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The Things People Search For…

 I get a report of the top “search terms” used to find this blog. Some make sense, others, well you decide. In no particular order here are words people typed into search engines to come here:

1. Nikki LaDue January

2. Darlie Routier

3. Imagine you woke up and saw a dinosaur in your backyard .Write a story telling what you see and do. Read the rest of this entry


15 Years Later–Did Darlie Routier Kill Her Sons? (Part 5)

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Darlie Routier on Death Row–Guilty or Innocent? Defense Closing Arguments

It was taking me hours to remove the line numbers and reformat the transcipts. I’ve decided to keep the court transcripts as they are to save on time I just don’t have! Just keep in mind the numbers on the left of each line are for record keeping and are found in any court transcript you may see.

In today’s entry, Darlie’s defense makes their last plea for a not guilty verdict to the jury. Her team includes attorneys Curtis Glover, Richard Mosty and Douglas Mulder…all will make closing arguments beginning with Attorney Glover. He implies the Rowlett Police Department needed the help of an expert to help them deal with this type of crime scene and called in a retired sheriff from Dallas. His quick assessment that there was no intruder, Glover says, kept law enforcement from looking at anyone but Darlie. He suggests that if Darlie’s injuries were fatal, her husband Darin would be the defendent. Read the rest of this entry

15 Years Later–Did Darlie Routier Kill Her Sons? (Part 4)

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Darlie Routier on Death Row–Guilty or Innocent? Prosecution Closing Arguments

On January 31, 1997–a little more than 3 weeks from the beginning of Darlie Routier’s murder trial, the state and the defense presented their closing arguments to the jury. Representing the prosecution was attorney Toby Shook. His current bio says, “With over twenty years experience with the District Attorney’s Office, Mr. Shook rose to the rank of Chief of the Felony Trial Division and has tried some of the most high-profile cases in Dallas County history including the Texas Seven prison escapees, serial killer Charles Albright, the AMC Grand killer, and was assigned the Darlie Routier prosecution team.” He is now in private practice as a defense attorney. A couple of things stand out to me (and I plan on dissecting the defense closing arguments too): First, he stresses the importance of circumstantial evidence; he talks about the first police officer who arrived on scene who didn’t check immediately for an intruder as he had to wait for back-up (understandable) but at the same time, the officer wanted Darlie, who was injured herself with knife wounds and a slashed throat (there was no way to determine at the time how serious) to tend to her dying son; he essentially said the emergency room doctors and surgeons performed unnecessary surgery on Darlie because they thought she was a victim and wanted to keep her away from the media. He says they told the jury that if this had been a household accident, they wouldn’t have performed this surgery and sent her home within hours; and he did a good job at casting doubt on Darlie’s claim of amnesia. Here are his closing arguments against Darlie Routier which went on for about an hour.If you want to read the full transcripts of the trial, click here. Be prepared to spend a few days reading.  Read the rest of this entry

15 Years Later-Did Darlie Routier Kill Her Sons? (Part 2)

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Part 1

Why Darlie is believed to be guilty.

Assistant District Attorney for Dallas County Greg Davis made his opening statements on January 6, 1997. In it, he explains why he thinks Darlie Routier murdered her children. He paints her as a desperate, materialistic woman who enjoyed the finer things in life. When that began to go away, when she had trouble losing weight she gained while pregnant, he suggests she became angry and looked for a way to regain the freedom she once had.

Damon and Devon Routier
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15 Years Later–Did Darlie Routier Kill Her Sons? (Part 1)


The Routier Family

It’s been 15 years since the brutal murders of 6-year-old Devon Routier and his 5 year-old brother Damon in Rowlett, Texas. Sitting on death row at the Hilltop Correctional Institute is the boys’ mother Darlie Routier. Like many prisoners, she continues to say she’s innocent. But in this case, is it possible she’s right? There are many websites out there (and many now defunct sites) set up to prove her innocence. One,, is run by her mother Darlie Kee. Read the rest of this entry