt for you, all you have to worry about is the police now. Samantha is not affiliated with anyone or anything that has to do with what you are doing, our family and community will not rest until she is back with us. She is a very special part of our lives, and has too much left to offer in life. Please do the right thing, if you have her, know of her whereabouts, or know someone that has information, contact me via p.o. box 91772 anchorage, alaska 99509, or, or (907)441-8370, or instant message on facebook. If you are in fear of these people that have her, I will do everything in my power to set you up with plane tickets and enough money to start a new life in a place of your choosing, but ONLY, if she is returned to me safe, and unharmed, anything less and may GOD have mercy. That is all Samantha’s DAD!!!!

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  1. I am praying for the Koenig family. The video is chilling to watch. Please let Samantha go. My heartbreaks for her Dad.

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