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Leaving For a Bit….

For the next couple of weeks, I’ll be away. When I get back more on the Joe Helt story and the story of Gail Palmgren. The police in Tennessee say she died in a “tragic accident.” Friends of hers, think it was much more horrific than that. In the meantime, here’s a picture of where I’ll be. See if you can guess. The only hint…it is not anywhere in North America. Oh yeah and another thing. It’s all work! I don’t ski, skate or snowboard. The cold is not my friend.

New Email

Some people get confused when they see my email address that includes the domain of a blog I started several years ago. So, for this blog, I created a new email address. It is…got a pen? OK. ┬áThe old blog, had some people thinking it was a gossip site. It wasn’t. It was a place to clear up the gossip and, gasp, write the truth or as close to the truth as I could find. It was heavy into spotlighting missing person cases, clearing up rumors about viral emails circulating the globe…in fact it was one of those rumors where I was introduced to a little girl named Ivory Watts. You can look her up on The viral email about her was true…she became a quadriplegic after being in a go-kart accident. Yet she didn’t let that get her down. I kept up with her and even had the chance to talk to her. For 2 years we kept up with the updates until Christmas of 2010 when her little body couldn’t take it any more. So yeah, that’s what that site was about. Poorly named, I admit and now I know never to use the word gossip in a website title again. That site still exists but was brutally hacked by some bored Armenians to the point where much has vanished. That kinda pissed me off and I stopped writing for a while. Anyway, here we are again. ColdNoMore is it and no more will people have to write to the address. It’s still there for you nostalgia types. One more thing. Holliston is my nom de plume. It is not my real name. Norm is though. I’ve talked to some rough people and I would prefer to keep some distance if you know what I mean!