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Piecing the Puzzle Together: Why Was Nikki LaDue January Murdered?

Nikki and son Zack

For the past couple of months, we’ve all been taken on a journey of Nikki LaDue January’s life and her murder on July 29, 2002. A very unscientific poll here says many of you believe Phil January, her husband was involved. A distant second is someone who was supposed to be her closest friend Nancy Burge.

I don’t think there is any evidence that can put the gun in Phil’s hands. After talking to him and reading all the reports, it is my opinion, and my opinion only that law enforcement needs to open this case and look long and hard at Phil January. An equally hard look needs to be taken at Nancy Burge whose statements after Nikki’s death are not one of a friend at all but of someone who is either covering her tracks or the tracks of an accomplice. There’s no doubt in my mind Nikki was murdered and these two need to step up and tell the truth. Read the rest of this entry


Nikki LaDue January Deserved Better

Some have responded to the previous post about how high the cover-up of Nikki LaDue January’s July 29, 2002 murder went. I said, basically, to the top. Here’s why. We’ll start at the bottom. In fact, we’ll start with the 911 call Nancy Burge, Nikki’s supposed friend made on orders from Phil January, Nikki’s husband. Here is the transcript from that call made at 9:54 a.m. July 29. Read the rest of this entry

Dear Mississippi: You Have the Power to Right a Wrong, Find Nikki’s Killer

Nikki and son Zack

Nichole (Nikki) LaDue January was murdered on July 29, 2002 on her balcony in Pass Christian, Mississippi. She was rendered helpless by a electroshock stun gun to the head and then executed. It was not suicide like the police and coroner ruled. I have read countless pages of transcripts, police reports, you name it. I have seen the only crime scene photos taken. The rest of Nikki’s police file was supposedly washed to sea during Hurricane Katrina which devastated Pass Christian in 2005 so there was nothing to look at there. But based on what does exist, based on what some of you have told me and based on the fact that government officials from the Attorney General Jim Hood to the Pass Christian Police Chief John Dubuisson have either refused to talk to Nikki’s grieving parents or outright lied to them about the investigation into her death. In fact, some people have come forward to say they’ve been threatened not to talk to Nikki’s family about this case. So who did it? And why was the investigation either cover-upped or botched? What about Phil January, Nikki’s husband, or her best friend Nancy Burge? In my opinion both know much more than they have said which can only mean they are complicit with the crime or are afraid. Read the rest of this entry

Shining a Light on Mississippi’s Dark Secret

Lead investigator Thomas Pustay who later was convicted of sexual abuse of a child

Nichole Lynne LaDue was born February 27, 1972 in Hornell, New York. She died July 29, 2002 in Pass Christian, Mississippi. She was 30. Those dates bookend the life of the woman everyone knows as Nikki. Much of what happened between those dates remains a mystery. We know she died of a gunshot wound to her head. We know both the lead investigator Thomas Pustay and the county coroner Gary Hargrove immediately ruled her death a suicide. What else do we know? At the time of Nikki’s death, Detective Pustay admitted he was severely depressed. He was also engaging in child molestation for which he is now serving what amounts to the rest of his life in prison. As  for Gary Hargrove, the person who ruled Nikki’s death a suicide, he too has a questionable history. In July 2007, CNN investigated Hargrove and the Harrison County jail about a series of inmate deaths. Guards beat at least 4 to death. CNN talked to the family of Lee Smith, one of the murdered inmates. You can read the entire transcript here, but there are some key points made that I want to bring your attention to…namely that Gary Hargrove is either incompetent, corrupt or both and should not now nor ever be in a position to affect the outcome of so many lives. He belongs in a cell alongside Pustay. It’s what CNN calls Mississippi’s “little dark secret.” Folks, it’s that dark secret that will be delaying a bit my final thoughts on who killed Nikki LaDue January. Because what happened in tiny Pass Christian, Mississippi is not new. So much gets swept under the rug in that state it’s hard to believe it’s a part of this country. Here is a portion of that CNN investigation. Read the rest of this entry

Phil January Interview with PI (Part 8 of many)

Nikki and Zack

Now to Part 8 of the interview Phil January gave to a Private Investigator back in April 2003. His wife Nikki had been dead for 10 months, ruled a suicide by the Pass Christian, Mississippi police and Harrison County coroner.  For more details, refer to this posting  that chronicles everything from Nikki’s early life to her death. Nikki’s mom hired a private investigator to look into Nikki’s case. As part of that investigation, he interviewed Phil. Today, Phil talks about finding Nikki’s body on the couple’s balcony. After he and Nancy Burges, Nikki’s closest friend, searched the condo looking for her, Phil said he noticed the balcony door was ajar. Read the rest of this entry

Phil January Interview with PI (Part 2 of many)

Sorry it’s been awhile. Been going through my hate mail. Continuing now with the interview Nikki LaDue January’s husband Phil gave to a private investigator back in April 2003.

Nikki and Phil January

PI: Let’s talk about Nikki. Nikki was uh, uh, a vivacious woman by all accounts. Very social. But also had a uh by all accounts, uh had a drug problem. Can you tell me – uh – about her – about what you know about what she was using, who she was using with, and the extent of her drug problem?

Phil: Uh – I didn’t know about her drug problem until she came clean three months earlier.

PI: And that was the note that was left?

Phil: That was on April 28th. I had no idea. She tells me in the note which you have probably read that it started out as recreational, she was doing (indistinguishable) and she said that she had gotten up to about 7 or 8 a day and that she also did some cocaine. Um Read the rest of this entry

Why Would Nikki’s Best Friend Leave Her When She’s Need Most?

Nancy Burge with Nikki

Nancy Burge, Nikki LaDue January’s best friend, wanted nothing to do with anything to do with her death. This was a woman who Nikki stayed with overnight in the days leading up to her death. This was a woman who Nikki shared everything with. This was a woman who was about to make a trip to Florida with Nikki and Zack to meet Nikki’s parents. According to many, she distanced herself from what happened on July 29, 2002 and didn’t even go to Nikki’s funeral. According to Angelia Hursell, one of the last people to see Nikki alive, Nancy divorced her husband after Nikki’s death and now has exclusively female relationships. Angelia said Nancy also changed her appearance to look more like Nikki. Read the rest of this entry