Heading For Dinner with the Prez and Clooney…What Did You Do Today?

Based on an actual email I got, my imaginary conversation with the President of the United States (still Obama for those keeping track).

BO: Norm —

ME: Barack!

BO: I’ll be going to a special event at George Clooney’s house in a few weeks…

ME: OK…aren’t there other things you might spend your time on? Besides, I’ve been there. Really nothing special. Your house is nicer actually.

BO: …and two grassroots supporters and their guests will join us.

ME: Sounds like a great time. Ask him why he left ER. I really thought it was too soon. His acting career could have really taken off!

BO: The only thing we’ve still got to figure out is whether two spots belong to you and your guest…

ME: Who should I take? Wow, this really came as a surprise! Thanks B. I’ll ask around.

BO: — or somebody else and theirs.

ME: Dude! Uncool! I said I’d look! You’re kinda impatient.

BO: So let’s nail it down: Any donation you make today will automatically enter you and a guest to win.

ME: Really? You want me to pay? You just about invited me. I’ll bring the wine instead. How’s that? And what’s this about winning?

BO: Once you decide who you’re inviting to join you, we’ll be all set.

ME: Alright…I think. Does that mean the offer is still on? I think I found someone to go. What else do you need?

BO: The campaign will take care of your airfare and hotel for you.

ME: That’s awfully nice of you. Let me at least pitch in for the hotel.

BO: Please pitch in $3 or whatever you can today…

ME: $3? Seriously, you keep the money. I’ll find a place that isn’t rented by the hour.

BO: … and keep your May 10th clear.

ME: It’s clear! See you May 10th!

BO: Hope to see you soon.

ME: Yeah, like I said, May 10th. Don’t get all suffocating now.

BO: Barack

ME: Ciao B.

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  1. Child Advocate

    And all along I thought you were close enough buds to call him Barry.


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