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Dawna Natzke’s Family: Take that Facebook Page Down!

This comment on the post about murdered mom Dawna Natzke comes from a family member. I am promoting it to a post.

Please be advised that the family DID NOT set up the Website Justice for Dawna. In fact we tried to get it shut down due to the fact that so much misinformation was being reported on it that we thought, along with LE that it could actually hurt the case. We were successful in shutting it down for 1 whole day then another site went up called Seeking Justice for Dawna Natzke Update Page. Then a day later the original page went back up with complete disregard of the wishes of MANY family members.

Police Squelch Rumors: Ayla Reynolds Has Not Been Found

Ayla Reynolds, the 20-month old girl who has been missing since December 16 has not been found according to a post on the Waterville, Maine Facebook page. Earlier in the day rumors that she had been found dead and rumors that she had been found alive circulated around the internet. Not true and the search continues.

This afternoon, rumors have run rampant regarding the status of this case. Please understand that at this hour, Ayla has not been located. Investigators are working harder than ever on this case, and we will release information as it becomes available and appropriate. We fully understand the emotion and attention that Ayla’s disappearance has caused. Please stay with us as we move forward, and please share this with your friends to help get the word out.

Missing Maine Toddler May Have Been Kidnapped

From Facebook page, Help Find Ayla

April 4, 2010
Ayla Bell Reynolds Missing Since 12/16/2011 From Waterville, Maine Read the rest of this entry