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Aisha Khan, Missing Student in Kansas Found Safe: Was Not Abducted

Aisha Khan found safe

Something seemed strange about this from the beginning. Aisha Khan, a 19-year old student leaves phone messages to her sister saying a drunk man was bothering her and she slapped him after he tried to kiss her…she disappears in broad daylight in the midst of a crowded college campus and no one sees anything unusual…her voice during this “traumatic event” is calm and sounds almost scripted…yet police had to dedicate resources in case something terrible had happened. It didn’t. This was a planned “disappearance” for whatever reason. Facebook pages in her honor are still up, but I imagine they will be yanked soon. And people wonder why¬† police can be skeptical when an adult is reported missing especially after just a few hours? Aisha Khan has hurt so many more people in the future than she will ever know. Read the rest of this entry