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I Have Met the Hottest Avon Rep…Ever!

Avon sales rep. Breezy Bice.

Go ahead and just try and prove me wrong. I know, I know…this has more to to with cold cream than cold cases. But I have an out….note above (and musings). I remember Avon from years, no decades ago. “Ding dong! Avon calling!” My mother was an Avon sales person. Before the internet. She would tart me up in all sorts of Avony things to try them out. Sad. A therapist’s wet dream actually. I digress. Several years ago while writing about a tragic case in Mississippi I came to talking with a young lady named Breezy Bice. She just happened to be a good friend of a person who had gone missing. Anyway, this Breezy gal was a fire ball. She wouldn’t let her missing friend’s story go away. I’m glad she didn’t. Anyway, from time to time we “talk” and frankly quite frequently poke each other. Yeah now if you don’t have Facebook I will let you zip away with your imagination. And it seems Breezy is a bonafide Avon rep. They still exist. “I decided to try selling Avon to earn some extra money. I had just graduated college in May 2011 with a degree in Business Management. Every job I applied to, I never heard back from. I’m assuming because of my HUGE gap in employment because I had not worked since 2004. When I found out was pregnant with my youngest child, I decided to just be a stay at home mom,” Breeezy said.

Wait! Hold on. Is this a sales pitch? Is this somehow one of those paid stories made to look like real stories? Nope it’s not. Well, not really. Breezy would like to sell more Avon stuff. She knows I write a blog with like a cajillion readers…when I do actually write. And I know I’m near saint-like and would do anything to help a working mom (hardest job in the world-I’m told) some extra spending money to take the kids someplace nice or whatever. So here you go. A Breezy Bice sales pitch: “The products are outstanding! Most importantly, if the customer isn’t happy, there is a 100% money back guarantee or you can exchange the item for the correct color/size. Avon is much more than just makeup. There is something for everyone (him, her, kids, home, and fashion.) My website is”