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Missing Connecticut Woman Found–RIP Barbara Grohs

8/16/2012 – An important message from Susan Grohs (Barbara’s daughter)
– Tonight we learned that Mom has passed. Her wedding rings and medical ID bracelet helped identify that it was her body that was found, but we also know for sure tonight that she is safe within the arms of God. We know you are all hurting along with us. Please continue your prayers and be patient with us as we grieve. We will update you as we can. I love you, mom…you are in our hearts forever. –

Connecticut Woman Disappears; Family, Friends Desperately Searching

Certainly not a cold case but, seeing that it is right in my backyard…

Barb has a history with depression and was feeling depressed for about a week, rapidly getting worse. She was aggressively pursuing treatment. She saw her doctor on Friday, July 27 with her husband attending that appointment. He wanted to see her again on Monday, July 30th. Her husband drove to that appointment, and as was typical when dad was driving, mom did not take her wallet, keys, cell phone, etc. with her. They arrived about 15 minutes early and mom was concerned that her state had deteriorated and that she would be admitted to a hospital. She was afraid of going to the hospital. She waited in the waiting room, then at about 12:55 pm she handed her pills and glasses (everything she was carrying) to her husband and went to use the restroom, which was located in a shared hallway of the building where there was an exit door.

She can be seen on camera walking away, northbound on Highland Avenue, at 12:57 pm. After about 10 mins (just after 1:00 pm), her husband thought something might be wrong and asked that the office staff check on her. She was not in the bathroom and the key was found placed by the door exiting the building. We know, she told us, she did not want to go back to the hospital, she may have been suicidal, and we think that she saw an opportunity to get away and took it.

From there, we have no other confirmed sightings or interactions with Barb. We have scoured the buildings there and nearby with Waterbury Police and CT K-9 Search and Rescue Volunteer Organization on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Teams have scoured the area including the woods, word was out for neighbors to check back yards, sheds, other local hiding places. No trace has been found. We have had as many as 160 volunteers at a time organized and looking from Kennedy High School as well as so many more in their local communities. These groups include friends, family, church members, and complete strangers. We have searched all the local areas in great detail as well as searched many other areas that are familiar or hold value to Barb over the first days of this search. The Waterbury community has been outstanding searching their yards and neighborhoods – providing us direction and support, bringing by supplies, even letting us use their bathrooms. They have just been incredible as have others in surrounding communities where we continue our search. Flyers have been put up in many surrounding towns and volunteers continue to keep eyes open everywhere they go. We are so grateful for the help and the awareness!

We are in desperate need of some tip where there was direct interaction with Barb….a kind friend or stranger that has offered her a ride, food, money, shelter, or clothing or anything else. We ask that if you have had any contact with her in even a small way you quickly notify police at Waterbury PD – 203.574.6941 case no. 12-46416

UPDATE: Body Found in Louisiana–Strongly Believed to be Mickey Shunick

She was last seen May 19 on a surveillance video camera, riding her bike home like any other day. Today, police say they have found the body of 22-year-old Mickey Shunick.

Lafayette, LA – On the morning of August 7, 2012, investigators involved in the Mickey Shunick case received credible information as to the location of Mickey Shunick’s body. Investigators were directed to a section of property off of Louisiana Highway 10, near its intersection with Louisiana Highway 13, in Evangeline Parish. Upon going to the site, they discovered an area where a buried body was located. Working with the Evangeline Parish Sheriff’s Office, the Lafayette Metro crime scene technicians began processing the scene with forensic experts from LSU. Read the rest of this entry